Thursday, June 28, 2007

SL4B fashion fantastica

Wandering SL looking for something good to wear, so you type fashion or designer in search and OMG overwhelming choice!
so what do you do?
Well one option is an event like SL4B where you can see designers and examples in one place!
Wander around and look at the posters and if you like one or another example click on the poster to get information and landmarks, then you can shop to your hearts content.
Just a few of the designers here are:
savonah - swimwear
zayzat - shoes
nicky ree - dresses
zhao - shoes
regent clothing
enkythings - shoes
acedias - avatar fashion
fushia's frocks and frockcoats
gurlywood - hair, samantha's shirts and SLAB! and so many more I could not possibly name them but be assured all the best designers are right here in one place for you to browse at your leisure!

Don't forget to spend some time looking around the 9 sim event while you are there, you don't want to wait another year to see the fantastic creators in SL

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Simply the best?

Simply men designs: Mens clothing at a good price. Loads casualwear and underwear. Coming soon we will be selling some nice belts too.
Simply woman designs: Ladies clothes from casualwear to formalwear. Also Coming soon shoes,belt and jewelry for woman.
so pass by and take a look for yourself.
Find us in SL HERE

Friday, June 15, 2007

Millionaires Mall looks after the little people........

I have often critisized the big malls of SL for taking vendors money and doing little after that - well this is Millionaires mall I can honestly say looks after its vendors and does everything possible to make it worth a look if you are considering renting - rents have been slashed now you can get a 30 prim shop for just L$25 and a 50 prim for L$50.

As you can see above the mall is HUGE and Dana's Delights fits in perfectly in the lovely surroundings.
Millionaires mall owner Adonis Action pointed out that spaces were going fast and even as I arrived more shops were taken.
"I am planning to add more, so am always looking for venders"
If you get a little tired, search out SLnewspapers shop, on the 3rd floor take a relaxing seat and peruse the days news before exploring a little more.

And Don't forget to check out Dana's Delights while you are there :)

Saturday, June 9, 2007


This weeks featured Designer: Simone Stern

Now I have long been a fan of Simone designs and wear them a lot of the time, her range is huge and her designs stand with very few others for the quality and fit.

There is no way i could miss out this designers talent - Simone is one THE names in SL fashion and is, as i found out today, a lovely person.

I caught up with Simone talking to some ROLE models today and managed a few questions during the instruction session.
I also learned a lot about the modelling world of SL I had no idea what the models had to go through here but i was amazed as I watched Simone put Jojo Cusack, Tsunami Rickenbacker and Ming Arrow through the do and do not of the catwalk - which by the way was hilarious to watch, the models were laughing so hard it was hard to type so i am glad to say it was not all hard work some fun was had by all there.
I asked Simone about the ROLE models:
: these models have been selected from 250 applicants. They are 'Role Models'. They are here for more than just the stage or displays, or fashion. These people demonstrated intellect, personality, determination, a shared vision for wanting to help new SLers and each other, and other lovely attributes I could go on for hours about. They will be with me for the year. In a year we will hold the event again, at which time if they can still stand me they are free to apply again.
DV: You have been in sl a long time simone - why did you start designing clothes? is there a RL connection?
Simone Stern: Start date is 12/04 and I started the day I got here, looking around, learning how to get a clothing business off the ground. It was why I came here. The RL connection, dana, is that I had been looking for such an opportunity for many years. I saw that this would eventually happen, a virtual 3d marketplace. Soon as I heard about it I was here. I wanted to be a part of it.
DV: Do you have any advice for new designers in sl.
Simone Stern: Yes, Dana. Practice. Log out and work in the art program. Log in to load your things. Log back out. If you want to design here, then stay in the art program. Design doesn't happen inside SL.
Very good advice, its impossible to concentrate with IMs going all the time, and attention to detail shows in any design.
DV: Your store here is huge, how many designers do you have here?
Simone Stern: cali , cici, barnes, shiryu, ayeshe, fally... ambergris and amethyst oh and another amethyst and wraith unsung.
DV: what do you put your success down to?
Simone Stern: Dana, I put my success down to busting my butt every single day, and God's loving grace.
DV: i didn't know that you did shows, how do people find out about them?
Simone Stern: through group announcements and events.

This picture show the HUGE size of simones' store click here to visit you won't regret it.

You can also join Simones' group by clicking a poster located at the store.

Thank you for welcoming me to your class today I had a lot of fun and learned a few things too.

Dana XxX

70's revival fun

Flower power fever at the ER, what a fantastic era and easy to join in with, some wild fabric and a few spare minutes! see if you can recreate the look.

Dana XXX

Saturday, June 2, 2007


Momo Modeling Agency,has the pleasure to invite you, to the Elegance of inauguration of their new locals the days 1,2 and 3 of June of the 2007
Animations the whole day
PURPOSE:The elegance's purpose is to collect funds that entirely will be donated to the Association St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, association dedicated to the investigation and development of palliative and healing treatments in catastrophic illnesses of the childhood.
You can visit the web:
There are diverse forms of helping in the work that St carries out. Jude Children's Research Hospital. This help contributes to guarantee that St. Jude continues advancing in its fight against the catastrophic illnesses in the childhood.
On the other hand with the collected funds we will help to find children desaprecidos, as the girl "Madeleine McCANN" that desapericio in Portugal the 03/05/2007􀀆

For all the lovers of the design, the elegance :
"Fashion Show" "Spectacular & Unique Collections of Dresses & Elegance Clothing."
We present you in fashion the last tendencies carried out by the best artists of SL.The event will take place in the most modern pasarella of CO.LTD.: MOMO'S MODELING AGENCY.At the end of the parades we invite you to dance with the best music.You can also buy the clothes of the creators that will be exposed in different areas of the place of the event.You can also buy the clothes of the creators that will be exposed in different areas of the place of the event. 20% of the recuadación coming from your purchases in clothes during these three days, it will be donated by the creators to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Several donations BOX are to your disposition, all the donations go to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital .We encourage you to all to collaborate with these two solidary causes.
Thank you.

EVENTS are going on throughout the 3 days with great music and a warm welcome.

After a dance and a chat to some of MOMO's models it was off to the beautifully designed catwalk where I watch a collection of lovely models show some of SLs finest designs.

It is a great event, and after my personal tour last week, and absolutely fantastic building the perfect atmosphere for one of SL's most well known modelling agencies.

So get on down to MOMO's

" FASHION SHOW " Presented for: " " Spectacle of dance Lolita Dinzeo; Nena Yoshikava Place: MOMO'S MODELING AGENCY CATAWAK "Spectacular & Unique Collection of Dresses & Elegance Clothing" The most beautiful and spectacular models of MOMO'S MODELING AGENCY, were presenting theirs fabulous and new collections of the best creators of sl.

For a great cause!!!