Saturday, June 28, 2008

Styling your Secondlife with Firehorse

This week's article is about none human avs - not tiny, not furry, just not human.
Now before I go into the details the pictures are of me wearing the chocobo from Enkythings and the Beaver from Grndel's Children. Now on with the article.

Gamersbrand feebies have several free avs. Various free mech avs for those of you robotically minded. Also a free potato head Av (with full permissions) and a giant eyeball av with full permissions. Here too you can find all sorts of clothes, jewelry and toys for human avs.

Freebie Dungeon has all sorts of great stuff, as well as male and female shapes, clothes and all the usual stuff this store has a box with 13 assorted fantasy avatar shapes ( a nice mix of male and female) and the rather sweet (and readily available from many places). Psyra's triceratops av.

Enkythings is rightly famous for it's high quality dollerbies and freebies (as well as it's more expensive shoes...did I mention I'm a shoe addict?) but I digress here you can find a plethera of wonderful avatars - from south park avatars to darleks - some are free - some are 1 linden.
I have, I admit save the very best until last - Grendel's children have some absolutely fab free avs - some are a whole linden dollar, some are free - all are an absolutely stunning quality. In the picture I am modeling the beaver - but only because it was more fun showing people the beaver than the everso cute (and large enough to be slightly disturbing) ladybug. Ladies - there are hours of purile, childish fun to be had asking random people on your friends list if they want to see your beaver. There are so many free avs scattered around at Grendel's that it would take far too long to list them - but they are all of the high quality that Grendels is rightly famous for. I was lucky enough to meet Flea Bussy when I first came into SL, not only one of the most talented people it's been my pleasure to encounter, but also touchingly kind to a bedazzled newbie and extremely witty. All the staff at Grendel's are blessed with the patience of saints - as long as you are polite and stick to the sim rules they will talk for hours about the avatars and other things they have for sale. These people deserve respect, so please, remember - you might be lost (it's a large place) you might be confused, you may even be a bit freaked out by having a dragon wish you good day or have a horse ask if you'd mind sitting on them so they can adjust their new saddle - but BE POLITE - this is one of the friendliest places on SL, help keep it that way by being nice.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Grand Reopening of AVENUE INC & AVENUE'S new television show

You are invited to the grand reopening of AVENUE MODELS. AVENUE INC, originally opened its of the forces in the modeling business doors in 2007 and quickly became one to be reckoned with. Now it is back and better than ever. AVENUE is not just back with the promise of more of the most amazing fashion shows you will see in SL, but there is now a very exciting television project in the works that will keep you on the edge of your seats wondering what will AVENUE be coming up with next. The show will be presented with the top names in fashion designers, magazines, photography and sponsored by real life companies who want to be a part of this groundbreaking television broadcast.
AVENUE INC now has a beautiful quarter sim and one of the most stupendous builds you will ever lay your eyes on in Second Life. Land courtesy of Relic Starbrook and his wife Kimberly Laughton, owners of Royal Properties. The look of the new company is something that is so grand it is definitely a must see and the gorgeous build is brought to you by JC Designs fabulous owners and designers, Babe and Eyeing Daligdig.
AVENUE INC, is the umbrella company for AVENUE Models, AVENUE Studio and AVENUE MODELS Academy. AVENUE is founded by Rusch Raymaker, CEO, and by her side is a team of highly professional and qualified fashion, creative and marketing professional. Striving to continuously take the world of modeling to another level, AVENUE is certainly one to watch.
AVENUE MODELS Academy is a new addition to the fold. The Academy is currently accepting new students to attend the upcoming classes, scheduled to begin in the first week of July. Discover your modeling potential or update your modeling skills by joining the Academy where you will be provided the most comprehensive training any SL model would require. Taught by experience working top models from Runway Kidz, Runway Magazine and AVENUE Models, students will be taken on a journey of uncovering the best in themselves...preparing them for the modeling industry. For more information about becoming a student in this esteemed Academy contact Head Instructor, Kryptonia Paperdoll.
AVENUE MODELS has always set themselves apart from other agencies with their wide diverse variety of models. AVENUE truly celebrates beauty in all forms and the models at AVENUE are anything but typical beauties. AVENUE Studio is still known for being one of SL's most advanced and largest photography studios representing a team of 7 photographers that offer complete photography services for every occasion and business need including design and post editing services. If creative fashion shows, beautiful models, a luxury sim with an extraordinary build to match, and exciting television shows are things that interest you, AVENUE INC should definitely be a place that you keep an eye on. The future of SL fashion is about to be a part of it.
AVENUE land and build is sponsored by: ROYAL PROPERTIES & JC DESIGNS

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Style your Secondife with Firehorse

Todays article is late – for which I apologise – blame a certain SL wedding and a certain RL child deleting all my word documents by accident…Children – aren’t they just darling?
Anyway – today will be brief – mens freebies are harder to find than ladies – a lot of mens stores do special one off free gifts for men – join a good freebie group for more updates.
As mentioned last week Free Dove have mens stuff as well as womens items, also you should check out Sarah Nerd’s freebie paradise has some good items for all sorts of avs – more of this place next week.
IZUMIYA ,at MoonCat Ringo has freebies upstairs for men and women - good quality cheap stuff down stairs
Calla has free hair for newbies and a "jack" and "Jill"boxes which are complete avs for new people.
Also pick up a freebie box for male and female at the G spot cafe
and also the huge freebie boxees for men at SL- newspapers head office – the style your sl box there is all mens stuff and has a lot of full perm shapes as well as a choice of skins. I put it together myself – a lot of the items in this box are sold but as I got ‘em for free I’m willing to forgo profit for the joy of seeing SL a prettier place one male av at a time.
Also pick up a freebie box for male and female at the G spot café.
Freebie street is well worth a visit, not only are there bags of clothing for both male and female but lots of fun gadgets and toys (and boys love their toys – right?)
Hair is probably one of the hardest things for male avs to find – but as well as calla, ETD has very good quality almost free (ONE LINDEN guys – give me a break!).
Right – that’s it for now – more info in the note card at the newspaper head office.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Join building “The Bank of the Future”

A unique open-source & co-creation project in SL

In the virtual world of Second Life you can join building the Bank of the Future and you get your own personal living space.
An open-source & co-creation project facilitated by ABN-AMRO Bank and students of the University of Gent (Belgium).
On the ABN AMRO sim in Second Life you can think about the realisation of the concept, discuss the architecture with the other community-members and actually build the Bank of the Future from the ground, together.

Besides this you can create, alone or together with other inhabitants, your ideal virtual living space in your personal unit, with view on the building area.
With the special Bank of the Future WIKI members of the community keep each other posted about their experiences and lessons learned and they share information.
In Second Life you are supported by technical highstands so all objects and information are public.
At the end of the project, that has no set deadline, the community will appoint four members who will, in the ABN-AMRO Dialogues House in Amsterdam, present the Bank of the Future to a crowd of architects and other branch-members.

Are you that (potential) Second Life builder with ambition? Do you want to share your knowledge and experiences and cooperate to this project that starts directly? Come to the ABN AMRO sims in Second Life and rezz the rules and Terms of Agreement from the yellow box and start!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Caliber launches her new releases at MODA

Caliber is proud to share Nyre Gray's first fashion show with the amazing workings of MODA Fashion, and SLCN.TV.

June 9th, a very nervous Nyre Gray watched for the first time her collection etch down the runway of MODA.

Watch the full show here:

The new designs are now for sale in the amazing Caliber flagship store, go along and check them out, a lot of the designs come with hair, shoes and some even with accesories these are truly immersive complete outfits - you are sure to find something to suit you from Modern Haute Couture to Elven, Victorian, Medieval, and Veiled you will find something for everyone at Caliber
Nyre wishes to express special thanks to Payton Heron, Leslie Trebuchet, Mia Sanchez, Liane Maerten, and Hallie Larson the fantastic MODA models. Thank you so much CC, Angela, and Juju for getting me out there with my designs!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Styling your Second Life with Firehorse

Styling an avatar for free is easy – and something we have probably all done at one time or another.
Probably we all had a trawl around freebie warehouse and other such giant outlets when we were newbies, and, chances are we ended up with some sad fashion disasters.
Fellow residents, it does not have to be that way!
With a little help, a little inside knowledge and membership of just one group (just one of your oh so valuable group slots), you can save a fortune, try new things and have a huge amount of fun.
Today I am focusing on female avatars – but a lot of the knowledge is transferable to other genders/styles of av.
By no means is this a complete guide but it’s intended to be a good starting point, so if you are new or if you just need an outfit for a fancy dress party join me.
Ladies, your first stop in world should be to Pixel Dolls, find their subscribe-o-matic join, then touch again for history – there is a VIP group gift, crammed full of lovely lovely things, boots, outfits and an absolutely divine, high quality skin in many shades.
Your next move should be to find somewhere quiet and decide which group for freebie hunters you are going to join – personally I love Creamy Cooljokes Freestyle group – as with any freebie group you will get a LOT of notices most days – don’t worry though soon you will be as addicted as I am to just going to look…I don’t care what anyone says – you can NOT have too many clothes.
Once you have done that you need to get yourself down to Free Dove – much respect to the owners – what they have done is just amazing, here you will find freebies gathered from some of the top designers in second life, all under one roof – YES you will have to fight the lag, yes, if you go at one of the peak rush hours you will probably crash and/or freeze but it IS worth it. Here you can find everything from jeans and lovely girly sneakers to elegant Victorian dresses and delicate stiletto shoes. Plenty of jewelry, sexy underwear, skins and a host of shapes too – if you don’t follow any other advice from this article, even if you haven’t picked up a freebie since you were more than a week old, get down to Free Dove and be amazed. Free Dove also have their own group too – if I had more room I’d join (PLEASE LL, more groups, PLEASE).
As you have just crashed from ALL the loveliness you have found at Free Dove open up a web browser or two.
The best way to get a full picture is to jump on the interweb.
First of all if you aren’t already registered at then you should be – here you can send yourself (and others) freebies, you can search by price, and there are some great bargains to be had – after all – you can’t get much cheaper than free.
Your next stop should be a fantastic list of outlets which carry free stuff, many of whom are my favourite stores (if you haven’t been to where Creamy and friends will not only be alerting you to todays best (and usually transient) freebies there are pictures too!
This article was supposed to be a short one – but that isn’t possible – here I have just managed to scratch the surface of what you can get. So if you have something you desperately need but can’t afford to pay for, or can’t find, drop me a notecard, if I can help I will – but seriously – if you follow the advice in this article you will be turned from Cinderella to a princess in just a few tps.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Absolutely Fabulous

Click to see full size image

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Calla to split hairs?

Shocked? Yes I honestly am ......

We all know in the world of secondlife partnerships come and go but this is one that I really did not expect:

"After nearly two years, Haedon and I are ready to do our own thing. Haedon will have her own, new island, and will be working under her own, new brand. At the moment, I'm unaware of what the names of her new brand and her new island will be, so they will be a surprise for me too." Tigerlily Koi announced on the Calla blog today.

Haedons' new store is called Tousled in the Nullport shopping center and the None of the Above Town Square.

Calla will thankfully continue under Tigerlily although closure for a few days is necessary. Tigerlily has assured us of better things to come from Calla on its reopening.

Friday, June 6, 2008

The making of a gorean master

A few days ago I got a desperate call "I've got a new Jarl - and he needs a bit of fashion help".
I have to admit I was intrigued - - how much fashion advice does a Gorean Master NEED I wondered?
But I've advised a few men when they have needed make overs and how difficult can it be...
What greeted me was a bit of a man mountain - almost as wide as he is tall, his biceps so bulging that they looks like his arms had been stuffed with small, fat children. His neck crushed under the weight of his ragged, mop like hair, his legs looking like mooring rope that had been used by boy scouts for knot tying practice. Imagine a very large brick, with legs and arms and covered with a cheap skin.
"Aye Lass, I think I need a new skin
"Two points here - first only men in there 70's have the right to call me lass, I left school over 20 years ago so I think I count as a woman at worst and a lady at best.
And to say he needed a new skin was like saying that Second Life has the odd glitch - true but somewhat of an understatement.
The skin was no problem easy to find a good skin when L$ is not an issue - off to Dragonfly and - PRESTO a lovely skin.
This is where it got tricky - a good skin showed up all the flaws in the shape - so I tried the tactful approach
"Perhaps a better defined shape would improve your look"
"Aye but I made this shape myself - 'tis manly"(no - actually pushing your sliders up to 100% does not make you manly).
"Well lets just look - see if we can find something with better definition for you
"Sure enough After a bit of grid hopping I found a lovely barbarian shape, based on Arnie in his Conan days - 7ft2 tall - shoulders broad enough to park a small car on, arms that looked like Popeye after a spinach overdose, a rippling 6 pack, slim waist, a firm, rounded ass and legs like well carved tree trunks.
"Just look", I pleaded, "If you get the mod version you can play with anything you don't like"
"Lass he looks like a wimp" (Hmm there's that L word again).
"A wimp? It's a lovely, manly shape, a shape fit for a hero"
"Nay Lass, it ain't tall enough, he is far too pretty, he has too much waist, too much of a 6 pack" (Really - 7foot tall is too short? And what woman really thinks there is such a thing as TOO much of a six pack on a barbarian hero??)
More grid hopping and I find a shape advertised as for "men who want to be bears"...well, as long as the Gorean is relatively sheltered or open minded he might not know or care what a 'bear' is, amongst certain groups in SL, now then, does the designer have an outlet that isn't in an obviously gay mall? (Instinct told me this man probably wouldn't be comfortable in a mall - especially not one that advertised itself as such).
After a bit more grid hopping (really - I don't mind being ruthed after every teleport), I found the designer had a small outlet in an small, innocent looking mall and the store had the shape I was looking for.
"Please, come and look at this shape - I am sure you'll like it - it looks like a REAL hulk of a hero"
"Well Lass" (it's starting to bug me now), it's better than your last find, more of a manly shape" (Stop sniggering at the back of the room please), "But still, he doesn't have the muscle"
Oh but now we know 7ft7 is the ideal height for a Gorean man...
"You can get the mod version, change what you don't like.."I humbly suggested.
"Aye Lass, I tell ye what, I'll bring over my little lass to see what she thinks
"Two minutes later there in front of me is a tall, willowy yet buxom slave girl, with just enough clothing to be decent in a PG sim..
After formal introduction ("Lass, this is the Lass that's been helping me get even handsomer"), the slave girl gigglingly agreed that the 'bear' shape wasn't too bad and was fit for a hero - with a few adjustments maybe...
The sale was made and I breathed a huge sigh of relief, now there was just the hair..
Silly me, hair for men is always difficult, but I'd recently been to Pazzaz and knew they have some lovely mens hair which I thought would fit the bill...of course I was wrong...
"Too long, too short, too girly"
More grid hopping, more please to just come look, which were often met with an accepting of a tp, 5 minutes for the store to rez and a blunt "No, Lass" and a speedy barbarian exit.
Then as a last resort I went to a little place I know which has maybe a dozen mens hairs, there was one, a mid length pony tail which might do. the usual (by now) invitation to just come look, but this time after 5 mins to rez, before I could point out which hair I had in mind - I get a "Perfect, Lass, I've got it"...
I turn around to see him sporting which was obviously based on Rod Stewart in the 70's...
oh hum..well he's happy...
A day later I got an invitation to come see the full effect.
After rezzing in what was some sort of cave dwelling I see my barbarian stood next to a large open fire, his Rod Stewart hairdo, the skin being shown to it's best (not much in the way of clothes to spoil the view) and an obviously modded version of the shape (bears just aren't big enough it seems), all dressed in a pair of rough hewn trousers and two weapons belts, bristling with swords, knifes and sharp pointy things strung over his shoulders and across his chest..
Nice enough if you like that sort of thing I suppose -
but now I need a companion in a well cut tux and a martini to ease my shattered nerves - in future I'll stick to helping male escorts get their look together...
Anonymous submission

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I have seen sculpted prims used a lot in building and furniture but this castle took my breath away, it was like stepping back in time, so perfect was the atmosphere created.
Rustica was built for the purpose of selling furniture and that is well designed, functional and also has a sense of fun when you read some of the poses :)
Maxwell graf the creator welcomed us and explained some of his reasoning:
Maxwell Graf: We just opened a day or so ago, but have had a store for some time on the mainland.
Maxwell Graf: This is the furnishings store, but also to explore.
Maxwell Graf: The other sim next to it will be a village of prefabs in the style of the castle.

DV: You have worked a lot with sculpts here?
Maxwell Graf: Yes. there are over 5000 sculpties in this building.
DV: How long did it take to build?
Maxwell Graf: I began Feb 23.
DV: And how long have you been making furniture?
Maxwell Graf: Since Dec. of last year
DV: I love the names you give the poses? A sense of humour or in period?

Maxwell Graf: Well, i wanted to say something with them...make it more a part of the item, integrated somehow, instead of sit or relax or
whatever. plus, it gave me a chance to use some dark humor.

JamesT Juno: I love this !
Maxwell Graf: These were some of the first I did, most of my items have opening doors and drawers, cabinets, etc. or some kind of functionality.
JamesT Juno cams around
DV: How do you fit the very modern elevator with rustica?
Maxwell Graf: Well, its really a jumble of various architectural styles and periods here... not architecturally or period correct. A number of earlier influences.
Essentially, I wanted it to appear as if I had put a modern usage inside an older structure, and adapted it.
He certainly succeeded this is a place worth seeing.
Search for Rustica and go to see this amazing castle and the great furniture 4 whole floors and lots of nooks to explore. Just be careful where you explore you may not always like where you find yourself (remembers being in a cell underwater).

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The RFL Beta Mermaid Movement Override

Kamiliah Hauptman of Caledonia has been working on an improved AO for mermaid (and merman) avatars. Upgrades in the SL viewer resulted in some existing mermaid AOs acting quite buggy, she told me, and this one is Havok 4 friendly.
Rather than sell them for a profit, she has instead decided to send all the proceeds to Relay for Life. One can find a RFL vendor near the teleport entry of the Caledon Lionsgate sim, Isle of the Children of Moreau, of (105, 156, 130), at (74, 105, 21).
The AO comes with a small Heads Up Display that is set to appear in the upper left of the screen when worn. Although one can use it to rise or sink, it is most useful for changing the speed your avatar can go. One can set it to a lazy crawl, or super-fast. The fastest speeds will probably be too hard for most to control, though. With the "Freestyle" AO, one can fly anywhere. With the regular, one is confined to the water, though will be able make some great leaps out of the water.

Kamiliah had more to say in the notecard that came with the AO:
'I was planning on more testing of this thing before launch, but this moment just can't be beat and here's a chance to do some Relay For Life good too. Any input welcome. Send notecards to Kamilah Hauptmann.
Over the last month I've been toying with a mermaid animation and control override. The bugs have been mostly swatted, at least the ones I've found so far, and I usually give it a couple weeks of no bugs found with my own use and the input of a few interested parties. (And I was sorta waiting for Mono.)
If it goes over well I can adapt it with relative ease to more mundane use.'

-Swimming like a mermaid.
-Water level control. (Defaults to standard in sim water level.)
Toggle switch, turning it on sets your current vertical position as the new water level.
Toggle the "Set" button.
-Leaping from water and splashing back down.
-Splash particles.
-Turning animations while hovering or on ground.
-Animations for forward/up or forward/down swimming.
-Backwards swim.
-Sideways and diagonal movement. (Use Shift + Arrow.)
-Land movement animations with transition between land and water.
-Speed controls, seven settings. From very slow to very difficult to control at the best of times.
-Vaulting from dry land. (It's a pretty good leap, but do point at water or eat dirt.)
-Four hovers, three ground lays.
-On/off switch.
-Hide/Show HUD.
-Autosurface up to about shoulder height.
-Autosink. (Splat if high up.)
There is a Freestyle HUD and Spray that has no water level checks. It treats the whole world as underwater.

So if you are a swimmer this would be a great advantage - check it out for yourself.

By Bixyl Shuftan

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Trends at the Pavilion

Featuring the latest New Releases from edo Tone winner of the Merovingi fashion award for best male designer.
Vasgez & VictoriaV McMillan , Eshi Otawara of Chambre du Chocolate, Luriel Jewell of Liberte, and introducing a young new designer JayGee2 Volmar of JayGee, Footwear provided by Storm Schmooz
I just had to show you this black conceptual outfit by Chambre du chocolat called Black pheonix, the low cut gathered bodice sits over the puffed skirt which holds the trailing black feather attachments this design, for me, shows the difference between real life fashion and secondlife. this could be termed NPIRL and it is refreshing to say the least to see a designer branching out from the RL catwalk.

Jaygee2 Volmar is a new designer and I just loved this cute aussie outfit. The ensemble comprises of pants and belt decorated in aboriginal art style pattern and come in shades of brown and green.
The dress shown here is Liberte's Isadora cocktail dress. Its gold satin corset bodice is decorated with white floral embroidery and the tiered white layered skirt cut at an angle to show of your sexy legs as you dance the night away. Cute, is the word i would use.

The Victoria V Prom Queen Pink evening dress stood out for me with its fuschia pink satin, its decorated with silver sequins around the low cut bodice held with shoestring straps and with a deep v insertion at the back covered with sequins. Glorious if you really want to stand out from the crowd.
Accompanied by edo Tones Tuxedo 32. This smart black tuxedo jacket and pants has satin lined lapels and and worn over white wingtip collar shirt and silk vest and cravat in ruby and green.
For the man who wants the wow factor too edo tone's White tailcoat tuxedo. This stylish suit is cut high at the waist at the font with the optional tailcoats for the back to add an elegant line worn here with blue silk wingtip collar shirt and white bow tie the perfect companion for VictoriaV's black ballgown Alie. The black silk gown with a bodice encrusted with silver sequins and matching long gloves.
The ladies at Premiere Models created a wonderful show with an electric atmosphere, watch out for more shows coming soon.