Sunday, July 29, 2007

Are You A Petrol Head

I certainly love cars in RL & even in SL. Their beauty is amazing and I wondered to myself how these objects made the transition into SL.

Today I went to 2 different car places to see for myself.

The first area was at M.H. Motors which has a land tag of - "designed for racing - built for living"

Their speciality is race special cars. They do have some other non racing vehicles but most of the area is dedicated to the wonders of speed. You know the kind; roof down, hair blowing as you speed towards the end of time its-self. The cars here range from $L600 - $1,790 in price and all are about 29 prims. Good replica's with menu's. Convertibles give you roof options and horns, nos and even neon. Some designs that caught my eye were the Zonda replica and the SLR Mercedes Mclaren. Both stunning cars in my opinion in RL and very special in SL. This area also has some concept cars, the saab aero concept for one. The line of multi colored Lamborghini's can't help but catch your eye.

An entirely different way to have a car in SL is located at the Primouth Motor Company.

These cars are all drive-able but the main aim of this place is replica's. They are amazing and its easy to see the amount of work thats gone into creating these.

For instance the VW Beetle (the Herbie car), which I am a proud owner of is 210 prims. A replica Delorean comes in at 249 prims and a 1931 Primouth Cheetah is 243 prims. These cars are not for the lightweight enthusiast. They are designed with a lot of prims and bear uncanny resemblance to the rl cars. Prices here vary usually in between $L600 & $L1,300.

Owning a car in SL is rather different to RL, we don't need to worry about taxes or fuel. You can drive on designed racetracks or even round your own home. Please make sure you know what you are looking for or take someone who does. Copyright laws mean that a lot of replica's are not called what they are. You may find a 911 Porsche under a totally different name.

Happy car viewing. Who said there was no need for speed?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Combination of Sections

The Design section (previous Fashion Section) now also holds the Prims section. The Properties section goes into explore.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

If you want BLOOD? You got it!

When I was only about a month old in SL, I found myself in Transylvania to find that the sim was packed with people, as they were having an open air event in the streets of the sim, with music, dancing, and lots and lots of blood. The event was a "Blood Bath" with the crimson fountains, and the walls, ground and avatars covered in blood. It was then that I realised that there are plenty of other people in SL who, like me, love the odd horror film, and like to get a little gory now and again. But where do you go to pick up the splatters, slices and scars to cover your avatar? Well, as part of the public service I like to provide, I had a wander around three of the best, so that you can get a little gory yourself.

The first place I visited was Defiant Designs (HERE). This store has a small selection of horror based fashion, but as with most things, it's the quality rather than the quantity that's important here. They offer blood splatters, gun wounds and bloody handprints which, when worn, look so photo-real that they make your avatar look more real just by being covered in them. The blood splatters look fresh, with light reflections, and allow you to merge them with your own clothing, in order to make you look like you are fresh from slaughtering some innocent victim. Defiant also offers other horror themed items, with the disturbing "syringe gauntlet", a wristband complete with hypodermic full of strange unidentified liquid, and a mouth attachment that makes you appear to have your mouth sewn shut. The designers also have a love of knives, with a variety of dagger arm and thighbands in a range of eye catching styles.

Bloody Hell (HERE) doesn't make anything other than wearable blood splatters, blood textures, body wounds and mutilations, and surgical scars. But what they do, they do well. The scars are particularly eye catching, looking as though your avatar's skin has been sliced open, and crudely sewn back together with thick string. If you are looking to disturb passers by, you can do a lot worse than this shop, and if you find yourself wanting it all, the store offers a "Fat Pack" of all it's items, at a vastly reduced price, so you can be as mutilated or blood soaked as you want, whenever you want.

No article on bloody clothing would be complete without mentioning, for my money, the king of gore fashion. Sinistyle (HERE) is dedicated to visceral and disturbing and bloodstained design, with not only some superb blood splatters (although the "blood bath" covers you in so much blood, splatter is an understatement), but also almost every piece of clothing they sell has either a bloodstained version on offer, or included in the pack. T-shirts, jeans, trenchcoats all covered in red. Even the superb "DNA evidence" boots, which are not only bloodstained, but leave a trail of bloody footprints behind you as you walk. They also offer a wide range of clothing items wrapped in barbed wire, razorblades, and rusty spikes, giving a full horror fashion experience to both male and female shoppers.

So take a walk on the dark side, and discover that looking like a homicidal maniac never looked so good.

Friday, July 20, 2007

What to wear to the office today?

I seem to spend a lot of time at the office these days and decided to sort my invent, put my work clothes together. Now what a great excuse for a shopping trip! I needed some suits.......
These are just a few that I found and loved - loosely termed suits but most are very versatile with a lot of options. Julia of Awesome Designs did it again with the executive collection - if you only buy one set this is the one for you reasonably priced, the options are endless, it comes with 2 length skirts, 3 trousers, long and short jackets plus 4 colours of sheer camisoles, button down shirts or knit tops and a flexi prim skirt. Such a huge collection of mix and match I have not found anywhere else!
I also quite like the Defiant although not strictly a suit it suits the office nicely.

Now Marzipans Closet is definitely the place to go for those important 'want to make an impression'work clothes (although her range of evening dresses and shoes is also stunning). These clothes to my mind have a hint of Laura Ashley and are perfect for the office.

This little frock coat from Frangipani is a firm favourite - so cheeky and fits so nice with or without the scarf!
What can I say about Sinistyle? Claire can be worn for about anything, its stylish and is detailed to perfection! This is a must for the wardrobe whether in business or not.
Ms executive from SF Designs i love, its so saucy although i rarely wear the stockings and suspender belt this suit comes with 3 lengths of skirt - how daring are you? The one shown is actually the middle length!
I love to wear this if I am in a flirty mood :)
The First Impressions suit is another with plenty of options and versatility, I love the style of this suit and its one i can wear over and over and not get tired of. This looks great with or without the jacket.
Check the shops out everyone should have at least one suit in their invent - mine is a little fuller now LOL

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Smashing and international success !

Chic DIMENSIONS Fashion Show; held on Wish Isle; Saturday, July 14th was a smashing and international success!! We call events like these the BOMB!

Chantel Page, the owner of Chic Dimensions featured on her Latest hottest and demure originals on the dancing and shimmering 9(nine) Male and Female Wish Isle Models Who slid in and out of 3 Stunning Designer original outfits each one of them, Lighting the stage on fire as they showed!

Wish Isle features on July 28th at 6 PM the dazzling and
delicious fashions of CHEZ GABRIELLE!

Come To WISH ISLE == Ride the train -- Glide on Swan while you shop and get to Egypt Early every other Saturday for our Fashion Shows at 6Pm!

We SHOWCASE in all of our shows only our Own Designers ~ So you can shop and buy Fashion Show Exclusives at Wish Isle Pyramid Malls

SKINS, Clothes, Hair & Accessories! Wish Isle..........Live the adventure!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Wish Island : Chic Dimensions on July 14 6PM SL time!

Mark your calendar - Every other Saturday each month a designer from Wish Isle Merchants is selected to premier their designs by Wish Isle Models directed and trained by Director Ariya Dickins and sensual fashions from CHIC DESIGNS on July 14 6PM SL time! Get there early !

-- admission is free ~ Lots of giveaways but seats fill up fast!

Coming up this Saturday on Wish Isle 6Pm the sensual fashions for men and women from Chic Dimensions on July 14 6PM SL time!

Grafitti = Art !

Art ? In Fashion section ? - Well this used to be fashion and design section and I had absolutely no clue where to put this in the paper so might as well do it in this lovely colorfull section :)

I never really noticed it cos I think I am used to it in Real life as well, but there are some wonderfull artworks in SL. Not the ones in the galleries but the ones we walk past so many times without noticing them.

Just HAD to make a collection of them and show them to our beloved readers. Next time you walk around in SL try and pay some attention to all the un-intended art you see in your streets.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mens fashion in SL?

Being down time today, I thought, what better way to spend my afternoon than buying a gift for the man in my life - turns out it was a long job, much longer than anticipated. Now mens fashion is something I have rarely looked for - the occasional suit for a friend - but fashion, no.

Ok SLExchange, the biggest shopping experience in SL I must be able to find something there? Well to be honest I did but what struck me most was the lack of mens clothing designers! Sure if you want shoes, boots, jewelry, or outrageous no problem, but day wear? Work suits of good quality? Yes I struggled.
There are some pretty good designers out there for the men - but nothing compared to the womans! The pictures you see here are a few of the ones I found today, and old favourites that I go to time and again, like RFYRE, NYTE N DAY and DE but I also found a few newer ones(at least new to me) like LAPOINTE DESIGNS (loved this shirt btw).

Classic menswear with style and wearability, probably what most men are looking for and its not that easy to find.
So if you know of a great mens designer add it to the comments here, let everyone share your good fortune - and designers maybe its time to think more about the menswear market?

Monday, July 9, 2007

STELLA MCCARTNEY brings her fight to SL......

From Thursday STELLA MCCARTNEY and PETA will be staging the first ever anti-fur protest in Secondlife, running for a week on a private island. Events will run from the 12th noon SLT until the 19th of july.
"We are always looking for new ways to raise awareness about the extreme suffering that animals endure on fur farms and in cruel leg-hold traps in the wild, so when Stella came up with this idea, we were on board from the beginning," says PETA president Ingrid Newkirk. "Stella's Second Life fur protest is a light-hearted way to draw attention to a very serious issue." "Sometimes it's nice to have a bit of humour on serious subjects,"
A contest will be running over the week for a new slogan - Stella's own slogan "I'd rather be pixelated than wear fur" will be emblazoned on free t-shirts that will be on offer - the contest winner, chosen by Stella Mccartney herself, will receive free tickets to her upcoming spring & summer collection in Paris. Goodie bags from PETA will also be available!

I know where I will be this week! where will you?
Dana XxX

Saturday, July 7, 2007


Wish Isle's Stunning and fabulous bi-monthly Fashion Shows Sizzle this Summers Secondlife!

Every other Saturday night you can visit wish isle not just to ride the trains and glide through the exotic Giza Pyramids to shop for everything you need in your secondlife - but you can bring your lover, friends and family and watch sexy~Hot~New Designs, modeled by Wish Isle Models, at 6Pm Sl time and have a BLAST!
Many people wonder about the aspects of a Fashion show, Wish Isle one of the Newest and most decadently created Sims in an Egyptian Cast theme, knows all about it! After all ancient Egyptians knew everything about Fashion themselves for some 4 thousand years at least! Not only does Wish Isle offer the perfect Cat walk centered around a gorgeous Egyptian lake with the stores situated around it, but the runway is magnificent in its re-creation of an Egyptian Lake, textured appropriately in golds, animal skins and ebony.

The two shows for the month of June featured first on the 16th; Shelly Lemay of SHELLYLOVe Designs showing her extraordinary style and skill as a designer with knowledge of the newest in RL fashion ... the audience gathered around the runway in awe at her stunning outfits, gowns, hair AND shapes as they appeared from behind the curtains on stage and danced out, gorgeous men and women avatars sizzling in the summers secondlife Egyptian night!
All were eager for what designer would be shown at the June 30th date....

Saturday Nite on Wish Isle started off with sexy Lingerie to the outrageous and roared back into tamed designs by SHADOW WEAVER of Shadowiccan Designs.. The men and women models glided in glamour around the Lake, as all sat thrilled with the eye candy Shadow created that Wish Isle models seduced them with each time....

Claire Engel Hosts our Bimonthly Fashion Shows - coming all the way to us on Wish Isle from RL FRANCE!! Her voice and that sexy French accent only adds to the descriptions she gives us all in the audience as we are tantalized by avatars in fashion design ecstasy!

So mark your calendar - Every other Saturday each month a designer from Wish Isle Merchants is selected to premier their designs by Wish Isle Models directed and trained by Director Ariya i and sensual fashions designed by WICCAN Sojouner on July 14 and the Designs by Chantel on the 26th at 6PM SL time! C U There! Get there early -- without attainments -- admission is free ~ Lots of giveaways and seats fill up fast!