Monday, September 29, 2008

OMG! fall fashions

On Saturday I went to have a look at the new Fall collection from OMG! Inc.
A lovely collection for the time of year :)
I loved some of the new sweaters teamed with prim collars and hoods, these worked really well even in the laggy situation and I loved the really well defined textures on the knits.
The dresses have got a lot more daring with floaty flex skirts that draw the eye. This blue model is slink at its best, sheer and daring cutouts on the top, featuring crossover straps with tapestry detailing on the bodice and gently pleated prim flex full length skirt This was one of my favourites.
It was nice to see the gents didn't miss out and the new line of baggy combat pants with prim pockets worked really well and some of the suits too!
I can't possibly show them all here so go and take a look for yourself at OMG! INC


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Styles of Edo New Release, a sneak preview.

As most of you know I have a special interest in mens clothing, good mens clothing, so I was delighted and excited to be asked to review the new tuxedo collection by Styles of Edo. Edo is justly famous for his wonderful menswear and with this collection he has surpassed himself. In the very near future (touch wood) I will be bringing you a full review of this collection with pictures that come close to doing the clothes justice.
Having said that, no picture can do these clothes justice - Edo is one of the most skilled texture artists/designers on SL, and anyone who doubts that should cam in on someone wearing one of these new tuxedos - there are black details, on black textures which give the clothes depth and feeling. There are paisley waistcoats (vests to our American cousins) which shimmer and shine with subtle, fine detailing. These clothes are very very special - in fact I would say unique.I admit that both I and my model were worried when there was no 'skirt' layer to the jackets, but, (and this is real mastery) these jackets do not have the sprayed on look that some of us have come to dread, they actually look like they should.

When I do the full review it will involve more details and LOTS of pictures but this collection is too good to only have one review. Styles of Edo have surpassed their usual high standards and. as someone who adores a well dressed male avatar, I, for one, thank them. If god is in the detail these clothes are truly divine. Gentlemen, I tell all of my clients they should own at least one decent tuxedo on SL, now I can amend that, every male avatar should own at least one (and good luck deciding which one - the variations are many and each better than the last) Tuxedo by Styles of Edo.

OMG! INC. Fall Extravagate Fashion Show

A wide spectrum of creativity, individuality and teamwork allows OMG! INC. The Fall Collections.
You will be brought into the Dark Side and released to the Heavenly Side!
We cordially invite you to witness this first-hand, this is what a clothing company can be like in Second Life.
By the way this is not just for women we have something for men as well, so don’t be shy fellows.
This event takes place Saturday September 27, 2008 at 1 pm SL time the location will be at OMG! INC. main headquarters at Sununu.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Skin City Sones soda can hunt

Skin City, Second Life:
The merchants of Skin City have hidden Sones soda cans with skins, shapes, eyes, and more av accessory booty prizes in the one and only 1-stop city for...skins, shapes, eyes, and other avatar accessories:

booty from these Skin City merchants:
_AR Another Realism
Arrogant Lioness
BB31 Baskin Bobbins
Body ProjectChambre du ChocolatFalln Angel
Kitheres Industries
Mei Asian Skins
RioSin Skins
SL Shakespeare Company Style Shop
Soft Touch Skins
Starfuker Skins
VIP - Sculpted Talking Faces
XTreme Reality
More soda cans added daily... as new merchants arrive and get set up!
Come for a sneak peek and the chance to find high quality skins and more hidden in buy-for-0/1 Sones soda cans...
Come see designers incognito as they try to find the hidden caps.(I can only tell you what I've hidden - don't ask any of us for where other booty's hid... cuz we dunno and are out there searching with you! o.O)
Ina Centaur
Skin City Mayor

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Zullay review

Having a little time to spare while waiting for the fun event at the Lavapit last night I decided to take a look at the Zullay opening (besides I love a scavenger hunt).
Arrival was not easy as the opening was popular and things did take a little while to rez, but once it did I saw a lovely location and of course a lot of people having a look around.

'The store contains 4 different collections:
The Poet Collection, The Glamour Collection, The Ethereal Collection, and The Haute Couture Collection. Each represents a specific style of clothing, hair and skins to allow our customers to shop according to their mood or desired look.
::The Poet Collection :: is a soft, romantic group of items created with soft colors and classic lines for a vintage feel.
::The Glamour Collection:: is modern and sophisticated, with bold colors and beautiful prints.
::The Ethereal Collection:: is a fantasy world filled with seductive mermaids, whimsical faeries and magical elves.
::The Couture Collection:: consists of a few pieces of unique fashion that are very limited in that there is only one version of each outfit created and sold.
I soon found a couple of freebies to try out;
Pictured here you can see me trying on the Glamour Iris set, the pants fit well with prim cuffs, the top is a delight with the prim draped back that matches perfectly - I often find prim additions although well conceived rarely 'work' this one did and I love it - a simple and chic daywear outfit - and it was FREE!
Wandering around I was drawn again and again to the Glamour coat, it comes in several colours but for me red will always be a favourite, when I first tried it on I found the prim skirt didn't fit me very well, although I haven't got a large avatar, but accidentally clicking it I found to my amazement it was scripted (that will teach me to read the notecards in the folder!) once re sized it was as stylish as I thought it would be with the detailing especially eye catching. This will definitely become a firm favourite of mine - although one little niggle is that with the prim collar worn on the chest I cannot wear any of my usual necklaces and anyone that knows me knows I always wear one of two that were gifts from James and the coat just does not look as good without the high prim collar.
Another free gift I found was Sweet Fae from the Ethereal Collection This was well described as it is very sweet, the dress worn alone is absolutely lovely, Zullay Thor outdid herself with the gentle folds on the prim skirt of this dress with gentle blending of colours I would happily wear this as a cocktail dress. The wings accessorise it well and although I am wearing them as found with glow and full bright this can be modified for a less ethereal look.
Overall I was impressed with the attention to detail and the soft look of the fabrics this is one designer who has got it right and worth keeping an eye on.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Grand Opening of Zullay Designs

You are cordially invited to the Grand Opening of Zullay Designs September 20th from 10am-4pm SLT.

There will be a Scavenger Hunt at the start of the opening and also during the opening limited edition items will be passed out as free gifts to those attending the Grand Opening event. The designer and owner of Zullay Designs is Zullay Thor, whose motto is "Be Extraordinary." Zullay's line consists of gorgeous clothing, flawless skins, and beautiful hairstyles. She makes her unique designs in order to make each buyer feel special. Zullay loves fashion of all types from vintage to modern, as well as fantasy clothing and she makes clothing that appeals to fashionista's from all clothing backgrounds and preferences.

Zullay's designs are the type of clothing one would vision a supermodel wearing as she struts down the catwalk. The bold use of color leaves a footprint in your mind of the outfit you have just seen and really makes the detailed design work stand out from the crowd of typical new designers.

Upon entering SL, Zullay Thor was amazed by the amount of tutorials and information available for new content creators in SL. She was able to incorporate her graphic design experience and mix it with her love of fashion to create the innovative combination which is now known as Zullay Designs.

With her keen sense of style Zullay has begun what is the next step in revolutionizing SL clothing. She has stepped outside of the box with her Faerie Princess and Mermaid designs that will not only capture the attention of roleplayers they will also corral non-roleplayers into purchasing as well. Zullay has a style of her own and this is just the beginning of the bright forseeable future for this fabulous trendsetter who is sure to continue to amaze and rock the fashion platform of SL.

Why be just ordinary when you can "Be Extraordinary." Visit Zullay Designs today and let the world see you as you see yourself.

Date : September 20, 2008 (Saturday)

Time : 10am-4pm SLT

SLurl :
For more information regarding Zullay Designs, please contact Zullay Thor (Owner) Zullay Designs, or Annette Wilder (CEO) of Wilder Public Relations Firm.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Here be Dragons

Almost two years ago, when I was still a newbie on the grid, one of the regulars in the club I frequented turned up one day in a small dragon avatar. I was instantly entranced, by the detail and the pure 'otherness' of dragon avs. Since then I have had many friends who spend at least some of their time in world as dragons. Although I love the look of these fantasic avs and I've had great fun flying (and being dropped from great heights) on the backs, talons and jaws of various dragons I've never taken the plunge myself. So eager to know more about the Second Life of dragons, I interviewed three regular dragon avatar users.

Firehorse: What first drew you to wearing a dragon Av?
George Tanabe:The artistry and the ability to fashion something beautiful and unique.
Dezaria Cazalet, Astral Dragon: I have a dragon heart..I AM dragon... the dragon av is a visual expression of this...
dana Vanmoer: I just love fantasy and a dragon is the ultimate fantasy creature
F.R:How long have you been wearing a dragon av?
G.T: Since summer 2007
D.C:Since about 30 days after being in SL so... about 14 months.
D.V:I got the first one after about 3 months in SL.

F.R.:Is the dargon av your main av?

G.T:*one* of them is, yes.

D.C: I am Lady Dragon most of the time as you fit better in places so I am either human form or 2 legged dragon one.

D.V: I don't wear it often as I find its too big for most places - I also have a cute whelp (tiny dragon) plus a dragon pet which is worn on my shoulders and wraps around me.

F.R:What is the appeal of being a dragon, for you?

G.T:It's like a good coffee table book. It stimulates conversation beyond the usual. Often the topics swing to favorite books of mine, which feature dragons, of course.

D.C:I love the beautiy and the freedom it represents and truly my heart is dragon.

D.V:They represent power and are very awe inspiring - the tiny ones are just cute

F.R:How many dragon avs do you own?

G.T:Err...lost count... over 30 now. Some are mods of "packages"....but I own most of the adult and tiny versions from IoW plus a dozen more from around SL.

D.C: Six Isle of Wyrms wyrmlings and wyrms, one W&M one and one 2 legged one.

D.V: Three actual dragons plus several draconite avatars which are like a humanised form. Don't forget everyone now has the dragonlet from Grendels children as a default avatar now.

F.R:What is the favourite dragon av you own?

G.T:Steam Dragon Hatchling... I call him Gadget, for my love of all things mechanical and steam-punk related.

D.C: Astral Dragon... that is truly me...

D.V:I love the violet whelp

F.R: How do you spend your time when in a dragon av?

G.T: The Steam Dragon Hatchling,You never forget your first love. ;)

D.C: A two legged red version that can dance :)

D.V: Elder Uthgolian Dragon (Artic 'Iceshimmer')

F.R:How do you spend your time when in a dragon av?

G.T: Wandering about; chatting with friends, dragon or otherise; annoying 'humans' and 'elves'...generally being goofy. The same I did as a human AV, only this is funnier.

D.C: Hanging out with my dragon partner, my dragon friends... dancing at clubs, flying.

D.V:Usually setting fire to people on the dancefloor - the whelp has a couple of dances with it.

F.R: How do you find people respond to your dragon avs?

G.T:Usually with curiosity and appreciation of the appearance. Most folks are very tolerant of tinies. Now, when I drag the BIG dragons out, a lot of people either are astonished at the size or get pissed because I stomp all over them.

D.C: Some are shocked most are amazed! The love looking at it and they seem to want to talk to me more so because of it.

D.V:Most think the whelp is cute, the Uthgolian is scary LOL

F.R: Who is your favourite maker of dragon avs?

G.T:Daryth Kennedy, though Flea Bussy comes a close second. And Rock Hayek's anthrodragons are the best I've ever seen.

D.C: Isle of Wyrms.

D.V:Grendels Children without hesitation apart from the fantastic quality they keep their prices very low for all their avatars.

F.R: What is the most you have paid for a dragon av?

G.T: L$5500


D.V:I can't remember the price but I know the Uthgolian was the most expensive.

F.R:Would you recommend other people try being a dragon on SL and why (or why not)?

G.TSure. Being a dragon is a unique experience in SL. It's a lot of fun and you can support the great artists who design these lovely creations.

D.C:I would if you know you are dragon... most dragons knew/know that they are truly dragon... it's not an experiment it's more a state of mind, a state of being so to speak... you have a dragon heart and you just KNOW you are DRAGON.

D.V:I would recommend anyone to try it out, but it is definitely for roleplay more than everyday wear. There are a lot of dragon communities in SL if your interest lays in being a dragon full time i would suggest looking into these.manipulating the camera and movement as a huge dragon is problematic - I don't think its something a newbie should try until they have mastered movement controls as a normal avatar.

I hope this article has given an insight into dragons on Second Life. We all have a free dragon av in our inventory now, so give it a try, you might be suprised.

With much thanks to George Tanable, Dezaria Cazalet Astral Dragon and Dana Vanmoer. Pictures are of Dezaria, Dana and dragons at the Isle of Wyrms.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

AVENUE Models Academy Graduation Show Sponsored by Bare Rose

Come out to show your support of the next graduating class of models from AVENUE Models Academy September 14, 2008 at 12 noon slt.
AVENUE Models Academy is proud to announce the second graduating class of its prestigious academy. The class consists of five graduates: Livia Mastroianni, Vera Canning, Maxmillion Carling, Kora Ling, and Sevenstar Amat. The fabulous five will sashay down the catwalk wearing clothing by the one and only Bare Rose. Bare Rose is known for its awesome clothing line with very affordable prices. They carry an assortment of clothing from casual to formal, punk to goth, and even fantasy outfits. The model trainees of AVENUE are excited to be able to have their names associated with a line such as Bare Rose.

The modeling classes are taught by models and fashion professionals who teach the model trainees what it takes to make it on the runways of SL. The fashion professors consist of Summer Deadlight (founder of Runway Kidz), Emmz Tzara (Fashion Stylist of Runway Magazine), Kryptonia Paperdoll (Head Instructor and VP of AVENUE Models), Tillie Ariantho (AVENUE Model & Photographer) and Rusch Raymaker (CEO of AVENUE Models). With such proficient teachers as these the model trainees from AVENUE definitely get a step ahead in the world of modeling.
AVENUE Models is known for always delivering very entertaining fashion shows with professional models who grace the catwalk and wow the audience. The opportunity to possibly be ranked in the category of models with such a reputation is huge for the model trainees. They will be sure to step out on the runway and show off all they have learned to impress both the audience and their teachers in order to try to secure a spot within the prominent agency.
Date : September 14, 2008 (Sunday)
Time : 12 noon slt
SLurl :
AVENUE Models' land and build is sponsored by:ROYAL PROPERTIES AND JC DESIGNS

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

RUNWAY Magazine Hits Milestone

Since launching their first issue in March 2008, RUNWAY Magazine has made its mark on the fashion industry in Second Life, distributing over 40,000 copies of their August 2008 issue alone. RUNWAY Magazine's CEO Maggie Mahoney states, "RUNWAY is more than just a LookBook with glossy pictures and a list of where to shop. We offer our readers an in-depth look at the models, the designers, the agencies, and fashion news in Second Life on and off the runway. Our content is truly what makes RUNWAY unique and it is virtually unmatched by any other fashion magazine currently available in Second Life. The RUNWAY staff is top notch and they work very hard to make RUNWAY the best fashion read in Second Life."

RUNWAY Magazine is a monthly in-world publication dedicated to the promotion of fashion, modeling, and design in Second Life®, featuring the who’s who in the fashion world - the seasoned designers, models, and agencies, as well as the fresh new up and coming talent on and off the runway. Covering all the fashion shows and events across Second Life® and bringing the readers the latest news, updates, revues, and slideshows of the designs captured as they happen with not only the in-world magazine, but a digital web version as well.
RUNWAY Magazine prides itself as remaining agency and designer neutral, working in cooperation with all modeling agencies, organizations, and designers to provide them exposure in the Second Life® fashion world.
Ocean Bates, CCO and Director of Marketing for RUNWAY Magazine, shared "RUNWAY is a smart media buy for designers, agencies and the like. Our subscription rates are the most affordable on the market and the exposure is exponential. We had 40,000 pairs of eyes reading RUNWAY in August - that is real marketing at work. Our readers, and our advertisers, tell us that they read us cover to cover - twice. The numbers show we are doing something right and we have just gotten started. We recently implemented the RUNWAY Café, a reader café for residents to relax and enjoy publications from across the grid, not just RUNWAY. We have two open currently - one at InStyle Fashion Mall and a second at Odessa Majestic. One café is currently under construction at the new Haute Couture complex alongside PhotoLife, and we have plans for several more. It is our way of giving a little back to the readers and businesses that contribute and support our efforts."
RUNWAY Magazine also sponsors fashion-related events throughout Second Life. Their involvement in the 2008 MFA Awards helped bring even more awareness to the residents of Second Life on the nominees. RUNWAY Magazine is one of the sponsoring organizations for the upcoming 2009 Miss Costa Rica Pageant and the 2009 Miss SL Universe Pageant.
RUNWAY Magazine also hosts four annual fashion revues with their two most recent - the Bridal Revue in June 2008 and the End of Summer Revue held in early August. Mahoney noted that a Couture Revue is currently being planned for November, as well as the opening of their new headquarters at Bryant Park in October.
RUNWAY Magazine will close out 2008 with their Model of the Year Awards.
"We think it is safe to say that RUNWAY is here for the duration and we want to thank our readers, advertisers, and those who make RUNWAY what it is - the best fashion read in Second Life. We have lots planned and hope that everyone will enjoy and benefit from the hard work we put into each event, each issue and each new endeavor we undertake," states Mahoney.
Copies of RUNWAY Magazine are available in-world from any RUNWAY Magazine kiosk, complimentary on and, and can also be viewed on their website at

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Emilin Nakamori’s Physical Machines

I was in Second Life Friday night when I got an IM from someone, an Emilin Nakamori, “Good evening :) I believe I may have a story that your newspaper may be interested in.” She told me she had made a machine in Second Life that moved without the need for scripts, “specifically, a weight-driven pendulum clock escapement (an escapement keeps the pendulum swinging).” Curious, I chatted with her for a few minutes via IM before heading to where she told me she was, in the sandbox in the Whitmyre sim.

What she told me sounded familiar, and it was. I had met her at her exhibit during SL5B at her exhibit just across the path from the newspaper’s (Events June 27). Meeting her again, I came across a dark-haired lady wearing a Victorian dress with a necktie and Steampunk-style glasses on her head. We greeted one another, her having added a laptop with a Victorian look to her typing animation. Bringing up our last encounter, she told me, ”Oh, the gear demonstrator I had at the SL5B was driven by a script; the excapement is entirely mechanical. I had to set up a pendulum and time its movement to find the proper length here. I apparently got it wrong nonetheless; Sidewinder Linden said I probably didn't make allowances for time dilation :P ... It’s performance is unfortunately erratic; Sidewinder Linden could not offer a possible reason, but, as the saying goes, ‘The wonder of a dancing bear is not how gracefully it dances, but that it dances at all.’ ;) “

She then rezzed the pendulum machine, which slowly went in motion, “Theoretically, that pendulum should have a period of 6 seconds; the mechanism pushes it into a faster period, however.” She had been working on it since late June, and still had to have it assisted by a script. She rezzed another machine, “That is the mechanical clock movement I have worked up; I need to find a constant supply of power to mate the escapement to the movement to have a complete mechanical clock.” She had heard of sailboat races driven by simulated wind in the sims, and wondered it that could be a possible power source, “if the SL ‘wind’ can move a sailboat, why not a windmill?”

Emilin went on, “I have been considering a ‘waterwheel’, which uses temporary physical prims as weights on one side of a wheel. I have a proof-of-concept...” She then rezzed a wheel and ball-dropper that dropped metallic balls on the wheel’s cups, spinning it, “As you can see, there is inertia, but it dies out very quickly.”

I asked Emilin, “Has the changing of the Second Life viewer altered the performance of your machines, as it does some AOs?” She told me, “Not that I know of. I believe Havoc 4 was a much greater factor; several people told me at the SL5B that they had tried working with gears, but they were too unstable to hold together long enough to function.”

She then mentioned another physical machine that had been well received by others, and rezzed what she called a Physical Chain Demonstrator Base, “You click on the rotating arm to start or stop its rotation. If you change the orientation of the base, the script malfunctions.” Commenting at one point, “Unfortunately, I am no scriptor; that is why I got into physical machines ... Perhaps I should have gotten fascinated by something that isn't too ephemeral to sell ;) ... Sooner (usually, alas) or later all of these machines break, even if not left running.
The important thing, to me, about these machines is that they interact with the SL environment AS AN ENVIRONMENT, not as a computer program, as a script does.”

Going on, “Designing these machines is a constant juggling of a need for precision and having to allow enough space for collision avoidance, with a bit more thrown in to allow for lag. These machines use server physics time; put a few of the chain demonstrators in a sim and start them up all at once and it would probably crash the sim ;) The first version of the clock movement used 10.1ms physics time; I reduced the gear count and it fell to 5.6ms.” The then noticed one of the machines had stopped, “Foo. The clock's already broken :/ “

Emilin then mentioned, “Desmond Shang, founder of Caledon, decided he wanted me to build him a steam engine, so I made him one.” She then rezzed a piston steam engine about 25 - 30 ft high with the name “Desmond’s Folly,” “He liked the name, anyway; he decided it was too small... “ “So he wanted a more massive engine?” I asked. “Yes.” She then brought out a giant of a machine that must’ve been over a hundred feet tall, “He told me to throw it back and bring me its pappy.” “Whoah! Or the Mother of All SLengines.” I commented. Emilin grinned, “Oh, this is probably one of the largest objects ever made in SL that consists of linked parts.” I saw one of it’s two cylinders fly off, taken off my Emilin, “It DOES work better as a single-cylinder, although once it ran for about 45 minutes :)” “Well, the biggest engine like this that I've seen .... yes, I saw the second one coming apart.” “I ran into the limits of how distant parts can be and still be linked.”

At this point a Bubblesort Triskaidekaphobia walked up, “Still working on it, Emilin, or just showing it off?” “Showing this one off. Its successor is too large to move; I am going to try Rez-Foo. It has a 55m diameter piston...” “Wow! That's crazy! Where did you put it?” “3km over Saint Kitt Islands ... It's not open to the public as yet.” She then rezzed a picture of another engine, a single piston one. But the one clue to it’s *massive* size was standing on it’s wheel, “See the little black speck on the flywheel? It is I ;) ” She told is it was, “Somewhere around 100m tall; its base is 100m square. It would JUST BARELY fit into this sandbox ... Actually, it would have to be taller than 100m; the trapezoidal supports are 60m tall, on a base that is 8m thick. So it must be over 150m tall. A small skyscraper.”

Bubblesort asked if a train could be made. Emilin answered, “That is what Desmond Shang wants to do, eventually; he has someone working on scripted physical ‘steam molecules’ that would expand and contract at a set rhythm in the cylinders to push against the piston; it would have to be a multicylinder engine, though, as a flywheel is essential to keep a one-cylinder engine going past dead center, and with inertia as damped as it is in SL, a flywheel is really just a decoration.” “Could it be done without making steam like that?” “Oh, certainly; these engines here are spun by a rotation script, with the pistons and tie rods moving strictly by physics.”

Bubblesort soon left, and Emilin turned back to me, “The big engine is still going, as a single cylinder. ;) Half an hour, now.” She then told, “The main reason I would like your paper to feature this is so others can find out about it and hopefully work on it themselves; I started a group, Virtual Mechanics, for interested people. I am hoping there are people out there who will take the idea and hit the ground running with it ;) Well, the really big one is under development (basically, it doesn't work, and may never do so), but the one here has been shown to the public. ;) “

“But really,” she looked back at the first machine, “I think the escapement is the important thing, as it does not use scripts at all, yet functions.”

I thanked her, then noticed she had changed the title over her name to “Madgirl.” Being a reader of online comics, I asked her if she was a reader of “Girl Genius” by Phil Foglio. She smiled, and after talking a little about the comic, she gave me a replica of the Heterodyne trilobite emblem.

It was then that the two of us parted ways, presumably the maker of these physical machines, part science and part work of art, going back to business.

Bixyl Shuftan

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Art of Autumn Fashion Show

The Art of Autumn Fashion Show

Sunday, September 7, 1pm SLT
OnRez Island Runway
PR Contact: Calamity Hathaway
Produced by CH Enterprises:
Fashion Event Director: Calamity Hathaway
Runway Show Organizer: Vivienne Darcy
Modeling Agency: Calamity's Haute Models
Calamity Hathaway Presents the "The Art of Autumn"

There's a chill in the air, the colors are changing, and it's time to mark your calendars for CH Enterprises' annual Fall runway show Sunday, September 7, 1pm SLT at the OnRez runway.
You won't want to miss a second of "The Art of Autumn" as fashion event director Calamity Hathaway presents the colorful art of Thera Taurog of Lady Thera designs and Fuscia Jewell of Petal Meg jewelry designs.
"I chose to showcase designers Thera Taurog and Fuscia Jewell in my annual Fall runway show because their designs are so perfectly suited for Autumn colors and themes. Lady Thera designs are literally wearable art. Thera has brought the works of the greatest artists' of all time into SL and worked them into fabulous dress designs. Her designs are elegant but fun and excellently executed, easily one of the best and most daring designers in SL. I have wanted to showcase her designs in one of my runway productions since the first time I saw her work. So, this show is very exciting for me," said Calamity Hathaway, runway show director of CH Enterprises.
"Petal Meg jewelry is perfect all year round, but especially for Fall. Her lovely flower creations imported from RL to SL are unlike no others, Fuscia's designs are unique. I have featured her jewelry in other runway shows, and I'm very happy to showcase her designs in the Art of Autumn fashion show," she said.
The show will feature the fabulous models of Calamity's Haute Models Agency
See you at the runway!

Friday, September 5, 2008

The “Crazy Tinies” - Loco Poco Avatars

The subject for this week's avatar article is a new brand of tiny av: Loco Pocos. Created by Damien Fate, these tinies were first available earlier this summer. Considering the uber-cutness of the avatar and the variety of facial expressions and emotes, the Loco Poco can only be called first-class, possibly *the* best tiny avatar in Second Life.

Tiny avatars I’ve seen are designed for a cute-factor in mind. Loco Pocos excel at it. The avatars are also designed to be easily customizable, the avatar able to change it’s coat and eye color, as well as able to wear wings and other attachments.

But what sets them apart from others is the ease of use of their animations, coming right with the avatar. The HUD unit allows the player to express a number of facial expressions and full body emotes. The facial features are not static, but change to reflect emotions. Plus they often make sound when emoting. With a press of the button, the avatar can look angry and “grrr,” to laying on the floor and snoring, to crying a shower of tears, to throwing a kiss with a “mwaah,” to a hearty belly laugh, and more.

The name Loco Poco translates to “crazy tiny” in Spanish, appropriately enough. The instructions are also in several languages. It’s also noteworthy that Torley Linden was among the beta testers of these tinies. The store is just in front of the main porting entrance. Avatars are sold in the center, accessories on the edge to the right of the door when entering. Their avatars cost 350L each, most of the accessories 100L. They also advertise an Avatar Rendering Cost (how much computer power it takes to make your avie appear) of 640.

After some thought, I decided to try out the Loco Poco fox. Showing it around to my freinds, they were amused by the versatile tiny, going “Awww” at the sight of it’s emotes. One told me he was thinking of getting one.

Besides Loco Pocos Island, you can also get the avatars at SLExchange.

Loco Poco also has an adventure-filled island, made with these avatars in mind. One that can provide hours of fun. Look for a detailed article of the island in the near future.

A charming little avatar.

Bixyl Shuftan

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Archipelis Designer V2.0 annoucement / Nice tool for SL

September 2008:
The Archipelis company is pleased to announce the availability of the version 2.0 of Archipelis Designer.
Archipelis Designer takes a different approach to creating 3D models by simply drawing its shape! Just draw the contour of the various shapes of the model (for example: the head, the body, the legs) and Archipelis Designer automatically merges them and applies textures. It is also possible to use a picture or photo as a background and follow the contours on it.Thus, very simply and in about ten minutes, it is possible to create realistic organic models and to export them in widespread 3D formats like VRML, 3DS Max, DirectX or Google Sktechup and moreover Second Life.
It's so intuitive... This brand new version 2.0 is much faster, more accurate, can work up to 6 textures, can handle 3D interactions, can export the result to the Second Life platform...
All that for 38 euros for Apple Mac OS X and Windows.
Archipelis is a young company located near Bordeaux, France. It started its activity in the beginning of 2007 by providing Archipelis Designer, a 3D tool for both beginner and advanced 3D designers who wants to create 3D content in a fast way. Now, with the sucess of metaversed worlds, Archipelis is entering and focusing on this market with new applications.