Monday, December 29, 2008

Focus Fashion Agency presents

their First Annual New Year's Eve Ball at Phat Cat's Jazz Club!

Second Life, Tuesday, December 30, 2008: Focus Fashion Agency is thrilled to celebrate the ending of 2008 with a New Year's Eve Ball at Phat Cat's Jazz Club! The event will take place on Tuesday, December 30, 2008 at 2pm SLT. Join us as we celebrate with some of the most amazing designers in Second Life. We'll be featuring designs by Nicky Ree, Bliss Couture, Milady's Fancy, SF Designs, and Clio -prĂȘt a porter-. Come dance the night away and see some of the most amazing formal wear in Second Life™.
Join us as we usher in the New Year in style! Phat Cat's is located at SLURL
About Focus Fashion Agency
Focus Fashion Agency is an up and coming fashion agency created by veterans of the Second Life™ fashion industry that wanted to begin making it easier for designers to promote their work. We are a fashion promotions firm made specifically to bring the work of Second Life™ designers to broader audiences. You'll find more about Focus Fashion Agency at

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Shoes at Styles of Edo!

Edo Tone has released a new set of ladies shoes and I admit to being surprised at just how good they are!
Designed for Styles of Edo by Hays Uriza they are stylish and elegant PLUS the added bonus of decent colour choices!
How many places do red but then do not make a dark red? or browns - so hard to match! with these there are 3 different brown tones to choose from! Perfect!

The EIRIS series can be bought in classic (shown here in brown) Straight (shown in blue) or Cross straps (shown in black) all eminently wearable and stylish to match any outfit most come in 2 widths for a perfect fit.
My Favourite has to be the classic slingback style of ERI shown here in dark red perfect for any occasion.

New are the CYNDI triple strap platforms which look great with pants or business suits! Also going on sale is the MIKI shown above in lake, these are wedge sandals in earth tones from the blue 'lake' shown to earth and seasonal tones.

Check them all out at Styles of Edo, Tyche today!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Milliner in SL?

Sometime ago Breezes introduced me to Chigadee London and her hats. Now there are many hats in SL but i don't know of any other milliners.
For our Birthday celebrations Chigadee made us the newsboy hat you see on the right here which you can pick up free in our outlets.
Chigadee kindly answered some questions for us:

Q: How did you decide to become a milliner in SL?

A: (Grins). My hat building journey has the humblest of beginnings . I used to camp a lot , sorting my inventory and chatting with fellow campers. I started building to pass the time and since I do love hats in RL, it was an easy choice for me. I discovered Hosoi Ichiba where at the time had camping bar chairs which helped cover the texture upload charges. The owner was very kind allowing me to discreetly build behind the bar. After I made the hats, I gave them to all my camping buddies to wear and it was hilarious to see us all sitting there wearing my hats!

Q: Building hats and having a business are two different things entirely. How did you progress from being camper to business woman?

A: (Grins even more). My first friend in SL popped in one day after a long absence and I showed her what I had done with the hats and a little store I had set up called the Union Jack Store. It was just a little tent in the middle of nowhere with re-textured freebie items. We then had this hair-brained idea to open up a shop together and my first attempts were two hat stands with hats perched on them. The store was called Mad About Hats and my first purchase was from a Neko . I was in shock that someone would actually buy one of my products!

Q: You presently market under two store names, could you explain why?

A: Mad About Hats is a boutique which offers everyday elegance and casual styled hats based on RL hats. I have classic Fedoras, top hats, baseball and newsboys caps, sunhats, cowboy hats, cavalier hats etc. Couture Chapeau offers a higher end limited edition collection which I present every season. Here I am allowed to fully use my creativity and imagination. It is a line where you get a glimpse of what I am about since I throw my heart and soul into it. And of course, it is a hat which I enjoy wearing tremendously since I would never sell a hat I didn't absolutely adore. I have even had RL businesses approach me about designing for them but I'm not sure if I am ready for that.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration for your hats?

A: I get it from my RL experience and also SL experience. The Narnia Collection I presented in December last year was inspired by The Chronicles of Narnia which is still one of my all time favourite fantasy books.

I also have a RL fashion background and association with a world renowned designer, and my designs are often inspired from working with her on her collections. My forthcoming Christmas/winter collection will be totally glamorous with touches of rich colour and textures.

Q: Do you mind sharing some of your hat building secrets?

A: Oh believe me there is no great secret. At the beginning, I used all the simpler standard programmes, such as Wings 3D and Rokuro. I am rather slow, to tell you the truth or as someone kindly put, " exacting", so it took me a few months to get the shapes I was looking for. I made some dreadful mistakes but the funny part is that some of those mistakes turned out to be 'happy' ones and ended up being part of my best selling hats! So I one tip I will give to new sculptors is to never delete any of your scupltie textures…you never know when they could be useful one day! Right now I collaborate with a RL graphics designer and sculptie master who has tweaked my shapes and now provides new ones which I put together, embellish and get ready for sale.I also use the Photoshop to make my own textures and I am always open to learning more and upgrading my skills. I am a 'Jill-of-all-trades' and a painter among other things in RL. Second Life provides another blank canvas for me to create upon.

Q: What is your biggest challenge as a milliner and business woman in SL?

A: Oh that's easy to answer… prim hair and filling vendors! ( LOL) I spend a lot of time trying to help people to fit hats on their heads and now I have offered hair trimming classes at my store. I post notices in the SL community events under education when I offer them and also in my group I Love Hats! As for filling vendors, that is bane of my existence here in SL and I am forever making mistakes! Fortunately I have sweet understanding customers and I really do try to rectify any errors as soon as possible.

Q: As a relatively long time SL resident what words of advice would you give to up and coming designers?

A: First of all I have to explain that my products are not like a must have animation or hair so I operate a little differently. Friendships have been very important here in SL and my friends helped me much of the way. Many of my customers have also become friends and I am amazed at how much word of mouth business I get. The best advice is to treat everyone with respect and dignity, especially new residents… today's newbie could be SL next big magnate ! We can all learn the business part eventually but in the end it is a loyal following of customers and friends who will provide your bread and butter through referrals. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them all for their encouragement and help because without them, I would have closed up shop a long time ago.

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

A: In SL, my wish for residents is to have fun, enjoy the creativity and laugh a lot. In RL, my hope is for everyone to have MORE fun and to laugh harder!

Chigadee has a huge range of hats which you can see in the above pictures and also the top hat is on sale at on only 50Ls until the end of the year so if you are looking for that perfect accessory for your new years outfit click here and have a look!
Dana Vanmoer

Thursday, December 18, 2008

New! Dana's Delights

This week see the redesign of my main store with a complete remake and all new releases!

There is a huge new range of business wear for ladies plus a few casuals and evening gowns.

This week only buy HOLLY for only 100Ls, a lovely gown for the Christmas party in glittery green with holly detail around the base.

You can find my store just below our main office on Ian Bernard.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Simone releases Holiday Line

When I talked with Simone last week she was wearing the cutest outfit, and later she dropped me one also for christmas!
Today she tells me the Holiday Line has about 45 outfits and until December 26th they will be on sale for between 200Ls and 400Ls at her main store:

From the cutest elf, to sexy santa, to that christmas ballgown - you can find them at Simone.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Focus Fashion Agency Presents the Fab.Pony on the Runway!

Second Life, Saturday, December 13, 2008: Focus Fashion Agency is excited to present the designs on Fab.Pony in awesome runway style! The show will take place on Saturday, December 13, 2008 at 1pm SLT.
Join us as we celebrate these amazing designs at
The Fab After Party will be hosted at Truehouse club! Join us there at 4pm SLT on the 13th.
You'll find that party at

About Focus Fashion Agency

Focus Fashion Agency is an up and coming fashion agency created by veterans of the SecondLife™ fashion industry that wanted to begin making it easier for designers to promote their work. We are a fashion promotions firm made specifically to bring the work of SecondLife™ designers to broader audiences. You'll find more about Focus Fashion Agency at

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Champagne Chapeau Collection 2008

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Get The NEW free SLN outfit

Now you can own the winning design by Nany Piaggio.
Pick it up on Xstreet HERE
or at our main office HERE where you can also find some wonderful free christmas gifts!

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Champagne Chapeau Collection 2008

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Fashion entries and fabulous models!

We had some wonderful entries in the design contest, really showing the variety and scope of designers imaginations.
The Winner is shown here designed by Nany Piaggio of Black rose designs and modelled by Alexa Trefoil.
Nany's design can be worn either as a short catsuit or as a swimsuit.
This will soon be available in our main office as well as XStreet.
The Judging panel had a difficult task choosing a winner.
Other entries were Analog Juns T-shirt, unfortunately on the night the shirt did not rez for either James or I when it was modelled by Kyrinnia Demoulins, Miss Venezuala in the Miss Virtual Worlds contest run by Best of SL Magazine.
A huge THANK YOU to all the beautiful models:
Kyrinnia Desmoulins
Lacey Alderson
Gamp Lane
Emi Bade
Mui Mukerji
Alexa Trefoil
and Jonny Tobias Boulevard agencies manager and also Giela Delpaso the wonderful MC at the fashion show.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


November 19, 2008—Presenting for the very first time in SL, a fashion show featuring both male and female designs from Styles of Edo. Edo Tone and Mami Jewell have created some gorgeous new designs for the upcoming holiday season.
On Saturday, November 22nd at 4:00pm SLT, RUNWAY Productions will be producing the Styles of Edo Fashion Show. It will be held in Bryant Park at Nevada, which should be a treat for the attendees, as this is a very special build just for this show.
Edo Tone and Mami Jewell both have a penchant for fashion. With this show, they will be showcasing many formal gowns and tuxedos and several items that were just released this week. And as a special treat, Virtual Impressions has created jewelry to embellish the female outfits. Each design presented by the female models will feature bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings and even a t, all perfectly coordinated to enhance the individual outfits. “We are so excited to show these designs and our new jewelry today. I am sure each of those attending will see something they must have for the approaching holiday season” says Edo Tone, owner and designer of Styles of Edo.
Maggie Mahoney, owner of RUNWAY Productions and RUNWAY Magazine, designed the intricate runway to allow attendees an opportunity to see these gowns and tuxedos from every angle. The design ensures and interaction between model and viewer in a near lag-free environment.
Get in the mood and dress to Impress in formal attire. For the after-party, prepare yourself for the smooth tunes of DJ Fricker while you sip champagne in the garden. And you will be able to enjoy our models who will be posing in the garden next to vendors, so you can grab those designs right on the spot.
About RUNWAY Productions ---
RUNWAY Productions is a full service fashion production company offering clients unprecedented fashion show production, photo shoot coordination, model casting, and marketing services.

About Styles of Edo ---
Styles of edo is a dedicated, high grade Men’s clothings and Women’s clothing brand. As one of the most significant apparel premiers in SL, we provide a variety of selections for men and women. The assortments includes tailcoats, tuxedos, suits, dress shirts, dresses, gowns, formal shoes, casual clothing and all the other collections of attires which are “Classy and Elegant”.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Miss Virtual World 2009

Click the poster to go to Best of SL Magazine online

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The awaited Nicole!! PLUS extra's

Mami Jewel has now released the awaited 'Nicole' gown at Styles of Edo it is available in 7 colours, as well as the ones seen here, it can also be bought in red (my favourite) and classic black.
I love the way this gown is just so decadent - fur and silk!
Along with 'Nicole' gown Styles of Edo have also released the perfect accessories in the 'Classic Akoya Pearl' collection The attention to detail in these creations is amazing - the earrings have the butterfly back and the necklace clasp is divine, each seperate pearl has been crafted and textured individually by Chrissy Ambrose of Virtual impressions for Styles of Edo.
Japanese Akoya pearls are most prized for their quality, high lustre and rarity. Having taken many years to perfect, thier creation by Mikimoto in the late 19th century resulted in the ultimate in cultured pearls, commanding the highest prices. Today he is known as the "King of Pearls" and the company still bears his name. The Akoya oyster takes 2 years to create each pearl known widely as a symbol of perfection, beauty and elegance.
Now at Styles of Edo you too can own these high grade pearls made famous by the most elegant of woman of our times created with genuine Akoya textures.
The Akoya pearl collection comprises of Stud earrings, drop earrings a short single strand and a longer single strand, a double strand or the deluxe triple strand necklace.

Visit Styles of Edo to see them for yourself HERE
You can also click the images for a larger view.
Dana Vanmoer

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Styles of Edo Tuxedo Collection 2008

Click images to see full size

Tuxedo 3 co ordinate 10
Tuxedo 3 co ordinate 01

Tux 01, with the shirt from co ordinate o2 and the waistcoat from co ordinate 38.
Tuxedo 02 corodinate 05 and tuxedo 01 coordinate 38.
Tuxedo o1 coordinate 02 and tuxedo 01 coordinate 38 again.
For weeks I have been waxing lyrical about the Styles of Edo new tuxedo collection. I have told you about the multitude of variations available (Edo himself claims 96 variations, but if you buy the indiviual neck ties etc I am certain you can get more - but NINETY SIX VARIATIONS - and not a bad one amongst them!). I have sung the praises of the details, colours and texturing. I have whispered that Edo is a god among menswear designers.
Weeks ago I was hoping to bring you an article that was most pictures of a selection of the collection, unfortunately computers die, connections fry and things happen - so only now am I able to bring you that article.To end this article I would like to say that there are limitations to SL photography and to the quality levels I can get Blogger to reproduce for me - so this is by way of a teaser - these clothes are a hundred times better in world than I can manage to reproduce here.

I would also like to thank Minty Bachem for modelling (he is also available to escort ladies to any formal event - he even has the wardrobe), also much thanks to Hempy Weezles and Medow5571 Shilova for stepping into the breach when our photographer lost their internet connection leaving us somewhat in the lurch. Great job guys, thank you.

And again, gents, go - add at least one of these tuxedos to your wardrobe - then you too will be helping make SL a prettier place one male avatar at a time.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rule Fashion Show

There are pro's and cons to a fashion show, the cons are mostly to do with the awful lag which is the curse of most shows. The upside of a fashion show is the pleasure of seeing clothes that the designer thinks are their best new work. When that designer is Edo, of Styles of Edo fame, then suddenly the pluses out weigh any down side. The Rule show, presented by Boulevard Agency was a delightful insight into the Formal collection by Styles of Edo. One thing I did notice, which saddened me, was the audience was more female than male - gentlemen you should be attending shows like this - they really are for your benefit.
As well as the new generation of tuxedos ( which are getting a full, in depth article to themselves later this week - don't miss it), there were examples of his new suits, with the trade mark fine detail which you already know makes me Edos number one fan, bright, bold colours and unique cuts.

There were suits that seem to be inspired by matador "suits of lights", which feature strong colours (I adore the red one) and fine gold embroidery. There were daily suits in striking pastal colours, hard to imagine that lilac can be a bold, strong, masculine colour - and I dare say that most designers couldn't make it work - but Edo not only makes it work but has done it with a style and flair that is unique. Colour in mens suits is a rare thing, but this collection has it, velvety shades of black, rich, dark chocolatey browns, organic greens, lusty reds, pearlescent whites, pulsing purples and playboy pastels all feature. This collection has colours, either in the subtle little touches like cummberbunds, waistcoats (vests for the Americans among you) and stitching, or for the more dashing man who isn't afraid to make a bold statement, in whole jackets of rich, vibrant colours. In real life, only in the very finest Italian designs do colours like this work so well.
And now I am going to wax lyrical about a personal favourite - Edos new tail suit. If ever there was a reason to insist that tail suits are not just for wedding, this suit is it, the flexi tails give movement and the styling would make any man look like a Hollywood movie star. Available in black or "white" (more a pure ivory than white in my opinion) this should be on every mans wish list. Edo's designs make me long for more formal events - really these suits - from the tail coats, to what I would call day suits and everything in between make me long for a ban on tshirts and jeans. Gentlemen - the chances are all the ladies you know have several wonderful formal gowns in their Second Life wardrobe - it's time you caught up - just having one suit and one tuxedo in your inventory is no longer enough - buy more suits, buy cumberbunds and ties to match your partners favourite outfits - revel in the almost lost art of wearing a formal suit with an almost casual grace - the women of Second Life will love you for it and if you follow my advice then your first stop should be to the Styles of Edo store, where your only dilemma will be which suit to buy first.
As well thanking Edo for bringing such wonderful designs to Second Life I also have to thank Dana Vanmoer and Echo Underwood for allowing me to use some of their pictures ( their pictures are the really good ones, in case you are wondering).

Friday, October 24, 2008

Trick 'O' Mask

Skin City - Three days before Halloween 2008 (October 27th to October 31st), Skin City merchants will be putting out their Halloween treats in front of their stores. Unlike many promotional events, Trick'o'Mask strives to be unique and easy for residents of Second Life to participate in. To be given out are not just any treats, but masks -- masks based on select skins created by Skin City designers!
But, there's more to the story:
The masks can be used to obtain discounts to its corresponding skin, and also to land on modeling opportunities for its bearer.
Following this event will be the first ever Guy Fawkes Fashion Show on November 5th, where anyone who has a Trick'o'Mask mask get to walk on the Skin City runway and to win more prizes.
Mayor Ina Centaur explains the entertainment-based rationale behind the event, "Virtual candy is generally not as sweet or fun as its RL counterpart, so, instead, for Halloween we give masks - with famous faces based on skins created by the designers of Skin City! Customers who like the skin can then use the mask to activate a discount in a vendor containing the original skin the mask face is based on. For those who can't afford the skin, they have a chance to win it at the Guy Fawkes Fashion show on Nov 5th - and maybe to land on future modeling opportunity to accumulate more fashion wealth on SL!"
The Trick'o'Mask event is from October 27th to October 31st. The Guy Fawkes Fashion Show, where all are welcome to model is on November 5th.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Styles of Edo SATURDAY

A show not to missed with Edo Tones new collection
click the image above to teleport Saturday 25th at 2pm SLT

Monday, October 20, 2008

Lemania wakes us with her Dreams collection

I have not been to many fashion shows, but Lemania has captured my love of dreamy clothes of places I dream of, places I have danced to in RL and SL.
I was entranced by this beautiful collect on, it is a must see and the top models from Look elite are certainly among the best.
The crowd was excited, loving this collection with its floaty detailed textures, I heard ohhs and ahhhs and thunderous applause. Oh how we loved it.
Fia Bonetto is CEO of Elite Models and moderator for the fashion show. She is terrific with her descriptions of mysterious gowns that flow like a dream, the inspirations of Lemania, choices of silky and satin that make you feel like you are dressed in wonderment.
We all received the dragonLady gown just for coming to the show.
So generous and come to the Halloween hunt it is still going on. Be assured it is not your hard to find and then wonder (what do I want with this) you will be delighted as I was.
Breezes Babii
I am always searching for something.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fashionable Obama ?

“The main point is to get people to do some serious work,” said Keith Mandell, the president and founder of Obama for President, who is known in Second Life by his avatar, Cubsfan Pugilist. That means contacting friends and family—both in real life and second life, as well as donating money.

With a shirt like this ??? Come on .... sl designers can do better !!!

No i dont have hope !

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Great Idea from CodeBastard Redgrave

Every now and then I come across something new, a great idea!
This is one all SLotographers would be interested in - the FilterCam HUD created by CodeBastard Redgrave.
This filter will allow users to cut out the photoshopping/gimp etc..
Get a great image without the need for post processing - what a simple idea, the HUD rezzes a prim across the whole screen and applies a texture onto it - simple isn't it - completely customizable (add your own filters/textures) its just one of those things you have to say 'WOW' to.
Created in collaboration with noted Second Life photographer and artist Ryker Beck, the HUD has 30 preset filters and 13 texture masks.
In the press release Redgrave states:
Current filter and texture masks include: blood, cinema, circle, clear, grunge, iphone, nightvision, oval, postcard, scanlines, square, tryptic, and wanted.
According to Redgrave, “Its the first customizable effect processor for SL ™ as far as i know.”

This, the first official release of the FilterCam HUD, has been thoroughly alpha tested and is now available for purchase only at the Rouge Boutique. FilterCam users are also invited to join the Flickr FilterCam Group - - and post their own photographs using the FilterCam HUD.
Upgrades to the FilterCam HUD system are free and automated, and new textures and presets are in the design stages and will be added in the future.

Redgrave also notes, “I would like to thank Ryker Beck for making all of those fantastic filter masks, you, girl, seriously kick ass. Thanks to Alidar Moxie for being so brilliant and insightful. Thanks to Gabby Panacek for helping with promotion and documentation and distracting me from scripting. Thanks to all alpha testers and to everyone that contributed with ideas especially the SL Plurkies.”
LSL Scripting by CodeBastard Redgrave
Filter Masks by Ryker Beck
Redgrave is the creator of the infamous Boudoir Rouge portrait series, developer of the MachinimaCam and Dramavatar fashion line, and owner of the acclaimed Rouge Sim and the Code Red Lounge and Gallery.
A great idea and one I shall be checking out.
Dana Vanmoer

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fabulous Fashion: New Show to Premiere onSLCN.TV

SLCN.TV in conjunction with Perfect
World Productions will debut a new show
on Monday, October 13th. Fabulous
Fashion with Angie Mornington, a half
hour television show featuring the fashion
designers of Second Life, will be filmed
and broadcast live on Mondays at 6pm
"Clothing designers serve an important
role in Second Life, their designs allow
Residents to wear the styles that best
express how they choose to represent
themselves," said Host and Producer
Angie Mornington. "People spend a large
amount of time customizing their avatars
with the purchase of clothing, skins, hair,
and accessories. With Fabulous Fashion,
our goal is give viewers insight into the
fashion industry from the designers point
of view. We want to bring the designers
from behind the runway and into your homes."
Page 2
Fabulous Fashion was created by Paisley Beebe, host of the highly popular
SLCN show Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe, and CEO of Perfect World
Productions, the team that bring Tonight Live to over 20,000 viewers every
week. Beebe serves as Executive Producer for Fabulous Fashion. "It took
me all of 30 seconds on meeting Angie Mornington to start creating the show
which is now Fabulous Fashion around her! She is one of the most Stylish
people I know! and her bubbly smart personality is a huge asset to Perfect
World Productions!"
About Fabulous Fashion: Each week one designer will be interviewed by
Angie Mornington, to talk about the success of their design career in Second
Life. Viewers will get to see new releases and special previews from their
some of their favorite designers. Our Accessories Stylist Daphne Abernathy
will have a weekly segment featuring the hottest accessories that are
currently out.
Fabulous Fashion will be broadcast live on the SLCN.TV web site, on tens of
thousands of video screens throughout Second Life and will be available as a
vodcast on iTunes.
Contact Information:
Angie Mornington
For More Information Contact:
Maggie Mahoney, Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mania at Lemania????

Lemania has a vast array of terrific shops, a beautiful land to roam and hunts to die for.
I have rarely found such fun in shopping and having a great time all in one place.
Her service is just wonderful, I asked for a special item and it was not long before Lemania made it for me, perfect and 5 minutes before I needed it.
I have found so many thing to do here to get me through my flights of fantasy.
I love to ride the swan around the stream.
Lemania told me soon some 30 brand new outfits will be scattered all over these will be 1 of a kind - wow! I think that this will be an exciting hunt. I cannot wait. Gang way here comes Bree hahaha
Here is a bit of her story please enjoy and See you all there I bet:

In RL Lemania is an artist and has sold her work all over the world with a focus on classic Hollywood stars in pastel and acrylics.
Lemania has been in SL since September of 2007 and has met a lot of wonderful people from all over the world. She started building furniture and then clothes and found her niche in the SL clothing market. She bases a lot of her designs on classic designs and also creative textures and styles.
The main store is located in her sim with lots of stores all over the sim with her clothes and themes including a fashion cemetery, a building dedicated to a charity called Bugles Across America (to help provide live taps at veterans funerals), barns full of shoes and goodies and always a weekly gift for the group of an original design.
You can always check out what she is doing on her blog at:
or go visit her
Lemania Indigo Designs & Divine , S Crystal Springs (189, 138, 21)

Breezes Babii