Saturday, January 30, 2010

2nd Tutorial

January the 29th; One step ahead. For this tutorial you need a Graphic Program, like Photoshop, and basic skills using Photoshop and building in-world!! 
We teach you how to merge a shade-texture with a
basic-texture in Photoshop to give your in-world builds and creations more depth and more realistic appearance.
Sunday January 31st at Moolto-Island 12 PM SLT

Monday, January 18, 2010

NEW RELEASE! from My Precious!

The high-quality fashion line of Agnes Finney "My Precious" is breathtaking in not only design but in the creativity evident in each piece.
The gowns and outfits are intricately detailed and carry an appropriate edge of sophistication of only the highest quality.
Each shines in its own beauty and carries over clearly to the lady who would wear them. 

This new release from Agnes Finney shows her dedication to detail and making the wearer feel like a lady in every sense.
Buy yours or find more designs at

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Royal Queen

The Runway at My Precious was elegant. Expectant contestants behind sheer curtains to make their way along the Runway and  show their beauty to the observant judges. They were all stunning and charmed the judges.  The room was filled with Princesses and friends of those who vied for the honor of being The Royal Queen of My Precious. Agnes Finney , Will Finney , the owners of My Precious , were among the judges , along with  ABD Jewelry and the Avenue representatives. After rounds of  presentation before the judges the selections were made they retired to make a decision . The one chosen to have  honor of being Royal Queen 2009 is Janina Scarmon. The second place went to Julia Brand and third to Ireland Anthony. They all received lovely prizes and Janina and will rein over the My Precious Queendom for all of the year 2010.I am glad I was not a judge!  You can read more about this event and the beginning of the selection of new princesses for 2010 at Agnes Finney’s blog ,

Gemma Cleanslate

Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter Fashions

 Do you love hats?
I do and they make you feel elegant and classy.
Sure to delight your every style is found at Couture Chapeau design owned and operate by the lovely and talented Chigadee London

Saturday, January 2, 2010

M & M creations, new releases

Something different thAn most of our sculpts, but a new range of
articles for Builders Only!

The Antique Furniture sets are high quality, very detailed and include
* All sculpt maps
* All shade-textures
* Complete REZ
* Number-texture
* Notecards with the manual & how to work with the Shade-Textures

Other Releases last week and before;
* Shoulder Parts 1st & 2nd Edition, for suits, shirts, pads or other purposes
* Body Ruffles 5th
* Body-Clothes 9th and 10th Edition
* Value Pack Body Clothes
* Partridge Bird with sculpt maps and textures
* Common little Bird, flying, turning it's head or just looking for
food (NO sculpt maps or textures)

Coming soon Rocks 3rd Edition with a Special edition for Huge
Prims, based on Fantasy Landscaping!!!
Our Fairyland and Beach are being renewed and work is in progress. The
new rocks are rezzed and the result is amazing!!