Saturday, February 28, 2009

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Be amazed with the range, within a min ambling through the main of Bliss Couture!
Dresses to pamper yourself or your love ones. Gowns sold here are transferable.

Discover the secret of beauty @ Gown (145, 139, 281)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Get Down to Earth, with Lutricia’s Luxuries

By Bixyl Shuftan

As a clothing store, Lutricia’s Luxuries offers a variety of dress and other items. This includes "family" items such as fashion for child avatars, and gothic wear for those searching for a darker look. The shop is located in the Earth sim (108, 136, 26) and owned by Lutricia Roux, “... my main passion is to design clothes, accessories etc :)”

Lutricia logged onto Second Life in August 2007, “I read about it in a newspaper and got curious.” She considers her start in SL a good one, “I got in touch with some Scandinavians (Lutricia is Swedish), and they were really helpful to me. They showed me the basics, freebie shops, etc. :) “ Lutricia has always been making clothes in Second Life, “Ever since I started, I have been interested in trying to make my own things and own clothes. I started to try, and discovered, and I developed. and started to see I might be able to do the things I saw for sale myself instead of buy them.”

She got the idea of selling clothes, “when I liked it myself enough to want to wear or use it." Lutricia did more than just clothes, “I also build some furniture and prefab, but I enjoy the clothesmaking, and work with tiny prims more. :) And scripting is great fun, but there is so many professionals out there, who are real scripters.” Eventually came the Lutricia’s Luxuries store, “The first time I set up my shop was almost a year ago. I have moved from my first location. Where we are now has been up since the middle of November.” Since last summer, sales “have really improved.”

The store has mainly family items on the first floor, and gothic ones upstairs. “Kids clothes, I try to keep them not so fluffy, more to the elegant side, with a touch of neko, grunge maybe. The adult-sized accessories and shoes, are more to the gothic side.” Besides clothing, “I sell teddy bears, both kids and grown ups buy them, hats ... lots of shoes.” Her best selling items are, “the kids’ outfits and my L's shoe collection, and themed teddy bears, such as Christmas, etc.” Her newest item, “I have recently released a pair of death dolls, covered in barbed wire.”

Lutricia says she met a variety of people in Second Life. Among the good, the people at the Mystery sim, “I have meet some great friends at the Queen of Hearts, very caring and loyal.” She eventually got a position there, “I am the manager of events at Queen of Hearts.” How does she find managing, “It is fun, I enjoy it. I produce the schedule of the week, then assign hosts and trainees to their roles. All host report back to me, I look after them, answer questions, etc., help if needed.” Valentine’s Day went very well for Mystery, “We noticed a big increase in traffic, and it is great for Valentine’s Day, romantic themed. Well, great for any day but extra good for that. :) “

At one point in the interview, Lutricia ran off, zipping away in a dust cloud and appearing on the other side of the store, “Hehe, sorry. I have this flight helper. If you touch the arrow keys twice, you go through walls, hehe.”

Lutricia’s Luxuries and Mystery have some cross-advertising of one another, “it is an idea from Tygeria. We will try to increase it, it has benefits for us both. She is very supportive to us all.”

Lutricia’s future plans are, “Basically I want to learn more and improve, and buy some more SL time. :)” She also planned on making some group gifts.

Before long, Lutricia had to rush off for something in real life, and so we had to part ways.

“I'm very grateful to all my loyal customers.”

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Here’s Looking at You, Kid

by Bixyl Shuftan

I take an occasional peek at Second Life blogs, among them Sarah Nerd’s. Taking a look in early February, I found something very interesting in the January 28th entry (the article can be found here). It was a way to see what others are looking at in SL, or at least focusing their cursor.

For this, you need the “Advanced” menu at the top of your screen (press Control-Alt-D if it’s not there). Click that, scroll down to “Character,” and seeing the list that brings up, click on “Show Look At,” approximately in the middle.

And after that, you should be seeing at least one three-dimensional cross, which is yours. If there are other avatars, you can see their crosses as well. What the person is doing will affect what color the cross is. For instance, if the cross is gray, nothing is happening. But if the person focused his/her cursor on an object, the cross turns pink. If the viewer is in mouselook, the cross will be yellow.

The obvious advantage to this feature is to let you know if someone is peeping in on something you’re doing, such as virtual intimacy with a friend. But there are other practical uses, such as a storeowner being able to get some ideas on what is drawing the attention of shoppers. And of course it is a fun feature to just simply play around with, alone or with friends.

And no Joan Sweetwater, the cross will not focus on your bosom, unless you’re wearing a necklace or other embellishments in the vicinity. ;-)

Bixyl Shuftan

Friday, February 20, 2009

::Zullay Designs::

There are a couple of really cool fashionable things to do this weekend, including my own fashion show here at the main shop:

Fashion Show "Morpheous Dreams"

Produced by the wonderful Atlantis Modeling Agency, it will start at Noon SLT on Sat Feb 21st. I really hope to see you there!

Because of my insane schedule lately, I wasn't able to get a notice out about my Fashion Week show produced by RUNWAY and held in their lovely tents at Bryant Park. It's an event that is still going on with some awesome designers and I do suggest you attend a show if you have time.

The shows are held daily through Feb 20th from 1pm -4pm SLT, with a boutique area so you can shop for the items you've just seen on the catwalk. These are some major names in the SL fashion biz, so if you're looking for something fun to do.....stop by and catch a show (and say hello to Maggie and Ocean!).

Thursday, February 12, 2009

RUNWAY fashion week 13th - 20th

Bryant Park, Second Life - RUNWAY Magazine, the number one fashion magazine in Second Life, will host it's first Fashion Week. This week of fashion shows will feature a broad range of fashion designers including couture, formal, casual, swimwear and more. Shows will begin on February 13 and run through February 20. A total of 35 designers will be represented in Fashion Week 2009 in 4 to 5 shows daily, beginning at 1 pm PST at RUNWAYs main sim, Bryant Park, in Second Life. In addition to the fashion shows, many of the participating designers will have on-site boutiques, offering designs seen in their shows and there will be gifts offered to attendees by many of the designers.

RUNWAY Magazine will co-sponsor the event with MaxMoney, a newly launched in-world money exchange venture by virtual world entrepreneur, Maximillian March of Max March Industries, Fabulous Fashion, a popular SLCN.TV weekly fashion talk show, hosted by Angie Mornington, and metaLIFE, the creators of a global platform that will connect and empower people worldwide and foster social interactions within virtual worlds.

Designers slated for this years Fashion Week are (UPDATED):
FRIDAY, 2/13
1:00pm preciosity of style designed by Brenda Clellon
2:00pm Kunglers designed by Barbra and AvaGardener Kungler
3:00pm MB-DESIGNS HAUTE COUTURE designed by Moanasyrene Boucher
4:00pm Jador Fashion designed by Ziamela Loon
5:00PM Mashooka Designs designed by Aradhana Voight
1:00pm House of RFyre designed by Raven Pennyfeather
2:00pm PB Collection designed by Patrizia Blessed
3:00pm DE Designs designed by DoC Eldritch
4:00pm Chianera Cioc Couture designed by Chianera Cioc
5:00PM azul designed by Mami Jewell
SUNDAY, 2/15
1:00pm MEB Fashions designed by MariaElena Barbosa
2:00pm ::eLDee:: designed by Lilyana Dryke
3:00pm Bolero Collection designed by Amanda Bolero
4:00pm SWA..::Second Wave Apparel::. designed by Sioxie Legend
MONDAY, 2/16
1:00pm .:MALT:. Fashions designed by Khea Karas
2:00pm Stitch by Stitch designed by Sevenstar Amat
3:00pm LD Couture designed by Laurenn Docherty
4:00pm SPORK designed by GM Nikolaidis
1:00pm Lady Thera designed by Thera Taurog
2:00pm ALB Dream Fashion designed by AnaLee Balut
3:00pm Ambergris Deadly Fashions designed by Ambergris Baphomet
4:00pm Zullay Designs designed by Zullay Thor
1:00pm SYNERGY by OPIUM & OPIUM Everyday designed by Alaska Metropolitan
2:00pm Indyra Originals designed by Indyra Seigo
3:00pm Bdreams Designs designed by Iosune Bade
4:00pm Leezu! designed by LeeZu Baxter
1:00pm Silk & Satyr designed by ThomasD Felisimo and Ever Courtois
2:00pm OC - ORAGE Creations designed by Elettra Gausman
3:00pm Bliss Couture designed by Amutey Decuir
4:00pm Donna Flora designed by Squinternet Larnia
FRIDAY, 2/20
1:00pm Sam's Secret Boutique designed by Samsara Nishi
2:00pm Anubis Style & Addoro designed by Anubis Hartunian and Mew Denimore
3:00pm Anubis Style & Addoro designed by Anubis Hartunian and Mew Denimore
4:00pm Digit Darkes designed by Digit Darkes
5:00pm Baiastice designed by Sissy Pessoa

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The amazing Azul JS

Mami Jewell has done it again with her new gown to be released today.
JS is the perfect gown for an evening out with a special friend, beautifully textured and shaped to give your avatar the perfect outline.
A sexy split down the side temptingly shows your stocking tops.

There are many designers out there in SL but few who understand textures as Mami does this is another gorgeous creation which no woman should be without.
JS is available in 8 colours including my favourite this dark red.
You can visit Azul at joia azul (128, 128, 26)

(Jewelry shown is my own)
Hair by BISH
shoes by STYLES of EDO

Saturday, February 7, 2009

BOSL Boulevard Weddings UnVeiled!!!

What: " Segreti Romantici "
BOULEVARD WEDDINGS 2009 Wedding Fashion Preview
When February 15, 2009
Where: Casbalanca Hotel Crystal Ballroom
Time: Time 1-4 pm Slt

SHH! Want to know a secret?

A select group of the media representatives will be chosen to preview the premiere event of the season. This fashion event promises to be unlike any you have ever experienced. Presenting " Segreti Romantici " the theme for the new BOULEVARD WEDDINGS 2009 Wedding Fashion Preview , brought to you by the most successful wedding planner in SL, Anastacia Markova.
Anastacia has gathered the best Houses of Design in formal fashion . Vici V's, Styles of Edo, House of Rfyre, Stiletto Moody Designs, Muse, Orage, Beauty Avatar, Tres Beau and Imagination, are just a few top designers to be showcased at this not-to-miss event. International Supermodel Mimmi Boa, Ms. Virtual World 2009, will be joined by her husband Mr. SL World 2008 Salvo Waydelich to headline the program. The guest list of this premiere event will be limited to the exclusive designers and members of the media chosen to receive this announcement. A formal invitation will be sent at a future date.
Ms.Markova, has been invited by Frolic Mills, the organizer of The Miss SL Universe Pageant, and owner of the BOSL Boulevard to create and head up *Boulevard Weddings*. BOSL Boulevard is home to some of the most fabulous designers in Second Life so it is not unusual that the Best of Wedding Coordinators would be asked to come to plan such events in the Grandest of Settings.
Anastacia, has been doing glamorous, creative weddings in SL for over a year now, and her expertise and remarkable staff are legendary for being able to create the *perfect dream wedding*.
Her knowledge of traditional, to highly unconventional designs including vintage, high end, cutting edge and awe- inspiring fashion are what sets her apart from other wedding coordinators.
If you would like to be a sponsor to this event and be featured in our Keepsake Program of the most prestigious wedding event to ever hit SL contact Sequoia Nightfire.
Ms. Markova and the models will be available for interviews and photo ops as we end the show with a lavish party.!
Further information may be obtained from Anastacia Markova please send notecard entitled "Boulevard Weddings 2009 Preview" or for model bios or ad pricing please contact Sequoia Nightfire.

Oh and that secret .... well you will have to attend to have that mystery revealed :D It is a "Romantic Secret".
Please R.S.V.P. to secure a V.I.P Spot