Monday, December 28, 2009

Judging Miss Virtual World 2010

Second Life is rife with contests, and the mother of all competitions is Miss Virtual World, a Darwinian beauty pageant that the selects the best dressed, most beautiful avatar and wonderful SL personality from more than 1200 applicants. The contest is sponsored by Best of SL brands, with pageant leadership by BOSL owner Frolic Mills. Miss Virtual World draws in participants from across SL society. The SL press was there in force including SL writer Persia Bravin up on stage emceeing the show with her UK friend Dousa Dragonesh. Even I was down in the front row as one of the contest's judges.

Miss Virtual World 2010, Miaa Rebane is very pretty in pink, shown in Picture 1, in a photo by Veronica Krasner. Miaa tells us the story of her winning bid: "The most fun aspect of competing for MVW also happens to be the best moments I had in this competition. It was the time I spent with the girls, particularly when we were backstage before a show and chatting. I've learnt the importance of friendship and have formed many new bonds. We are all different with different backgrounds, from different countries and cultures, yet we have been able to form a bond, and that for me has been the most fun aspect of the contest." Miaa competed as Miss Puerto Rico. All contestants adopted a home country and appeared in show dance outfits fashioned from native themes. See Miaa's MVW blog and Flikr photos for more of this gorgeous lady:

The grand finale of Miss Virtual World was a grueling affair, as you can imagine. Several hundred avis attended at the 4 sim Patch Thibaud auditorium. Lots of lag, avi, and sim crashes were shared by all. It was kind of a miracle that the contestants, judges, and audience braved through it all. But MVW is much more than the grand lag fest that marks its conclusion.
Picture 2 shows Aris Earnshaw and Kay Fairey, who attended the MVW finale with me in the judge's booth. I was recruited early this year by Frolic to be a MVW judge, one of about a dozen. Through most of 2009, Frolic scheduled contest phases, about 2 per month. Contest phases included rounds such as best designer fashion, best in swimwear, best in formal wear, and judge’s interviews. Through this process, an original 1200 entrants, were down selected to 160, and then 24 candidates participated in the catwalk fashion shows. From those, the top 10 finalists emerged, and then, this final result:

The 4th place finalist: Miss Canada: Natalia Corvale
The 3rd place finalist: Miss Switzerland: Sabine Blackburn
The 2nd place finalist: Miss Bahamas: Devine Hunt
The 1st place finalist: Miss China: Sora Tatham
Miss Virtual World 2010: Miss Puerto Rico: Miaa Rebane

Congratulations to all the contestants and winners! Miss Virtual World is a long process, requiring a lot of support people, such as fashion designers, photographers, SL skin, shape, and hair designers. Several of the contest phases coincided with designer catwalk events, many designers contributed fashions to MVW. In a sense, MVW is an economic engine driving a lot of activity in the high end SL fashion industry. Great appreciation is due to all contestants and their supporters who made MVW their SL career for much of this year.

By Any1 Gynoid

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Winter Fashions

Santa at Lemania's is just
one if the fun experiences I have had today. This Lemania Shopping is so beautiful, full of so many delights, lots of gifts at nice prices. Many many nice shops to chose from. Most helpful models always can answer your questions. I find is such support. Lovely and kind come experience it. 
Breezes Babii

Friday, December 25, 2009

My Precious Events

Agnes Finney “My Precious” designs  is having two special events in the next week. December 26 there will be a 2nd Anniversary Fashion Show with two presentations . One will be at 12:00 and the second at 4:00 so that you can plan your visit. It will be held at the Runway of Dream. There will be a sale after the show of her marvelous gowns. Another important event is the crowning of the My Precious Queen 2009 which will take place on January 2, 2010. All the My Precious Princesses of 2009 will vie for that honor  and will win not only the title but also some marvelous gifts.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

M&M Creations, new releases

wow up to release 7th edition with these body shapes amazing for making sculpt based wear.

Find them all at M&M Creations

Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Fashions

 Fashion Delights to be found at Style Starts Here. If you have ever wanted to spend forever shopping, then Style is for you.
Simone Stern offers you vast array of lovely outfits. I can never come here without buying. The layout of  the shop at first I thought "how will I ever find it all", but there is a big map that pops you right where you want to go and the prices are very reasonable and customer support is available at all time.

Breezes Babii

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Design contest delayed at M&M

Hello All   (Designers, Press, Contestants)

As soon as we announced we would have a Fashion Design Contest, all the residents reacted with enthusiasm.
But unfortunately that wasn't enough;
Due to SL's issues,  'better known & easy'  events and holiday-times we did not receive as many Entry-Forms as we hoped for.
A good Contest with some challenge needs at least 10 Designers !!
We're sad to announce the Contest can't take place on these grounds and we have to 'delay' this great event....
The M&M Creations Fashion Design Contest 2009 will become a NEW YEAR Fashion Design Contest 2010!

A better new year, better SL-performance,  more time for the Designers to create a smashing outfit!!
You can still pick up an entry form and take your time creating something amazing!

We wish you all Happy Holidays, take good care and we'll be happy to meet next year!

Thank you all for your support!!
Most Regards
10 & Marcthur Goosson

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fashion Gifts for Guys

I found some great holiday gifts for your favorite guys at Soho Menswear, located on Hyades (216, 207, 28).
For under $100L you can get a knitted hat and scarf in a variety of colors. For a bit more, you can get custom shirts in a variety of colors, including some with added bling to them. The fancy shirts would be great for a New Yeaŕs Eve party. For only $55L you can buy a silk neck scarf to dress up a more traditional shirt.
     The shoe selection is very good, too. Snakeskin dress shoes are available in black, brown, and tan. Chucks come in red, brown, green, and a really fun blue SnowStar design. The shoes, hat and scarf set, and sexy meńs briefs are available in gift boxes that can be personalized, too.
     The man behind the designs is Boris Juneberry, a relatively new resident of SL. He came into the scene in February, 2009. Initially he started out with furniture design, but a few months ago he moved into meńs clothing. In RL, the man behind Juneberry is studying graphic design, and he is transferring those skills into SL.
In January, Juneberry plans to expand by adding styles for women.

Grey Lupindo

Thursday, December 10, 2009

New release from M&M

Marc is charging ahead with these incredible body wraps, sculpted shapes to enhance your fashion designs.

Here you can see the 3rd, 4th 5th and 6th editions all released this week

Hows this for 25L at HoWear

Each and every day til 8pm Heidi offers a beautiful outfit. They are intricate designs and a delight to wear.
The item then goes on sale for the original price. The shop is usually packed and you may have to try tp many times but the wait is well worth it. :H womens clothes, goldenbusinessArea5

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

M&M Creations Fashion Design Contest 2009

The Judging will take place WENSDAY DECEMBER 16th at  1 pm PST.
Your designs will be shown for 20 minutes during an informal
gathering. (A closed event; only the jury, press, contestants and
models will be invited)

- The winning Designer will recieve a Voucher of 10.000 linden dollars
to spend at M&M Creations
- An Advertisement Banner for 3 months in the SL-Newspaper (value
10.000 linden dollars)
- The winning Outfit will be displayed at M&M Landing Point  and at
SL-Newspaper PLUS the winner will get an interview for the
Fashion-pages of SLN.

- Use your own textures, colours and amount of attached prims
- It must be a Winter-themed Outfit
- The outfit must contain Sculpties (the more the better)
- NO 'light' may used! ('bright' & 'glow' may used)
- The outfit must be complete with Shoes or anything that covers the feet
- Not too much bare-skin is visible, it is a winter-themed Outfit!
(that doesn't mean you can't be sexy)
- The Outfit must be worn for the Judging. (An avatar-model will do as
well ofcourse!)

-If you manage to make a Couples Outfit,  it will be an advantage
during the judgement!!

Everyone can enter this contest. If you want to show off your skills,
your creativity or want to breakthrough into the huge world of
SecondLife Fashion; grab your chance and submit to this great contest.

And don't forget; HAVE FUN
We're looking forward to see all the creativity and smashing Designs!
Marcthur & 10 Goosson

Monday, December 7, 2009

What to wear this Winter:

IF YOU ADORE HATS OF ALL KINDS, THE COUTURE CHAPEAU is the place you will love to be. The amazing designs of Mardi Gras costumes just fascinate me and the elegant Hats for every occasion from High Society fashion to the beachwear, intricate feathers and amazing textures. There is a bit of everthing  in the shop. Chigadee is such a talented little lady who can design clothing and chapeau like no other. She has won wide acclaim in her 3 years in Second Life.
Chigadee London: "I will be working on a small hat collection inspired by one of the most famous and loved style icons."

Here you see me in her free christmas gift which also comes with an animated fan.

On Monday, December 7 at 6 PM SLT a group of tiny carollers will be visiting Couture Chapeau to sing on the plaza.
They will be there belting their little hearts out for only 10 minutes. So don't delay in getting there to catch this precious performance.
Breezes Babii

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

M&M Creations, new releases

As well as the amazing new suit collar collection and body clothes all three editions I heard that my favourite creature has also been immortalised by Marcthur Goosson!

I have to go and find the brand new DOLPHIN sculpt pack 8 different poses WOW - on my way now :)
"In co-operation with a friend we are creating all kinds of animals, a mix in between fantasy & realistic sculptie animals, all animals released are available with their sculpt maps!!" Said 10 Goosson

I know 10 has been remodelling to make the entrance prettier so this is just the excuse I need to go for a visit:

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My precious launches Winter Romance