Thursday, March 18, 2010

M Fashion Spring Collections

The collections of M Fashion are more BIAB for Designers who want to give this outfit their own name as Designer, add parts, leave out or even extend the collection.

During march more SPRING will follow, Set 2 and the Value Pack, again with more (prim)  clothes, details and Designers 'must have's' .
Already released are the Spring Shoes, the Hairpiece with it's tiny leaves and flowers and a defined subtle bling in their hearts, the Spring Texture-Box and the Basic Set.
What will follow??
Set 2 and the Value Pack of the Spring Collection. You could easily fill a shop with those basics.
And more parts of the Spring Collection like the sculpted prim clothes covered with the sculpted tiny flowers all stitched by hand. Last but nor least a box with the templates.

M Fashion is working hard to get it all done before the end of this month!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Miss D image and other releases

Miss D is M Fashion's latest Full Permissions Outfit based on the lovely expressive fur of Dalmation Dogs. Miss D has the imagination to wear a very D-tail-ed outfit with all black & white with a red
No high heels for the long distances, but just elegant pointed shoes that complete this full outfit.
The box contains;
* A box with all textures used for this outfit FP
* Texture of the Sign for display purposes
* A box with all sculpt maps used and their shade textures
* A box with Full Permissions sculpt maps of the Shoes and their shade textures +  Shoe base & Shoes TenM MissD left & right
* A box with all Clothes (2 underpants, 1 pants, 1 top, 1 undershirt,
1 pair of gloves, 1 jacket, 7 different skirts)
* A box with all prim clothes (Sculpted Wide Collar, sculpted Collar Front, 3 flexible skirts short, 3 flexible skirts long, Flexi Tail, Sculpted belt, Belt & Tail combination, Flexi cuffs left and right)
* A box with all wearable parts to drag on to yourself as complete folder

Again; this outfit is for resell but just mind the TOS-form offered
before you buy Miss D. inworld.

other releases of M&M Creations;
- a full  SCULPTED Female  Avatar Full Permissions with a textured face to display designers outfits or rez fashion on for displaying purposes.
- a REMAKE  of Sculpted Skirts 3rd Edition
- a REMAKE of our sweet little CHERUB Originale with a bronze texture, lightend so a floor-shade!!
- Blankets 3rd Edition for soft and warm nights during this harsh winter
- TenM Shoes with 2 variations and straps with a tiny buckle
- The 1st Edition of sculpted Bustles
- Builder Pack of an Antique Secretary Desk
- a 2nd Edition of Belts & Straps

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Keeping 'Abreast' of the SL News

It seems Redgrave's has come out with, of all things, breast enhancers, implants if you will. 
 Breast Enhancers...What Will They Think of Next???
 One may wonder, do we NEED breast enhancers? We can pretty much take care of that with ava adjustments and skins, can't we?

I took a stroll over to the Redgrave's shop where they have truly the most gorgeous skin...very pricey, however. 
 The breast enhancers were...ahem...front and center... as you enter the women's skins showroom. 

What a lark it was buying new skin and new boobs! Never in my dreams did I imagine I would be thinking about enhancing my boobs!
 Oh!  in the name of research, the things we will do! 

The "enhancers" are $L250 but you must have Redgrave skin or they won't work properly. 
The enhancers come in 4 different sizes:  01 Bra Maximizer, 02 StarBurst, 03 Natural Blessed and 04 Spectacular. 

LADIES....your boobs await you!

By Shellie Sands