Thursday, February 28, 2008

Favourite Find!

'I am about to wear my laser mouse out, but I’m having fun. Cinder is classy, sexy, chic and attitude all wrapped up together in one nice little package. This also has several wearable options as well. I also included a few different layer options for more versatility when mixing and matching.
Includes: Jacket (as Jacket or Top), Pants (as Pants or Undies), Capris (as Pants or Undies), Shoulder Sculpts, Sculpted Capri Cuffs with flex ties and Sculpted Pant Flares.'

Next stop DE Designs this new release is full of attitude and so many different options, who could resist!
Click HERE to go to the main store

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

photoLIFE Brings Next Generation Photography to Second Life!

Three months ago OomPoppaMowMow Snookums was visiting a friend who was complaining about difficulties she was experiencing with her current photo studio. Having considerable experience with building homes in Second Life he decided to look into the problem to see if it was something he could help with. Seeing some immediate issues with his friends' studio he attempted to contact the creator and offer his assistance in addressing the problems. Sadly the creator of that studio did not respond to his offer.
After doing research with several photographers and photo studio owners, OomPoppaMowMow Snookums armed himself with statistics on photo studio requirements then started the creation of his own unique studio, now known as photoLIFE.
His goal was to build a photo studio unlike any other in Second Life. He would handle all the scripting and building himself leaving nothing to chance. This would allow him to make certain all scripting was done to his exacting details. The studio boast a 21 scene memory, a dual mode pose stand (singles and couples), and the addition of the alpha layer backdrop. The first of its kind in Second Life.
In the world of the internet, if you build it they will only come if you tell them you exist. His photoLIFE studio is being promoted in world and out. The ability to buy his studio on the SLEX and onRez is allowing this phenomenal product reach more and more people.
This amazing studio is now available to the public and can be seen and experienced in person at photoLIFE, Hale ukana (34, 29, 753). To discover just how different photography can be in Second life, visit the site or contact OomPoppaMowMow Snookums for a demonstration of all of the photoLIFE OM-10's amazing features.
Be sure to read the article in the next issue of The Best of SL featuring a full length interview with the creator himself.
OomPoppaMowMow Snookums says, "remember LIFE is good".
Interview Contact: OomPoppaMowMow Snookums photoLIFE, Hale ukana (34, 29, 753)
Reporter: Cherie Parker

Monday, February 25, 2008

Simone - Style Starts Here

This month saw the opening of Simone Sterns new sim Style Starts Here and what a construction! As soon as you land you can see exactly what you are looking for, the layout is innovative and practical as well as being stylish, but could you expect any less!
With over 500 new designs all mainly priced under L$250 this new sim is fantastic.
Simone is also retiring a lot of her formals and bridals that she is so well known for, most are now 1/2 price at the Main Location.

Here you can see a couple of the new releases these look so good you might want to consider wearing them on the outside!
One part of this job I hate - going to look at new designs - I just can't help spending and the daywear range here was too good to resist take a look for yourself and see if you fare any better than I did!

RFyre's Newest Release for Women, AKHU

"I will not be triumphed over." ~Cleopatra

Akhu (Akh, Khu, Ikhu) - This was the immortal part, the radiant and shining being that lived on in the Sahu, the intellect, will and intentions of the deceased that transfigured death and ascended to the heavens to live with the gods or the imperishable stars.
Comes complete with:

* Webbed halter top
* Glitch pants and skirt
* Prim flowing skirt
* Prim collar and headdress
* Prim hair
* Prim arm bands

Available in Black or White - click here to go to House of Rfyre

Sunday, February 24, 2008

My way ? (by a faithful reader)

I know that there is no choice as I load the next items photo to slexchange... this is the only show on the block. I want to get the word out more about my items and that means selling them on the web and the place where that can happen in Lindens and Pay pal is
I had been a member for many years -- I listed my skins and a few other items and never tried to do much more than that.

Never bought a "feature" or paid for the front page banner or highlighting but after having great success with my clothes and hair inworld I decided I would feature a few items.

I watched the page flutter in seconds to change and saw the items that were pasted in small thumbnails on the main Slexchange page. I could see the adult items if I signed in and said I was an adult .. and of course already having posted my skins and the nude pictures on the mature or adult pages I could see that difference but it seemed the more I looked at Avatar sets and skins on the general "G" rated page -- the less of difference I saw.

Yes I could sell my skins and avatars with little problem by simply fogging out the private parts... Well I would be more in my line and instead of just fog I would cover her privates with snakes and scarabs.. I do Egyptian after all.

Sales were going along swimmingly and then suddenly I was getting non sufficient funds notices.

But wait -- I was just on SL exchange. I had never taken any money OUT of SL exchange. I had made money in sales and I just saw the posting that said I Did have funds. I watched as SLexchange took the money for the ad. Where was it going??

I didn't understand that SLexchange would continue to take money from my account for featured items I had posted. I mean I clicked the "just for one week at $L899.00. Why then was I getting emails that said I had depleted my funds.

I wrote for support help. I reread. Until I found a "hidden" clause. SlEx would AUTOMATICALLY take money out for MORE WEEKS.. if I didn't click DISCONTINUE this feature.

Awwww there was a trick.
The only for one week was bogus. And that meant I had to be careful from then on.
Then one day I got a review as I continued to post features and learn about what worked on Slexchange one day I got a review.

I don't know -- this guy just didn't now his facts and IMing him back was kind of like talking to someone who was sure the aliens built the pyramids But all and all I was happy some one was looking and people were buying my Cleopatra Goddess Avatar Set on SL exchange Main "G" rated page that I was paying a lot for every week to be seen.

Life went on and I snaked out more Goddess avatar sets and sold some here and there and made sure to CLICK the Discontinue and watched my profits grow but still did not take any money out-- till one day I cant remember how much -- a couple Linden thousands I tried to deposit into my SL account ... but it never showed. It showed that I had lost L$2000.00 but not in Sl as a addition to my account there.

I wrote (again) slexchange. They wrote me back telling me how it was a second life problem and they did -- and they DID adjust it.

I resolved to figure out another way to get my funds from SLexchange in the future .. since this was not going to be reliable.

BUT suddenly one night -- actually it was solstice... I was posting some little holiday outfits I had made.. uploading little photos and watching them appear when about 11:30 PM sl time I saw every single item get checked to ADULT. Now if you work in slexchange at all you know what this means. I had over one hundred items and that's a lot of unclicking.

Lots of hair and jeans and this and that that were not adult. No idea why this had suddenly happened. After all the Holiday outfits were not revealing .

I had no time to go back and unclick so I wrote a letter to them about this suggesting I was not "hacker safe" who could possibly be working this late on SLExchange and make such a radical mistake at me but some hacker? No reply ...I went on with the holidays occasionally checking my items and did notice that every time I tried to at least FIX my FEATURED items (remember we are paying nearly one thousand lindens dollars a week to run a feature .. were checked as they should be -- main page items...
And then the worst of it came .. Every item I had set for only a week sent me a bill and TOOK my money to pay for another week and then another. But I checked Not to renew. I rechecked and rechecked not to renew And then I wrote and I told them of the billing and rebilling and the checking and the making all my items adult and my being unable to get any benefit from any of the money I had paid for the ads since they were not posted on general pages and were reposted on mature and I was rebilled again ....

They fired me ...they said my Cleopatra avatar exposed her buttocks.... they took all my money I made on Sl after paying them for all those ads I didnt ask for .. and then they fired me........they finally answered one of my emails after a month of going "WHAT THE HE** is THIS??" I saw many buttocks exposed and I put snakes all over to hide privates.
They said I was hostile and threatening and would not pay me back
And that they had told me time and time again that they had had to answer me about a lot of things time and time again. And that once they HAD to set everything to ADULT it went right to default which meant unless you find the HIDDEN CLICK to make sure they didn't run your ad again and take your money again -- that they would do so. I limped away feeling very bad .. they are after all the ONLY game in town ... And I told some friends ....who said that if this was true about Cleopatra's buttocks then WHY had they let it be a feature I posted and paid for on G pages for so long? And why was this ad showing torture devices on G page pulling that Females Privates out? (only covered by a bare torture device)? And why had no one told me sooner -- or at least said -- "HEY! CLEO's BUTTS OUT"!?? After all had she not been on the pages making them commission for many months now?
Sort of like hiding the click here if you really really want it for only a week -- other wise we will revert everything to default and take all your money..... But when they are the only in town who gets to choose?

Well now that I am free I have decided to get everything I can on what happened to me and from others with SL exchange (Dates and figures) and make it clear that this only game in town needs to play fair.. then I think finding others who will come play against them is the next step!

Friday, February 22, 2008

New releases and sales this week...............

New at Blooberry are these delightful sets of undies consisting of asymmetrical tank top and matching shorties available in 5 pastel shades.
You can grab these (and a lot of other bargains) for the next couple of days for 50% off but you will need to hurry as the sale ends on sunday!

Click here to visit

Also releasing underwear this week is Rebel hope with the Lalique bra and panty sets they are available in 8 yummy sexy colors and are also available in packs by pastels or jewel tones at a discounted price. Delicate bows and ruffles finish off these beautiful pieces.

Click here to check them out

And to cover it all? maybe these new Coats, Army-style in 4 colors, olive navy, black and brown or there's a fatpack with all the colors.
the coats feature prim cuffs, sculptie collar, flexi coat base
All at the 'Canimal' Main Store.
Analog Dog this week released 3 new hair styles all fully flexi Jasmyn, Tesa and Rain. I love the curls of the first 2! All are available in a multitude of colours
Check them out HERE

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Designs from Nyre Gray of Caliber

I have wrote a lot about Caliber over the last week but mainly about the sim Rivendell today I want to tell you about one of the designers Nyre Gray. Nyre's partner Aurelius makes the most fantastic furniture and I will show you some of that at another time. I spoke to Nyre and asked her about her Second Life experience and her unique designs:

Nyre Gray: I came into Second Life, in October of 2006, and I didn't get it at all, I hung out at the newbie port flying a bit. I finally figured out that there were actually sims, and then of course shopping. It took about a month before I didn't want to pay anymore, and started to build my own line.

December 2006 is the first time I began to build, Dana.
I heard about Second Life through a really good friend of mine, and he encouraged me to come out, look, see if I liked Graphic three -D programs, and thus, here I am.

Dana: How would you describe your designs?

Nyre: I would describe my designs as a reflection of my personality and character. We support Modern. Elven,Western, Victorian, Medievul, and Fantasy RPG RolePlay Sim. I designed serval gowns with a veil for the Gorean woman, and her modesty.

The gowns are detailed and well thought out, the textures to die for without the veil the gowns make an amazing unusual evening dress wearable anywhere. Nyre is about to retire some of her older designs and these can be found on sale just up the main staircase.

If you haven't discovered Calibers store yet take a look!
If the sim is worth seeing for its sheer beauty the gowns are worth seeing for their originality and wealth of detail.

Visit Today


Monday, February 18, 2008

Nekorifik- The New Cat’s Meow

by: Lucy Halberd

It’s hard enough to find a good neko or grunge themed store in SL, but to find one with a touch of femininity and amazingly fair prices is a whole other ballgame. On January 30, 2008, Lawra Fredrickson did just this for us lost neko/grunge fans by opening Nekorifik!

Lawra first began her venture by renting some shop space in various malls throughout SL, but she soon found that there just weren’t enough prims to house her ever-expanding clothing line. Thus, her newest store location was born! Located in Neo, Nekorifik has an open, welcoming atmosphere from the moment you arrive. The store is set up in such a way that you can see all of your selections right in front of you. No pesky signs or space fillers to get in your way.

When you first teleport to her store, you see a wide open area in which you can sit and chat with your friends. Soon, Lawra will be holding weekend events complete with live DJs and contests! She also hopes to create a selection for those men out there including shirts, pants, shoes, necklaces, and more! Once you step inside, you can see that each item is offered in a rainbow of colors, which she has very cleverly chosen names for. “All of the clothes kind of have a theme....for the names anyway. The names are fruits, kind of silly, but fun! So instead of colors, I call them 'flavors'.” I jokingly asked Lawra what happens when she runs out of fruit names. “I've made up some pretty unique fruits on my own already,” laughing for a moment before adding, “Choccoberry and pepperberry are two of them.”

How did you come up with the name for your business?
There are so many neko shops where the shop name has nothing to do with neko. I wanted it to be easily found in search.

What made you want to open it?
Well, I started making things for myself first. Then my friends asked me why I didn't start selling them. I hadn't really thought about it until then. So, I rented a few shops at a couple of malls and things started selling pretty well, but you run out of prims and room pretty quickly at small mall shops, which led me to opening this new store.

What audience is your merchandise geared most towards?
I guess mostly neko, which is where it all started, but it seems to be moving towards punk/grunge as well. I think those all kind of run together anyways.

Is it hard to come up with new ideas for your shop?
Not yet! I've got all sorts of ideas floating around; it's just hard to find the time to make them all!

How often do you create new merchandise?
Well, the last couple of weeks I've had something new up every other day or so.

What is your current big seller?
The new hoody I just put out is really popular, as well as the V-neck halter. Hopefully this dress soon! Lol

Do you plan on having any regular specials?
All the time! I love sales!

What kind of sales do you think you'll have?
Next weekend, actually, I have a 1/2 off sale planned and I’m working on a buy one get one free sale once things settle down!

Lawra is hoping to someday offer custom orders and personalization on her items if time allows. She is also toying with the idea of offering a members only freebie once a month to members of her group. If you’d like to join the Nekorifik group for updates and information on her merchandise as well as event notices, you can join one of two ways. Either stop by her store located at and click on the spinning object near the entrance to receive a group invite, or you can simply type “Nekorifik” into the groups search bar and join that way. Another great way to find out what’s new with Nekorifik is to check out Lawra’s blog at


The Ewing Fashion Agency and the Amsterdam real-world based Artist Advice fashion promotions agency pool their creative vision to realease a unique real-world, Second Life fashion event.
At 11.30 AM SLT on the 25th of February 2008, the Ewing Fashion Agency and the Amsterdam-based real-world talent managers, The Artist Advice will hold a simultaneous real-world and Second Life fashion show called First Fusion. The show in Amsterdam will be held at the uber fashionable De Balie on the world-famous Leidseplein, where as the Second Life event will take place on the sim of the event's premiere sponsor, First Meta. First Fusion is one of the few simultaneous real-world/Second Life shows that have been attempted because of their sheer complexity. First Fusion will be filmed for Fashion 360 Television and presents a look at the world through the seasons in different parts of world, cultures and ethnicities. The show, featuring the new and innovative collection of the Amsterdam-based fashion house Femis Fashion represents an exciting new development in the fusion between real-world fashion and Second Life fashion and has been made possible by four talented SL designers - Nicky Ree, Aphrodite Outlander, Sysy Chapman and EFA Design Awards finalist, Indira Bekkers.
First Fusion's main sponsor, First Meta, will be creating a setting that captures, the atmostphere and charm of the real-world setting of Amsterdam and De Balie. The Artist Advice will take care of the real life part in Amsterdam, where the people will be able to no only watch the live show, but also enjoy a live stream of the Second Life show, which will be broadcasted by Meta.Live.Nu on a big screen and via De Balie's internet site.
Ewing Fashion Agency's CEO commented, "This is really an exciting development for fashion in Second Life and for Femis Fashions and we are proud to be part of the event development team". To receive further event information and landmarks, or real -life location address, please join our in-world group called the EWING EVENTS VIP LIST.
Information about the Ewing Fashion Agency: Ewing Fashion Agency (EFA) is a fresh, energetic, dynamic and industry focused fashion promotions agency founded by Una Ewing, specialised in the development, creation and management of business and PR and marketing solutions, concepts and promotional campaigns for real-world and Second Life fashion designers and professionals.
Information about The Artist Advice: The Artist Advice is an artist management agency founded in Amsterdam in 2005 by Jennifer Delano. Today, the team consists of seven motivated employees who energetically manage the development and careers of hundreds of artists.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentines New releases and sales

Bluebell has opened a new branch at Grafton Plaza, and to celebrate, is giving a 50% discount on 2 of the Valentine Dresses Red and Purple, and 50% off the matching Valentine shoes!

This discount will be available until Feb 13 10:30pm (SLT)
Add to your evening gown collection...Be Mine!! by Shelly LeMay it is accented with golden hearts and silver.
'My regular customers have loved these shoes in gold and silver, and now per request i present.....Diva Steps in Black!!!'

Only one Jewelry has just released a very special version of her birth stone rings in a male and a female version.
Order your own ring in store or by direct advance pay and receive it in a wonderfully heart shaped flip box.
The rings are enhanced with **mood colors**. When you click on it you can change the color of the wide band side and/or the color of the small band side into any of 64 color combinations.
The price of a first ring is 695. When you order 2 rings, the second ring comes at 395.
You can have a custom SHORT message included. When you wear the ring, it also "says" the message to the ring barer. This customization and the heart shaped flip box are free of charge. But please order in time. First come, first serve.
Diversity Hair is having a special Valentines Day SALE!!! The Sale starts now with 3 random packs from EVERY hairstyle in the store marked down to 75%!! EVERY hairstyle has 3 random packs marked down including the MENS styles!
Also there is one color of every outfit/dress marked down 75%!! For those who have come by the last two releases and picked up the new items that were marked down, I have changed the previously marked down packs to normal and selected 3 different packs to be marked down just for this sale!!

Kay'lee creations brings you 2 specials for that special day both 1/2 price until Valentines day!
Precious Puddin in 9 colors
HardLee Silks in 7 colors

Click the picture to teleport to the stores

Monday, February 11, 2008


Svarga, created by Laukosargas Svarog Its mentioned by name in every published book about SL that I have ever read, they are in countless profiles, and is the closest thing to national parks that SL has.

And yet, rumor has it that it may be lost. It breaks my heart to think that this might happen.

Who hasn't gone to Svarga to wonder at the architecture and "otherworldliness" of it?

I am sure the technology exists to preserve this place, lovingly built for no reason other than as an expression of creativity.

Go visit and marvel again at the wonderful place created by brilliant minds before it is lost forever....

By Isolde Flamand

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Why be a merchant on Wish Isle ?

I am inviting you to Wish Isle as a Wish Isle Merchant!

These are our Exceptional Advantages and cool Attractions;
Pyramid: L$150 per Week 25 to 35 prims
Beach : L$ 25 per week 15 prims
1. Open TP access to anywhere on Sim
2. Open rental Policy - X rated is preferred to 3rd floor and beach Rental Booths
3. Booths are located inside Pyramid and On the Nile beach
And still MORE Merchants Amenities:
* Best Biggest EGYPT in SL*
First Month FREE to those who rent for two or more months.
* Direct TP DEVICE to Those who rent more than ONE BOOTH.
* Wildest train ride all over under and thru the Sim. (20 minutes long)
* Complex, elegant Sim that utilizes all aspects with Upper and lower levels.
* Romantic Swan Ride thru out the Pyramid while you shop. FREE!
* Lots of buried treasures thru out the sim - Freebies.
* Privacy Sex Tents and Romance Poses on beaches all over sim.
* Surfing, Sunning,Paddling,Sailing, and Water Slides.
* Passenger Egyptian Boat takes you all around the sim.
* Party Areas with "In House DJ" Claire Engel - to be planned & you can book her for your own personal events.
* Egypt Gods & Godesses Museum with Freebies.
The Hottest Designers And Merchants in Sl which also create lots of automatic traffic for you!
Sim Administrator;Wishedon Pasteur; Owner
Managers: Claire Engel (DJ) and Kitto Flora (Ride Creator)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Skirting the Issue

I am something of a trousers wearer in SL. There’s a stunning frock or two in the Cortes wardrobe but I reach most often for the trusty denim. It’s partly because I know that when I sit down I’m going to end up exposing rather unlovely but necessary “glitch” pants beneath my lovely prim skirt. Don’t these glitch pants remind you of lurid 100% lycra sportswear haunting RL gyms? I also have to fight off flashbacks to my grandmother’s washing line in rural Ireland, circa 1973. So, when Dana sent me to explore scripted skirts, and after she explained that she wasn’t talking about the ones favoured by exotic dancers, I got all excited.

I wound up at NU Gear, the home of the recently launched Intelliskirt. This script promises the wearer to walk run, sit and fly whilst wearing a natural looking skirt. No more watching the fabric of your skirt drop through the bottom of your seat. No more unsightly glitch! What’s more, there are various purchase options available with the Intelliskirt. A single use costs L$50 or you can buy a multi use version for L$200. Considering that multi scripts for similar products cost L$2000, it seems a steal.

I rush home with my purchase, determined to revolutionise my wardrobe. Ten minutes later in the privacy of my own home, I am convinced of my own ineptitude. The instructions for inserting a script into a modifiable skirt seem simple enough but, drag as I might, the script doesn’t want to drop into my chosen prim skirt. Luckily, a friend responds to my whining IM and tells me to rezz the skirt, edit the linked parts and drop the notecard and script into the root prim. So now I possess a scripted skirt and I know what a root prim is. SL is educational!!

Once the skirt is fitted, the Intelliskirt does exactly what it promises and the most arduous part is the rotating and positioning for all of your positions. However, this will be child’s play to anyone who has spent an afternoon fiddling with the position of a shoe. Just don’t try it while you have an important IM conversation going on!

Encouraged but cautious, I venture out to explore other skirt scripts. Many are personal creations of the clothes designers and some scripts are copiable to other skirts. But I must say that I didn’t find one that seemed to allow the same flexibility to my skirts. So, all in all, I am impressed, but I’m still not moving out of my trousers for good. One of the remaining drawbacks is that with multi-pose HUDs, a scripted skirt is limited to one sit or one sit ground pose at a time. Change your sit pose and your skirt still retains the programmed sit position. Exposing those lovely glitch pants. Hmmm.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wishdon shows at the EDGE

Wishedon gave another Smashing fashion show this year with her newest skins, sexy from Egypt and hair styles and this one was at the EDGE!
Deede Debs manager working true magic and creating the perfect showcase for designers at the EDGE every other saturday for her venders!!
Weeeeee...!! Models; men and women wearing the hottest designers outfits, gowns, skins, hair & Shoes wear the creations and walk/dance at the Edge on the floor. This past Saturday was Wishedon's Egyptian Gowns, Casual and her select Egyptian Men's Wear!
Each model wore a God/Goddess Skin and Shape and the newest in her Hair lines... Midnight on the Nile and MoonChild Collections.
Look to the Edge to lead in fashion shows, with Deede Debs, the soul and heart of fashion on Secondlife!
It is Happening with new designers/vendors every other Saturday at the Edge!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

SL Illustrated Bid for a Model Event

On February 16, 2008 at 9am slt, SL Illustrated is hosting an event called "Bid for a Model", 100% of the proceeds in this event will be donated to the WarChild International Network.

Warchild International sponsored in-world by Rosalie Rothlisberger, is a network of independent organizations, working across the world to help children affected by war. The organization is founded upon the fundamental goal of advancing the cause of peace through investing hopes in lives of children caught up in the horrors of war. More information about this organization can be found at
In this event, SL models will be auctioned to the highest bidder for an opportunity to have a minimum of 2 hours dance at the SLI Angels Club which is being managed by Alyssa Masala. To ensure clean fun the event will be chaperoned by AngelEyes3 Jewell and the outstanding SLI Security headed by Smee Oh
Contact : Ariel Lingiuan, SL Illustrated

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Worst Fashion Show Ever

Click to enlarge