Saturday, February 20, 2010

M&M monthly fashion set release:

Once a month an exclusive set of fashion sculpts will be composed and sold for 1 week. These starter-sets are a great help for your creations.
No need to walk around for hours and teleports to several places to compose sets yourself and spend too much lindens. No need to buy a box with 17 skirt-shapes, if you only need 1.
These sets will contain the full permissions sculpt maps of all parts and their shade-textures besides a complete rez to work with.

This Full Permissions Outfit is for resell purposes on the following Terms;

The OUTFIT of this box may be resold as Modify & Copy Outfit, without
all sculpt maps and textures!!!
You may change all it's contents, leave out or add items.

You may NOT;
* This box may not be given away or resold like it is and bought in
SecondLife or any other Grid under any circumstances.
* Textures, Sculpt Maps, Shade-textures encloded in this box may NOT
be given away or resold under any circumstances.

This box contains;
* a box with all textures used on this outfit free of copyright
* Texture of the Board for display purposes
* a box with all sculpt maps used and their shade-textures, 44 sculpt maps
* a box with all shaded textures used on the sculpts
* a box with FullPermissions sculpt maps of the Shoes, their shade
textures and shaded textures, 6 sculpt maps
* an 'outfit-box'  to unpack and drag on yourself as folder to see it
all rezzed on yourself
* Shoe base
* Sculpted Shoes Jeanne left & right
* Shirt
* Underpants/undies
* Leather pants
* Chainmail jacket short and open
* Chainmail jacket long and rough
* Sculpted Prim Leg warmers made of sculpted sleeves
* Sculpted Prim ApronRag/Skirt
* Sculpted prim belt
* Sculpted prim Knife
* Resized Sculpted prim Belt & Knife
* Sculpted prim Breastplate
* Sculpted prim collars, 3 kinds!
* Sculpted prim Armor Sleeves
* Sculpted prim Hoodie
* Sculpted prim Kerchief
* Sculpted prim Optional textured Veil
* Mixed prim flexi Cloak
* Brestplate combined with Collars
* Breastplate combined with Cloak
* Prim Flexi Banner

For any questions about this manual, Please send 10 Goosson a Notecard

This set is only available for 1 week pick yours up HERE

Breezes Shopping

Hello oh shoppers for red. 
Hahah well Bree found brilliant gown at Nicky Ree's Tropical store I could not resist it and thought I should like to show you all.  
Also I want to tell you she has for 50L a gown for members called Candy also in a deep red. If you want to drape yourself in elegance this is one of the places I go.
Breezes Babii

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Precious Valentine hunt

Friday, February 5, 2010

M&M sculpt tutorial 3

This tutorial is a big step forwards and still easy to follow for all who would like to create advanced textures with
shade for the more complex sculpted prims in-world.
It is based on Fashion-Sculpties, but all knowledge can be used for all sculpted prims and even for regular prims.
Much more tools of the Grapic Program are used and to use your textures in-world you need some building skills and experience!!
Friday February 5th at Book-Island 12 PM SLT
Sunday February 7th at Moolto-Island 12 PM SLT

Monday, February 1, 2010

New releases from M&M

Sculpted clothing wow