Thursday, March 18, 2010

M Fashion Spring Collections

The collections of M Fashion are more BIAB for Designers who want to give this outfit their own name as Designer, add parts, leave out or even extend the collection.

During march more SPRING will follow, Set 2 and the Value Pack, again with more (prim)  clothes, details and Designers 'must have's' .
Already released are the Spring Shoes, the Hairpiece with it's tiny leaves and flowers and a defined subtle bling in their hearts, the Spring Texture-Box and the Basic Set.
What will follow??
Set 2 and the Value Pack of the Spring Collection. You could easily fill a shop with those basics.
And more parts of the Spring Collection like the sculpted prim clothes covered with the sculpted tiny flowers all stitched by hand. Last but nor least a box with the templates.

M Fashion is working hard to get it all done before the end of this month!