Monday, December 31, 2007

RELAY is on its way

Announcing the Relay for Life, Clothing Fair 2008
The much anticipated Relay for Life, Clothing Fair will be opening it’s doors March 17, and run thru March 23, 2008.
Jam packed with live music, treasure hunts… and fashion shows this year’s fair features 80 of SL’s premier designers!
Kicking off this years Relay for Life Fundraiser will be a multi-sim St. Patrick’s Day celebration and running 24/7 until the doors close on the 23rd.
Did I say Multi-Sim? I did, didn’t I. With names like BeWitched, Armidi, Callie Cline, Rebel Hope, Nicky Ree, Awesome Designs, Aitui, Sherona DeGroot, Rfrye, Nocturnal Threads, Barefoot Designs, RPD, DE Designs, Night & Day, Mischief, Goth1c0, way too many to list… what choice did we have!
This year’s concept, spearheaded by Pips Fetid and Nevar Lobo spans five sims to ensure low lag, positive shopping experience.
So mark your calanders, check events, and save your Lindens. Come stroll the seasons and help us “Celebrate, Remember, Fight Back”.
We can make a difference! Until there's a cure, there's Relay for Life.

This year’s event is being sponsored by Second Style Magazine, The M2 Fashion Angels and the

Sunday, December 30, 2007


DATE: Sunday, December 30, 2007
TIME: 10:00 am SLT
Pigra -- The Twin Towers Mall will host a gala Grand Opening of their facility by presenting a Holiday Fashion Show at the official opening of this elite satellite shopping location.
The spectacular fashion show brings together, on one runway an elite group of the some of the most influential designers in SL.

Designs from Lexi Watkin of Formal Affair, Rockwell Maltz of The Made Men, Woozie Gumshoe of Woozie's Creations, and Montana Corleone of Mode Provencale will be featured in grand holiday style amidst the work of Denise Domela of Paradise Landscaping.
Ring in the true holiday season with Twin Towers Mall and join in the celebration.

TWIN TOWERS MALL HOLIDAY SHOW is presented by TWIN TOWERS and produced and choreographed by Rusch Raymaker of Avenue Inc.
For questions regarding TWIN TOWERS, please contact Maggie Mahoney (Marketing Consultant, Sand Castle Studios)

Mannequin Model Search part 2

And The Winners are...
#3 Aleida Rhode
#2 Alize Decosta
#1 Wynter Kidd

But because the voting was so tight as all were wonderful models a special honor was handed out to the other 6 hopefuls .....Deuce Barthelmess, Davey Hullabaloo, Polaris Benelli, Emma Arbizu, Mcooter Graves and Turlututu Chaffe....they are all now models with Mannequin.

Congratulations to all involved. We should be seeing them all within the next few weeks as they start their new careers in SL by showing us the latest styles.

Photo by reporter Dashwood Dayafter

Friday, December 28, 2007

Path Cut? Hollow? Shear?

If you don't know what all these terms mean, consider taking a building class.
I recently dropped in on an ASL class called "Building Rustic Covered Wagons" taught by Sunn Thunders. The students were spread out around the instructor, who gave them easy to follow step-by-step directions:

Sunn Thunders: Change the SIZE of this box to X=4.5, Y=2.5, and Z=0.2. Lower this piece into the bottom of the sideboards to form the floor of the bed.
Look for the BUILDING BLOCK TYPE under the right side of the Object tab in the Build window. Change the BUILDING BLOCK TYPE to CYLINDER using the pop-up menu.
Next, HOLLOW this cylinder to 95 to make it as thin as possible.
Now for some fancy magic...
We are going to reshape this cylinder further by cutting part of it away.
Look for the PATH CUT under the right side of the Object tab in the Build window. Change the PATH CUT to B=0.15 and E=0.85. Watch how a portion of the cylinder gets cut away.
Look for the TOP SHEAR under the right side of the Object tab in the Build window. Change the TOP SHEAR as follows: X=0.5. Watch as one side of the cylinder gets pulled off center.

I watched as plywood boxes became covered wagons all around the building area. Its fascinating to realize that YOU have the power to create just about anything. Take a class—learn some new skills.
Sunn Thunders teaches for the Academy of Second Learning (ASL), but there are plenty of classes around.

by Isolde Flamand

Monday, December 24, 2007

A 'HUG' Debut

On Saturday morning I was summoned to the strangest debut I have ever seen.
I arrived to find a HUG fest going on, totally confused I asked Eymerich Lane what on earth (or SL) was going on, he gave me the following notecard:
Announcing the Winter Solstice release of Amandote!, a stunning new jewelry collection from Random Calliope. The Amandote! set consists of a necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring and will be available in 18 collectible colors. Possibly even more exciting then the news that Random is again releasing is the fact that this set has a price that everyone can afford. A complete set of this delicious jewelry costs exactly one hug, not a single linden need be spent. This is a gift that celebrates the season by propagating goodwill, love, and beauty from person to person.
Inspired by the Latin rhythms of the salsa, Amandote! is the perfect way to commemorate the Winter Solstice this December 22nd. The heat, spice, and passion that are inherent in the music and dance of the salsa will take the chill out of this, the longest, darkest night of the year. The Winter Solstice is that point in the earth's cycle when the descent into winter is halted and the expectation of spring begins to blooms again. In essence the Winter Solstice is a celebration of hope and rebirth and following that sentiment, Random gives to SL the gift of Amandote! May the hope for a better tomorrow flow through you all as you embrace your fellow man in friendship today and through out the year to come.
Come celebrate with us on Saturday morning, December 22, 2007 from 8-10 am slt at Popeye's Beach Club. Random will be on site giving out hugs to one and all. So please do join us, collect a hugger, and begin embracing those around you. The more you love, the more love, and jewelry, you receive!
If you can't make the debut of ¡Am├índote! on Saturday morning you will be able to pick up the hugger animation at either WorthWhile or Popeye's Beach Club at your leisure.

Locations to obtain hugger animation:
WorthWhile ~
Popeye's Beach Club ~

I couldn't stop smiling after reading this and looking around at all the hugging going on, it was a sight to behold. I sent Random an IM telling him so :) and asking him one question - WHY?
this was his answer:
Random Calliope: A hug is the right way to make people remember they're loved
dana Vanmoer: but you are giving away prizes for hugging?
Random Calliope: They're for others to give away, not me. I'm fulfilled, and in that I'm selfish too. I seek my own joy, and in the joy of others I have found it.

A joy to behold and I hope a way to give a little love back to others.
Congratulations on a wonderful idea Random and thanks for the hug!
Dana XXX

Finding a Furred Avatar (Do You Love the Skin You’re In Part 2)

Some friends and I were recently talking about articles in the SLN, and I mentioned Dashwood Dayafter’s article, “Do You Love the Skin You’re In,” of which the topic had also recently been discussed on Second Life TV. Discussing it, it was suggested I do an article about finding a “furry” avatar.
If you’re looking for a furred avatar, especially if it is going to be the one you'll be using all the time in Second Life, selecting one can depend on a number of factors. Cash is one consideration, as some avatars sell for over a thousand lindens. If you’re short on cash, there are some halfway decent free ones out there. I saw one newcomer at Luskwood ask about them and got a good purple catgirl avie from someone for free, as well as a squirrely one.
Then there’s what kind of appearance do you want? Felines and Canids are the most popular, but vendor machines have all kinds (skunk, mouse, bat, panda, etc.) and usually in a variety of colors.
And exactly how do you want your appearance? Some vendors go for cute and cartoony. Others go for a more balanced look. And if by chance you can’t find something you’re looking for, some builders will take the job of making a custom one for you.

One other question, especially for the guys, is how clothes will fit on you. A guy who plans on going to formal parties may want to stick with something that has legs very close in shape to normal human avatars as tuxedo pants will not fit a digitgrade.
That tail of yours will also be sticking out of whatever you wear, as will any hairs on places on your body. The adjustable option for your clothes will be very convenient, if not a must. For a fashion designer, the furry male can be something of a challenge.

Do you have or are planning on getting a job? Obviously, if you’re looking for a position as a bouncer in a club, a big wolf looks better than a small mouseboy.

Some furred avatars can also do things normal human skins can’t. Some have ears that can fold back or automatically wiggle. Tails in some can wag. Some as they walk around can temporarily leave footprints on the ground. Skunks can spray. Bats have flapable wings and can fly around in a more natural looking manner. There are also furred avies with a “feral” option, able to run around on all fours like an animal avatar, as well as on two like a human.

There are numerous places where one can get a furred avatar. Regrettably, a few of these places also cater to customers with risque tastes (at least one puts that stuff in it’s own room). Two with strict policies on clean items are Luskwood and Rocket City. Luskwood, the home of Luskwood Creatures and Luskwood Bunkies, only offer their own avatars for sale, but the place is also a social hangout, and one can get advice about avatars from the people there, as well as get a look at numerous avatars being worn. Rocket City has vendor machines from a number of avatar makers, furred and a few nekos. They also have some attachments such as flex-tails, and a little clothing. This is among the best places to shop for a furred avie, if not the best.

For myself, I went with the Luskwood Red Fox, substituting the tail that came with it with a “Flex-Tail” from Rocket City. It doesn’t have a lot of frills, but I like it as it seems to suit me, being part “redneck,” as well as a sci-fi fan. Most clothes I come across fit it okay, though the pant bottoms can be a problem sometimes.
Since getting it, it has been "me" in Second Life.
Some people I know have also stuck with their first avatar as their main one. Others have changed it as they acquired more cash, going either for another brand of the same kind that they thought looked a little better to them, or something else entirely.
A friend of mine whom I met as a skunkboy later changed to a fox, then got another brand with a slightly different look.
One can also buy additional avatars to wear on occasion much like one would wear a set of clothes, such as for a costume party, RPing, etc. Or they may change to keep from being bored with a particular look. Most still have one they see as their identity in SL. But some never do settle on a single appearance, buying a number over time and changing their forms when the mood strikes them. One lady I know who calls herself a “shapeshifter” says she has over 50 avatars, furred, free, and otherwise.

So whether you plan to have a furred avatar as your only one, or just something to wear once in a while, put a little thought in what you want.

Bixyl Shuftan

Saturday, December 22, 2007

HRN Teleport HUD

Watch this video tutorial (poor quality under construction). Click here.

Save yourself thousands of unnecessary clicks with this gadget.

The HRN Teleport HUD is a Second Life gadget that will save any locations in Second Life in a quick and simple manner. It can share the saved locations with a friend list by sending them an slurl by instant message of every location saved, and may give saved locations to avatars in a 90 meter range of the owner.

The color of the HRN Teleport HUD can be changed to white, grey and black, and the transparency level can be changed to make it less visible
The owner of the HRN Teleport HUD may sell the HUD, and earn 33% of the current value of the HUD, automatically paid once sale is made.
The HRN Teleport HUD comes equipped with an automatic update script that may be activated in the HUD's menus and will deliver the most recent version of this product. Updates are free of charge

The HUD menus, buttons and help note cards are available in:
- Chinese
- Deutsch
- English
- French
- Japanese
- Korean
- Portuguese
- Spanish

"HRN Games & Gadgets Customer Support"
* There are many ways to receive support:
1 - Join the "HRN Customer Support" group.2 - IM Rhea Radford or Hilton Harpoon always happy to provide support.3 - Email HRN Games & Gadgets hrn.secondlife (at)

HRN would like to give special thanks to the following residents who helped create this device:
- Abba Thiebaud
- Bobden Westland
- Langel Sands
- Sora Ashbourne
- EuiJun Naglo
Thank you for your valuable help.

HRN Games & GadgetsNangrim (20,40,70)
Hilton Harpoon
Rhea Radford
Nino Lassally
HRN Games & Gadgets

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Windlight Viewer

To make YOUR designs look even more beautifull ......

Pastrami Linden and the WindLight Team announce the new WindLight Viewer + extended commentary! (75762) - More info on the blog.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Shaka shakes the fashion world!

Urban designer Shaka Saintlouis has brought a new and exciting look to his designs with the new winter collection
(click the images below for a closer look)

from tracksuits to suits, from daywear to desirable lingerie

I could happily go out an buy all of these outfits and be happy to wear them!
The Avenue models did a great job, as always, of showing the designs and Shaka was overheard to say: I love this venue, makes the event a lil more special :) and in all honesty it was a lag free enjoyable show.
You can find Shakture Couture at:
Maybe I will bump into you there.
(My thanks to Annette Wider for the invitation)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Taken by Storm

Shopping. It’s my vocation. My recreation. My life. While in Mischief Cove on one such shopping expedition I happened upon a shoe store with such delicious sculpted prim pumps that I could feel the Lindens just slipping out of my account.
I was taken by Storm…Storm Schmooz Exclusive Second Life Footwear, to be exact.
Specializing exclusively in sculpted prim footwear, Storm Schmooz has stepped up to the plate. In classic style, these shoes and boots will cradle your little avatar feet in beautifully textured loveliness. From the stiletto heel to the gently pointed toe, these shoes and boots will complement any outfit. Mr. Schmooz has been designing footwear in Second Life for a relatively short time now, but has taken the shoe world by Storm. The styles that I have had the pleasure of sporting are sexy and appealing. Essential is a classic stiletto pump available 4 lovely textured shades including a gray and cognac, along with tiger, leopard and zebra. Elegance, a champagne hued pump, sports a sculpted prim bow that is sweet and feminine. This style is also available in a metallic gold that could be legal tender. His Desir de Noir is a black pump with a darling mesh bow that would look lovely on the red carpet in your best evening wear. I do caution you to wear nothing longer than tea length with this shoe, as you won’t want to hide these beauties under a skirt. Pret-a-Sortir is a bundle of four pairs of black snakeskin pumps, embellished with black or colored bows, including lavender, gold and blue. His most recent entry is Laque, a retro style pump with a slightly rounded toe, a low platform and an elegant curved heel, and is available in a variety of colors.
Men have not been forgotten here either, although at present, he has only one style. However, this brown wingtip is amazingly detailed, and perfect with either a suit or business casual. Right down to the sculpted prim shoelaces, they are expertly crafted, and sure to please the most discerning man.
Storm Schmooz Exclusive Second Life Footwear shoes and boots have transfer permissions, so they can be gifted.
All in all, Mr. Schmooz has taken this Fashion Whore by storm!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

So whats on offer for the men this Xmas?

As the Christmas season approaches and the invitations pour in the fashion industry becomes a hive of activity bringing out wonderful gowns and evening dresses. In this hectic environment it is usually assumed that the men can 'find' a tux or suit and the focus is pointed squarely at the gowns.
But lets look at this - How good is a lady going to look if her partners suit/tux is below standard? There are hundreds of suits out there but few are well made. Styles of edo have to be one of the best, the huge range alone is enough to make a person go 'WOW'
Tuxedos come in many styles and the suit range is amazing, you cannot leave here without finding that perfect suit. The range of shirts and ties is equally large and you could are sure to find something to compliment your partners wonderful gown.
Your partner has undoubtedly spent many hours choosing just the right dress for the occasion, can the gentlemen do any less?
Styles of edo also have a few ladies gowns and cocktail dresses, these look deceptively simple, the attention to detail is what makes them stand out from the crowd.
Visit 'Styles of edo' this holiday season, you won't be disappointed.

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Ever a Blaze devotee, I eagerly awaited the release of Blaze Columbia’s annual holiday offering. When I arrived at Blaze on Sunday morning past, I was not disappointed.
Holly ’07, is a richly textured, finely detailed gown that is classic in style and beauty. Skillfully balancing innocence with womanly allure, this dress includes sleeveless and long sleeved versions. The sleeveless top features delicate white holly straps and neckline trim that carries to a low cut back. The long sleeve version features a sweetheart neckline and low cut back, both trimmed in white holly.
As I tend to favor a sleeker skirt style, I was delighted with the skirt options available here. The dress includes two different floor length styles – a classic evening gown skirt, and also a slim skirt that will appeal to the Rita Hayworth in all of us. Both skirts flow beautifully, and are trimmed in matching white holly at the hem. Simple and elegant, Holly '07 is a must have for the holiday party season!
Deck the Halls I’m wearing Holly, fa la la la la la la la la...
On Sunday, December 9th, to cap off a weekend of fun and live music to benefit the Toys for Tots fundraiser that took place at Insky Jedburgh’s fabulous Twilight Gates, MODA presented a live Fashion Show and Charity Auction featuring the designs of many of the favorite fashion houses in Second Life. 100% of the proceeds from this auction went to the Second Life Toys for Tots Campaign for 2007. Among the fashion houses represented were Chez Gabrielle, J Style, Bellissima!, SF Designs, Pretty Magic, Zagoskin Haute Couture, ILLY, Silent Sparrow, True Blue, Tete A Pied, Calico Creations, Annie’s, Pizazz, and Innovations. Duckyfresh Watanabe, resplendent in “Isabelle” by Sherona DeGroot, presided over the event, which raised 65,050L for Toys for Tots. Thank You MODA and the amazing designers of SL for your fashion forward contribution to this worthwhile fundraising event!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Leaving you Breathless

This Sunday Dec. 9th at 8am sl time Fusion Modeling and Babydoll's are joining together to bring you a fashion show you will not forget. The newest and hottest models will be joined by Miss SL 2007 for the show, with music by DJ IndaSky Boa. The event is a Black Tie/Sunday Best and is being held at Fusion Model Agency. This is for the new line of sinfully beautiful and playful lingere so come and get ready to be left "Breathless".

Reporter Dashwood Dayafter

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Art always imitates life. As the temperatures plummet for so many of us in RL, the designers of SL are hard at work keeping us stylishly warm this winter.
To keep our avatars delightfully cozy, Migi Voom of Muism has created a jacket so detailed and delicious that I wont mind those chilly days ahead. Lovingly rendered in a buttery suede with a smart asymmetrical line, it features a prim fox fur collar that is sure to please. Shown here is the jacket and vest in black. It is also available are beige, brown, red, white, leopard gray and leopard brown, with each lovely prim collar color coordinated to match. The vest looks wonderful alone, or over your favorite turtleneck sweater for a chic look. This is just one of the many beautiful jackets and coats available at Migi Voom’s Muism right now.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Re: SHAKTURE COUTURE'S unveiling of Winter Solstice '08 Fashion Show

Join us on December 15, Saturday at 11 am, as designer Shaka Saintlouis will be unveiling SHAKTURE COUTURE'S latest spellbinding collection, Winter Solstice '08. This breathtaking series will be revealed in a fashion show featuring the AVENUE Models and some of the sexiest clothing to hit any Second Life runway.

Each SHAKTURE COUTURE design is unique and has beautiful detailing with wonderful textures and hues. No matter who you are you will feel sexier when wearing SHAKTURE COUTURE. Winter Solstice '08 collection features everything from sexy lingerie to show stopping multi-piece prim accented ensembles.

The owner of SHAKTURE COUTURE, Shaka Saintlouis, is no stranger to fashion and knows what works and what women want. SHAKTURE COUTURE was founded 26 December 2006, in a modest 5x5 stall and is now a symbol of cutting edge fashion throughout Second Life. SHAKTURE COUTURE has become a household name in SL and anyone who is anyone has heard of or shopped at these stores. The enterprise has grown immensely and due to hard work, a focus on customer service and creative design there is no limit at the success that SHAKTURE COUTURE can and will have in the future.

SHAKTURE COUTURE has four brands which are SHAKTURE COUTURE, SHAKTURE APPAREL, SHAKTURE BASEMENT and SHAKACASA. This means that from what you wear to how you decorate your home enwrap you in the feeling of SHAKTURE day and night. The boutique chain includes over 20 free standing stores on sims throughout the world and partners including SHEN SHOES, BODY CANDY, TESLA & ARTIZANA. With all the fashions that are created by Shaka and his partners you can create a unique entrance whenever you arrive. Shaka designs, manufactures and retail fashion and lifestyle products including Platinum Diva, jewelry, optics, accessories and estate products under the umbrella of these four brands.

Please join SHAKTURE COUTURE in the unveiling of the Winter Solstice '08 collection. Not only will there be an unforgettable new line revealed but they also promise you a wonderful fashion show.

AVENUE MODELS, STUDIO, RUNWAY & , Maria Christine (146, 48, 214)

SHAKTURE COUTURE'S Winter Solstice '08 Fashion Show is presented by SHAKTURE COUTURE and produced and choreographed by Rusch Raymaker of AVENUE Inc.
For more information, please contact Annette Wilder (Public Relations Manager) of AVENUE inc. or Joelle Mathys (Director of Public Relations) of SHAKTURE COUTURE.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Shoes, Shopping, FREE fun for all!

Mary Jane Shoes have come up with a fun way to get some free shoes - 8 pairs are up for grabs, 7 ladies and 1 gents, all you have to do is find them LOL
Hidden in and around the main store [Mary Jane Shoes - Main Store, Chalanties (32, 104, 36)] are these tiny ornaments just touch them to recieve your free shoes - IF you can find them.
Infiniti Mirihi the stores owner told me that the hunt will continue until christmas her fantastic designs are well worth looking at even without the free ones, so if you are not lucky enough to find any think about buying some of the great range anyway :)

Dana XxX