Thursday, August 27, 2009

NEW RELEASE! from Agnes Finney

What a lovely design, cheeky and sexy, pick up yours today!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

NEW RELEASE! from Agnes Finney

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Grand Reopening Party for C.Smit Fashion!

You are invited to join us, August 15th at 11am slt for the Grand Reopening Party of C.Smit Fashion. Joining the C.Smit group will allow you to receive the free gift for members. The free gift will be available on the 15th and 16th only, so be sure to add yourself to the C.Smit group! The reopening will feature various well known DJ's from all over the SL grid and they will be giving the crowd hot and sexy beats to enjoy as they shop and join in on the party.

Anyone who is familiar with the name Cynthia Smit knows that she is not only one of the most sought after and talented photographers in SL, but she also has her own fabulous clothing line. C.Smit originally opened its doors in February 2009 and due to Cynthia's awesome designs, great personality, and larger than Second Life reputation her store became an overnight success.

C.Smit has moved sim locations and now it is back with a brand new look ,new clothing, and better than ever. C.Smit's fresh new build, created from the gifted mind of Cynthia but brought to life by the amazing builder YamatoUchiha Yokosuka, has the feel of a hot happening club and a trendy clothing shop all in one. You definitely don't want to miss this event so mark your calendar and we'll see you there!

Date: 15 August 2009 (Saturday)
Time: Party Begins 11am slt (last for 4 to 5 hours)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Rez day Wiccan Sojournor............

Today is Wiccan Sojourner's 5th Rez day here in SecondLife and to celebrate she is having a sale at Bewitched.
For those who don't know Wiccan, Bewitched, Bewitched Hair and House of Heart hair are all part of the Skybeam Family for her Rezday she has arranged some specials in her stores so be sure to drop by sometime today!

I can't say I know Wiccan well so I asked a few of the people who do:

"A very devoted designer, who works very hard at what she loves and has endured to enjoy this, her fifth year with SL, she is a pioneer in a new world where her talents have become well known and loved by many, it is my hope and wish that the future holds even brighter days ahead for her." raven Naimarc - Wiccan's Partner
" I admire and respect Wiccan skill's as an artist and fellow long term content creator. Congratulations on your fifth rez day here in SL." Raven Pennyfeather - House of RFyre Designs

"When I first met Wiccan, it was right after Nevar and I became a couple, so I wasn't used to meeting and getting to know all of the great designers in SL. I remember being so scared and meeting a RL designer or celebrity. We were working on shooting photos for the Raiders Yard Sale and I remember thinking "of all the times for Nev to introduce me to an SL legend, he picks when I'm naked on a pose stand!"
After I got to know her, I discovered a warm and giving person...someone who never said no...someone who tried her best to treat everyone with love and respect. My life has been truly the better for knowing her and I'm very proud to call her my sister." Amethyst Starostin

"Wiccan has been a blessing over the years to me. I remember the very first Clothing Fair we did and Wiccan was one of the first that said this is going to be huge one day ... don't ever give up on this idea. As well as a designer, Wiccan is an amazing person . We have shared some deep thoughts and cried and laughed together. When I was discouraged she would tell me .. "go hug that tree or run through the grass barefooted, then come back and do it again." My life has changed over the past three years and I can say that she is one of the reasons . I am so honored to call Wiccan family!" Nevar Lobo

"I have a SL shop and one day royalty walked in! It was Wiccan...of Bewitched fame! OMG I used to sit in her lucky chair as a nooblet. She had been in SL forever. SHE was in MY shop!
I was tongue tied, awestruck, befuddled. Then we talked. Wiccan Sojourner is one of the special people in SL. The special kind that makes our second lives a better place. I am still awestruck, but no longer because she is royalty rather because she is the kindest and most generous of people setting an example few of us can live up to." Lyra Blackthorne -co-owner of Body Doubles

"Wiccan Sojournor has been a pillar of the fashion and fetish community for nearly as long as SL has been. Her vision, her dedication, and her willingness to take risk, try new things, and to learn and grow in her craft as designer, in her skill as a marketer, and her self as a person should be an inspiration to every avatar on the grid. I'm a hopeless fanboy, and I hope I always will be. Blessed Be, Wiccan. Happy Fifth." Roland Zepp - staff writer , Avenue Magazine

I hope you have a great day Wiccan and many happy returns from SL-Newspaper

Monday, August 3, 2009

NEW RELEASE! from My Precious!