Friday, March 28, 2008

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Tesoro Creations- Jewelry with Class

by: Lucy Halberd

Picture this: you’ve met the perfect woman and want to really show her how much she means to you. Do you need a necklace with earrings to match? How about showing her exactly how you feel with a gorgeous ring that has your birthstones showcased in a fabulous setting surrounded by diamonds? Any other jewelry you think she might like? I suggest you make a trip to Tesoro Creations, located at GOLDENSANDS 8,70,24 ( This ever expanding jewelry store has been around since August of 2007 and can be found in malls throughout Second Life. Owner and founder, Tesoro Loon, designs and creates jewelry and other items with the customer in mind, offering a wide selection of exquisite jewelry and other goods that he will customize just for you! I recently sat down with Mr. Loon to talk about his innovative shop.

What is the name of your store?
Tesoro Creations

When did you open it?
I’d say, probably late August. My first store was the one at the Goldensands mall, which I consider to be my main location.

So, you have more than one location?
Yes, I have a total of 4.

What made you want to open your store?
Well, I had been building for awhile, making various things. I really wanted to open my own store, but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. So I took a class on how to make a vendor and got a few gentle shoves from one of my friends.

What was the easiest part about opening it?
Lol Easiest? Probably renting the stall!

What was the hardest part?
That would probably be the vendors! You have to make sure they are labeled right and have the right things in them. Also, making sure the items fit like they should when you put them on for the first time… without any mistakes.

What do you sell?
At my different locations, you can find jewelry, pajama sets with matching slippers, and various silly costumes I’ve made. One costume in particular seems to make a lot of people laugh and that is the Fruit of the Loom apple guy.

What is your biggest seller?
The necklace- earring combos always seem to do well!

Who is your target audience?
I mainly make my products for women, but I do have a few men’s items as well. Usually the men’s stuff I make is at a woman’s request for her boyfriend or husband.

Is it hard coming up with ideas for your store?
Sometimes I do find myself struggling, but then I will have a request for a custom design and that will spawn a lot of new ideas. Lately, it hasn’t been too hard.

How often do you add new items?
I usually have at least one release every weekend; some weeks I have more to release than others. I’ve recently begun teaching jewelry making at the learning center in SL, so as that grows, it might be a bit harder to release as many items.

What would you say is your specialty?
Specialty, huh? Well, jewelry is what I do best. I make earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and belly rings. I have a bit of everything!

What is the general price range of your items?
I have one as low as L$40 right now and another as high as L$500 or so. Most of my things are around the L$150-L$200 range.

So, you mentioned you do custom builds or personalization of your products?
Oh, for sure! I change any metal or gem to whatever the client likes. I just don’t have room to put out like 6 of everything in my stores. I do custom orders too and sometimes personalized name bracelets and necklaces. Sometimes people are very vague when they ask you to build them things. Then when they see the finished product, they get ultra specific and you usually end up making it 3 or 4 times to get it the way they want.

Is there an extra charge for this service?
If I’m just changing a gem color or metal, it’s no extra. If I’m making something from scratch, it’s a bit extra.

How much extra?
Well, it depends on the item and how picky the girl is. Usually about a 25% extra charge if I make it from scratch. But, I have done a lot of simple gem changes, like the girl wants ruby instead of emerald. There’s no charge for that.

Do you have any regular specials or deals?
Usually each weekend when I do my releases, I try to have something in the store discounted. This week I gave away free St. Patty’s earrings. Right now I have a freebie bracelet at the front of the store, but there’s not always a special going.

Do you have a group to join?
No, not yet. I’ve been told I need to make one.

Do you have anything you’d like to add?
I strive to maintain a quality level of customer service and work closely with my customers to ensure they are happy with the finished product. Sometimes that means letting them select their texture from quite a few. Happy customers come back and tell their friends, so I try hard for that.

As you can see, the customer always comes first when it comes to Tesoro Creations and I guarantee if you stop by, you won’t be disappointed with the wide variety of glittering jewels and sparkling metals to choose from! So, head on over to Tesoro Creations and place your order for that special piece that will say “I love you” today!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

An Angel at the Table

I was a late recruit to the legions of Last Call and Dazzle fashion devotees. It was through this newspaper’s fashion mavens that I found out about the LC store, its sale and the sad reason behind the brand’s closure. I spent days in January battling the lag to get at that lovely merchandise. It was sad to think of the loss of such quality, variety and, above all, joy evident in the clothing brand. I am so delighted therefore, to find that SL will not lose yet more of the force behind the brand, and that Ginny Talamasca’s legacy lives on.

Katterina Dagostino is to start a new design partnership with the Last Call duo’s mutual friend, Danner Dosei. Dosei and Dagostino will now bring a new women’s fashion store, ‘Archange’ to the Dazzle sim and shell of the Last Call store, when the LC closes its doors for good on March 31st. Dagostino plans to invite LC group members to transfer over to the new group which will be opened under the ‘Archange’ name in the first fortnight of April.

Touchingly, the name Archange itself in honour of Ginny Talamasca. Of her new venture, Dagostino said "I know that no matter what I do in life I will be influenced by my time with Ginny, so Danner and I thought it fitting that a store on the Dazzle SIM run by two of her friends should bare that influence also."

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Limited Editions for RFL

I haven't talked much about the fashions at the fair this year preferring people to go along and make up their own minds. But I believe there are a few special people that deserve a mention and that you would like to know about:
The first of these is Rebel Hope who, in her third year at the clothing fair, has brought out special Limited Edition colours of these lovely designs, they will only be available at the clothing fair.
The finely detailed Gents tux can be worn long or short with either black or silver waistcoat and tie perfectly complimenting the divine evening dress in stunning white with black accessories.
I spoke to Rebel about her involvement with the fair and RFL:
Rebel Hope: It's important to me as I lost a very dear friend to inflammatory breast cancer, as well as my grandmother and an aunt.
I asked her how this year compared to previous ones:
Rebel Hope: so much more energy each year, this one started out like gangbusters. It's going to raise a lot of money with this kind of energy.
The total at the time of writing this is L$5,689,743!
Nevar Lobo

This design is Mara in 'ruby red' only 75 of these dresses are available from Nicky Ree, I grabbed number 41, last I heard there were only 12 left and its possible they have now all been sold.
Last year Nicky released Mara for RFL in Black and Champagne. Mara is not sold in any of Nicky's stores at any other time and all proceeds from Mara go to RFL.
Along with Mara Nicky has also released a special colour for winter flame and proceeds from sales of snowy blue go to RFL.
Nicky said of her involvement with the Relay Raiders' clothing fair:
Nicky Ree: It is a good cause and I have lost many loved ones to cancer, so anything that can help find a better way of dealing with cancer gets support from me.
This year has seen 84 designers come together in huge support for this cause, I encourage everyone to go along and spend to help save lives. The RFL brings people together, sufferers, survivors, relatives and friends. It shows that each and every person can do something to help.
RFL in SL helps people to find others for support and advice:
"Join us in the fight to find a cure - a fight to eliminate cancer for your sake, for my sake, for the sake of the future. "
Dana XxX

Friday, March 21, 2008

OMG a successful show

Yesterday saw me at OMG Inc's first fashion show.
A delectable array of ladies and gents daywear paraded before me down the catwalk.
Well organised, the show went off without a hitch despite 39 people on the sim.
I just fell in love with the ladies suits, great for the business woman who wants to be taken seriously.
This was practical clothing anyone can wear which was a breath of fresh air, no huge primmy skirts that would take forever to rez but practical business suits and dresses. Not to be forgotten there was also menswear including t-shirts and suits for the discerning gent. Imaginative cheeky bikinis and beachwear were also on show, like the white ensemble shown here. Visit OMG Inc for a close look.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wanted !!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A P Designs- For Your Darker Side

by: Lucy Halberd

Do you ever feel the need to dress as a vampire, demon, or goth? Perhaps you need something to make you stand out at those club contests you’re always trying to win. Are you looking for a couple of neko items to set you apart from the crowd or just wanting to add some new pieces to your already huge dark clothing collection? Whatever the reason, rest assured… I’ve found just the place! A P Designs is a hot new store located in Magnus Opus 30, 202, 37 ( and is filled with all sorts of goodies to get you on the right path! Allota1 Paine sat down with me for an interview on her store and merchandise!

What inspired you to open a store in SL?
I had designed a ton of stuff that so many people I know loved. They told me I should open a store, because I was really good at making clothes and builds.

What is the name of your store and how did you pick the name?
Well, my name is Allota1 Paine, so that is where I got the name. A P Designs

When did you open your store?
My first store I opened on December 14, 2007. Since then, I have opened 3 additional stores. Three of the four are in malls and the final one is my main store.

Was it hard to start your own business?
Finding a place was quite hard, because the rent in most places is so high. Also, advertising and getting my name out there has proven to be another difficult task!

What items do you sell?
I sell clothing, various jewelry, tattoos and footwear. Most of my items are unisex, so hopefully the men start coming around too!

Who is your target audience?
I guess anyone who likes dark things like goths, vampires, nekos, wiccans, and demons. My clothing is styled using a lot of darker things such as leather, latex, sculls, pentagrams… that kind of thing. I’m planning on starting a new biker line soon.

What is your biggest seller?
A lot of people seem to like my demons bane pants and my shadow stalker outfit. Enslaved is also doing very well in sales.

What is the general range of cost for your items?
My items range in cost from L$25 to L$475.

What is your specialty?
My store is like no one else’s, because I hand make all of my own textures. To be precise, I hand paint my own designs and burn my own textures.

Is it hard to come up with ideas for new merchandise?
No, not really. I am a clothing designer in RL, so I use a lot of those ideas in SL.

How often do you make new items?
I usually add new things every other day!

Do you offer custom designs or personalization of your products?
Yes, I do. If they want a quick alteration on an existing outfit, it is free. If they want custom outfits or footwear, it’s a charge of L$500 per hour of work.

Do you have a group to join?
You can join my group, A P Designs, by clicking the sign to your left when you enter my main store.

Do you have any regular specials?
Yes, I have a 50% off wall right now for all to enjoy and if you join my group you get monthly freebies.

Anything else you'd like to add?
I will be having an event some time next month where I’ll be putting everything on sale up to 50% off, so everyone should join the group so they know when that will be.

Now that you know about this wonderful store, get on over to A P Designs and grab some of the hot, new looks that are in this season or sit in one of the five camping chairs to earn some extra lindens. While you’re there be sure to join the group and try your luck at the lucky chair! Who knows what you could win if your letter comes up?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Bellagio holds its first ever fashion event

This Sunday night saw me struggling to get into SL for a very special event, now normally I avoid fashion shows (after all who can see anything in such laggy situations) but this one i felt instinctively would be different and with five designers unveiling their new spring lines how could I resist! The five designers: Indyra, VictoriaV, Styles of edo and Milady-Rachel darling, with shoes by Melanie Zhao showed at Bellagio's first ever show in a stage setting reminiscent of ancient Greece.

First we saw VictoriaV's stunning range, this electric blue model being a favourite of mine, a stunning cocktail dress that could be worn anywhere, which was then followed by VictoriaV's luxurious gold embroidered wedding dress with long flexi train and veil a dress most brides would dream of wearing.

Next up was Rachel Darlings of Milady 'Avalon' a gold and black long gown comes with many different wear options as well as being very finely detailed. 'Alex' comes in many colour options, its a short cheeky number with lace cutout detail on the top and skirt accessorised with gloves and flexi scarf it is a delight in red, gold, green and black.

Edo Tone from Styles of Edo showed that he doesn't just make the perfect suit he can also make the cocktail dresses to compliment them with these two 'little black dresses' with satin, velvet and lace detail. I loved the black and grey strapless cocktail dress and its now on my shopping list (one of the reasons James doesn't like fashion shows)

Indyra of Indyra originals showed us what spring is all about with some amazing victorian creations this black and white is most striking but I personally loved the baby pink (not shown here) there is just something so elegant about a woman in a top hat. Indyra didn't stop there though and also showed some dazzling evening gowns and short sassy dresses which showed to perfection her flair for colour and texture.
I was honoured to be invited backstage before the show and met up with Alissa Weston who together with partner Wyntir Jewell have just opened their new modelling agency: Premiere Modeling management. It was an eye opener to watch how these ladies practiced before a big show and to actually watch them from backstage was amazing and I thank you for the opportunity to see how the professionals work. Until you have actually been there its hard to understand how much goes into a show - from counting steps to perfect timing that to us, the audience, just looks like a model walking around a catwalk. It certainly looked effortless on the day so I guess all the practice worked :) I look forward to hearing much more from these talented ladies.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

URBAN Model Management Fashion Event

Sabastine Republic, CEO and Topher Pollock, Senior Vice President "We are very excited about being part of the Second Life community. We believe that fashion is a foundation for everyone, all shapes, sizes, and personalities. It is with that in mind that we strive to provide top service not only to our clients but the models that choose to work with Urban Model Management."
This will be their first fashion show in Second Life. Urban Modeling Management is dedicated to the fashion and design industry within Second Life. We strive to be the best in promoting our clients and ensuring their success. We produce the best of the best in models throughout Second Life devoting ourselves to their success.
Saturday March 8, 2008 starting at 3:30 PM SLT, Urban Model Management will host a fashion event that should not be missed. The fashion show will be featuring designs from some very well known designers in Second Life as well as an up and coming designer that just created his first line. Fashions that will be highlighted during this event will be from Delicious Results, Bellissima, Wild Thing, Rogue, and Urban Trash.
Following the fashion show, Urban Model Management will host a reception and scavenger hunt at their Corporate Headquarters. Search the grounds and building for the hidden high heel shoes to win some amazing prizes.
Need a good laugh? Urban Model Management is pleased to have Comedian Salamander Maroon perform at 5:00 PM SLT at the main event venue. Immediately following the comedy act, Urban Model Management will close the day's event with an all request music party. Come dance, mingle and have an amazing time! After party runs from 6:00pm SLT until 8:00pm SLT.

The 2008 Merovingi Fashion Awards

Join us for a celebration of extraordinary international fashion and glamour as the Merovingi Group presents the second annual, Merovingi Fashion Awards. The 2008 Merovingi Fashion Awards will run from April 20th to April 26th with six full days of spectacular events and interactive activities to excite the senses! The agenda includes live international artists, fashion shows, incredible parties and the fashion awards gala…you won’t want to miss a moment!

This year, the Second Life community will nominate designers in five categories. The top five nominees in each category will be invited to attend the Merovingi Fashion Awards and show their work. Residents, who vote and nominate in all five categories are also eligible to enter our raffle and get a chance to win brand new iPod nanos.
The main fairgrounds will feature Second Life fashion designers from around the world displaying their newest designs. Each designer’s showcase is available for visitors to enjoy, purchase and vote for their favorites! We welcome you to explore the expansive grounds and displays set up to highlight our charitable organizations, corporate sponsors and vendors.
The 2008 Merovingi Fashion Awards are hosted by the Merovingi Group which was established to develop the virtual world of Second Life and to increase awareness of international humanitarian efforts. The Merovingi Group raises funds and awareness for charitable organizations that provide health, education, and equality to individuals. We strongly believe that healthcare should be a fundamental right of every human being.
The Merovingi Group is proud to sponsor the National Breast Cancer Foundation and Doctors Without Borders during this year’s Fashion Awards event. These organizations have made exemplary strides to improve access to the information and means to seek medical care and treatment for millions of people worldwide. We welcome you to join us in our efforts to increase awareness and raise funds to support these non-profit organizations.
To learn more about our featured charities and the upcoming Fashion Awards event, please visit our website The Merovingi Fashion Awards website provides a wealth of information about this year’s event including a weekly blog, updates on designers, attactions and events to be held throughout Fashion week and information on our corporate sponsors supporting the event.
On behalf of our respected charities, corporate sponsors and featured designers, we thank you for your support and your participation in what promises to be a truly spectacular celebration!
Please contact us through our website for questions regarding the 2008 Merovingi Fashion Awards.
Join us and support this years Merovingi Fashion Awards!
Nominations are now open!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Exquisite Furnishings

His Royal Highness Pharaoh Cyliss Revnik commissioned thrones for Him and His Queen this week and He conferred the honor on Exquisite Furnishing's Master Builder, Papo Lungu who was in the middle of a build and set aside this project to build magnificent, majestic thrones for His Highness and His Queen.
He began by taking a chair, extending the back to be over 15 meters then he opened up his texture files and began sifting through them to decide which ones would be best for an Egyptian Pharaoh. After rejecting several ones that the interruption of the scene was questionable, Mr. Lungu found the Eye of Ra and a Blue Scarab which he chose for the Pharaoh and His Queen's Throne respectively. He added these symbols to thee top of the thrones he added Egyptian hieroglyphs to the sides of the thrones and inlaid them with gold. On the front backs of the thrones was placed a sheet of gold, at first it was two pieces and in front of this piece was a plush back, matching the red in of the seats of the thrones, but he decided that the velvet back was not necessary to the build and removed it.
The next item built were the huge chucks of gold block underneath the thrones. He experimented with adding bling to the various gold pieces; however, the scripts would not work. Undeterred he made specially made prims and put the bling scripts in these prims, made them invisible and added them to the points of the arm rests that curve up the back and forward, so if you stare at the thrones long enough you will see a twinkle of bling in two points on both thrones.
He added gold the under-arm rest, which is on top of the wood, he put a red velvet fabric on the seats, and back of the throne with a ribbing on the top of the back of the throne and under the arm rests. Sitting around the Pharaoh's throne are three pads for his slaves or his favorite concubines, the one directly in front of his throne can disappear so that His Highness does not have to walk over it.
Mr. Lungu asked His Highness to come to his workshop to confirm that the direction he took in the build was proper for the Pharaoh's Palace. The only addition to the build was to make His Highness's throne taller by about three additional meters. Mr. Lungu delivered the thrones to the Palace and they were installed on the Sim where they will remain a proper tribute to a Pharaoh whose build will last forever. Recently, Her Majesty the Queen added gold inlay to the backs of both thrones. The thrones now sit in two areas of the Palace one in the area where the slaves will be auctioned and one in the main party area of the Palace in-between two statues of Anubis and the thrones will not become lost sitting between these towering statues.
The Palace of the Pharaoh is a fantastic build and will be a place of beauty to visit. They have areas where vendors can sell their goods in the slave market, a dance hall, a semi private swimming pool, a special reception area for VIPs, a promenade deck overlooking the main reception hall, and an invisible door that leads the inter-sanctum of the Pharaoh.
There are fantastic statues of the guardians of the Underworld placed in strategic spots all over the palace.
His Highness had this to say about the thrones build by Mr. Lungu: "Extend my offer to your Master as well with my complete satisfaction with his craft." The offer was to return for the grand opening in two weeks time.
This is the first commission handled by Exquisite Furnishings, however, it is my personal opinion that it will not be the last commission that Mr. Lungu will be offered.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

For the PUNKI in Us All

by: Lucy Halberd

Do you ever find yourself in a bind when it comes to getting quality furniture at a fair price? Well, I’ve found just the place… PUNKI! Here you will find a wide selection of couches, chairs, rugs, and artwork! PUNKI is located on Naples Island 192,1,24 ( I’ve recently sat down with Lancaster Beck, the owner and founder of PUNKI for a chat about his store.

When did you open your business?
I would say probably about 3 weeks ago. I think the 3rd of February is when I really opened the doors. Maybe even the week before!

What inspired you to open it?
Well, I generally build houses, clubs, and shops… those types of things. I always found it hard and expensive to furnish them, so I thought I’d dabble in the art of furnishing. I want affordable furniture! It’s so damn expensive in other shops!

What audience is your merchandise geared most towards?
Home owners! The audience is anyone that is looking to furnish their home with good, quality furniture at low prices. I’ve always thought that “punk” was expression… the freedom to express. You can’t really define punk furniture and the name suits that freedom.

How did you come up with the name for your business?
It just pinged into my head, honestly! PUNKI just popped right into my head and when I looked, the group was available. Just like turning a light bulb on!

What is your biggest seller?
The biggest sellers are the rugs and the pictures.

Will you be doing any personalized items or custom designs?
Well, the shopper can send me a note card with suggestions or requests for custom work. I can either build the item specifically for them, or if I like the idea, build it and put it on sale for the general public. I’ll consider building any ideas of furniture.

How often do you create new merchandise?
I add items once a week at least. If you come back in three months, the place will be completely different!

Is it hard to come up with new ideas for your shop?
No, not at all. I’ve got mountains of ideas! The problem is, of course, finding the time. You see, that is the beauty of SL. Just imagine if in RL you could just make whatever you wanted at any time…you’d never run out of ideas!

Is this your only location right now?
Yes, it is. It’s quite difficult to get market space, because of prims. Besides, I think as a customer I would want to see the actual item… not just a vendor.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Well, as you know, PUNKI is new and is still in its infancy. I’m hoping the word will spread that you don’t have to pay L$600 for a chair of good quality. I run a fun place here and my friends make it a great place to hang around as well! I just hope we don’t scare my customers away! Lol

Be sure to stop by Lancaster’s store and pick up a few pieces to brighten your living space! While you are there, make sure you join PUNKI’s update group by clicking the sign to the right near the entrance. That way you will be kept up to date on any new additions to the store!

EFA presents: On Honeymoon with Valenttina

Full details in EVENTS

Monday, March 3, 2008

SALE "HALF OFF" Promotional Sale Bringing Classy Back By Caly

Everything in the store is marked half off. Does not mean that the quality is half off. This sale is to promote that I have high quality furniture of all styles. From vintage, to castle, to modern.
Most of my furniture are low in prims and mostly menu operated. I will modify each set to accommodate your needs (for an extra fee) within reason.
Come take a look you will not be disappointed!
Enjoy this promotional Super Half Off sale while it lasts!
I just bought so much from Calynn to furnish our new house, its great quality and so low prim I can easily have 2 sofas instead of just one - love the menus too :)
Dana XXX

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Skin fair starts today

Vanity Universe is proud to present Second Life’s first International Skin Fair in our brand new Vanity Universe location
opening it’s doors on Saturday, March 1st at1pm PST.
More than 65 Second Life skin designers are waiting to present their existing and new products to those visiting the fair.
The huge skin variety guarantees something for everyone. Meet the known designers exhibiting next to talentes newcomer and small companys, not only to enjoy the new products debuting that date, but also to enjoy an amazing fashion show being put together by the FACES modeling agency.
We hope to see you there and are pleased to welcome you to Vanity Universe!
(Click poster to TP once the fair starts)