Wednesday, November 25, 2009

M&M Creations, new releases

NEW and on the image is
* Fountain-bowls with shade- and water-texture
* Canvas-Cloth 5th edition (a great one to create exhibit-tents etc!!)
(Click image to see full size)

Next to what's not the picture but NEW
* The ValuePack Canvas with all 5 editions
* Autumn Winds  (a huge sculpty tree with red leaves moving in
SL-wind, 22 prims)
* Big Cider (large tree, 20 prims)
* A modern light pillar with fine small soft particles (only 3 prims)
* The plant Plume
* Copper Cloe, an already often sold flower
* 5th Avenue , a flower with a strange name, looks like gold

Last but not least!
* The complete Tutorial-box with the hand-out in book-form, textures,
notecard with a manual "Create your own Shade-textures"

Find all the new releases and much much more at M&M Creations:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NEW RELEASE! from My Precious!

Luxury in gold satin worn with or without the sumptuous side lace

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sculpt Baking texture tutorial

M&M Creations provide sculpts for builders, fashion designers and many other purposes and in every box you also get the 'shade textures'
What are 'shade textures'? How do you use them?
How do I get my sculpts to look like yours?
How do I add shadows to sculpts?
All these are questions commonly asked of M&M Creations owner 10 Goosson so she has decided to hold a class and put together a tutorial to help everyone to use sculpts to their full potential.
Come along on Sunday November 15th at 2pm SLT and you could maximise your own use of sculpts and shade textures.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Looking for somewhere new to shop?

Dutch Delights has had a huge makeover and is now 3 times the size!
You can find everything from sexy lingerie to wedding gowns in this huge mall.
When your fingers get tired from all the buying wander over to the club for a drink and chat with the ladies in the new club.
Events are held all weekend with fun costume parties and contests.
FUN! with a capital F.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New fashion sculpts from M&M

In the picture you can see:
* the Pullover Vests 1st edition
(fun thing about those, they have both left and right part.  So not 9 different vests, but maybe 18 combinations, you can mirror the sculpties and create from 1 part a complete vest!)
* The Wide Collars 2nd Edition, real fashion, classy!! full of style, we're really happy with the beautiful fine edge on them.

Other new sculpt releases
* Body ruffles 3th and 4th edition
* Belts with straps 1st edition
* Pockets 2nd edition with buckles and straps
* Buckles 3th edition
* Ruffles 2nd edition
In the ARMOR-Series
* A 2nd Breast Plate Iron
* Armor Collars 2nd edition
* Shoulder-Pads 1st edition

Sneak peak at what could be coming this month:
Armor-Belts (really cool stuff for special outfits!)
ValuePack Canvas (4 editions) (for making tents, stalls and other creative things.. for camps or markets or maybe even that desert oasis)
My biggest wish - a female armor-breast plate! so refined!! (i'm begging Marcthur at the moment)

Come and visit us soon and start your road to high quality sculpt fashions:

from 10 Goosson