Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Release: Solea from Azul

When I saw Chrissy Ambrose wearing this the other day I was interested and when Mami Jewell of AZUL dropped me all 8 colours yesterday I was over the moon, this outfit is adorable and perfect for the summer - each colour comes with 2 tops one black the other matching the skirt which blends down to black, the short lace blouse is extremely flattering with flexi prim sleeves and pearl catch which draws the eye to the cleavage in the most delicious way.
Each comes with two choices of pearl belt - with or without tie, in two sizes.
The satin skirt is split on the front with gentle flare at the base, this is an outfit that should be in every summer wardrobe!
You can find it at AZUL:

Dana Vanmoer
Skin: Redgrave
Shoes: Virtual Impressions