Monday, November 5, 2007

What was on offer this halloween?

I actually gave some thought to making costumes this year but in the end with the SLN birthday celebrations coming up I really did not have time for clothes designing, this week so I had to go shopping! (yes, of course I had to!)
Having been invited to several parties I needed to find something that would fit with most, although I had seen the fabulous gowns at 'Simones' and couldn't resist buying the cat outfit, I needed something a little more.
A friend recommended I tried the Ireland sim - now 'I thought why the Ireland sim?' but accepted the TP anyway.
I was so glad I did these fabulous costumes (shown above) are just a small selection of what was available with prices starting as low as L$250 I couldn't resist and ended up buying not one but three costumes LOL, including this sexy witch, which i ended up spending the 3 hours it took me to complete Fire Islands treasure hunt :) I had a fabulous time guys thank you so much! A wonderful picture for me to remember it by too, my thanks go to Gellan Glenelg for it, but mostly to Brendon Curtiz and the rest of the guys who helped me through the hunt - couldn't have done it without you. If you missed it look out for their next project its sure to be as amazing, fun and frustrating as the last three I have had the 'pleasure' of trying to complete.
After the hunt I accepted another invitation over at the Zurich sim there were some fabulous costumes down there, but it was so packed everything took a long time to rez - great party!
This wonderful skeleton avatar came from 'Monster Ink Tattoos and skins' great detail on the bones :)
So whatever else you got up to this halloween I hope I have given you some ideas for next year.
Dana XxX