Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I had to check this out i had heard of it of course but was is a 666????
Turns out to be quite simple really its ..............
Well take a look at the pics from 'Carpe Diem' and see if you can work it out

Still don't know???

Any more clues?

Just one more of the winner Soulie Steeplechase with her dance partner our own Voodoo Buwan..

Trinity Dechou and Stick Bellman held a great party to which I was invited to come dressed in Goth, industrial, vamp, leather or just 666 which basically means whatever you fancy lol

Look into the fashions of SL to find the weird, wonderful, wicked and wacky - one of the things i love most about SL is that you can be who YOU want to be and change to suit your mood.

So lesson to be learned today - look around, experiment and most of all have FUN! thanks Trinity and Stick for a great evening.

Dana XxX


Anonymous said...

love da style !