Friday, March 23, 2007

Rents and things......

As a designer I started out small, just renting a stall on Kiva, but soon felt i had outgrown it and looked for a shop to rent. Well it didn't take long to discover that shop rents are hugely varied, not only in price but on prim size too. The little stalls can be a good choice especially if you use vendors, whereas with a shop you have the advantage of more traffic - hopefully.

Unfortunately there are a lot of malls out there raking in the rents from vendors, like myself, but not getting the traffic to make it worthwhile. A mall does not run itself it needs advertising and other things to temp the buyer. So if you are thinking of renting a shop in a mall talk to other vendors there first don't waste your hard earned dollars on a shop that doesn't sell anything.

Yesterday i was looking around and found a mini-mall it was a beautiful place a bit surprising as it was so unexpected, a one stop shop idea in lovely surroundings.

After having a look at the great designs on show and the design of the mini mall itself I happened across one of the empty shops and read the board - well this was a first for me the mini-mall offered the vendor a choice of ways to pay the rent - the more prims the vendor required the higher the malls percentage - in other words the mini-mall only profited from the vendors sales not from the vendor themselves.I was shocked and amazed - what a great idea, such a fair way to rent space, after all, if the mall owners aren't bringing in traffic for the vendor then they don't profit from them. Fair? definitely and a great way for new designers to find out if a shop is worthwhile for them. Would I consider renting this way? Yes i would. Would I recommend it for new vendors? again yes. It just goes to show that it is worth having a look around if you want to start renting a shop space this is by far the best and fairest way I have yet to see in SL.

Dana XxX

Seen this anywhere yourself? Is this a rare offer or quite common? Leave your comments I am sure others would be interested. D