Sunday, March 18, 2007

Formal wear cont........

Another formal event gave me the opportunity to expand on my previous look.

I tried to concentrate a little more on where people were buying and how much they paid (although not all can remember or were homemade) dazzle seems to be very popular at at the moment and fairly cheap as Prue Damone only paid $100 for her deep red slinky flexi gown shown here. Another bargain buy was Carolanne Wilders full red tulle flexi (a simone) which, she told me, came from the angel garage sale for only $100. Great find Carolanne.

The lovely gold slinky gown worn by Dezyre Kavka is another dazzle design costing $100.
Rebel seems to be the middle of the road with Priscilla Damone's black sexy dress costing about $900.
Its great to see some of the men making such an effort last night in their tux's. Sporty (Harley Headquarters DJ) looks great and Bow and Dezyre make an outstanding couple here.
By far the most expensive gown i saw last night was Amber Matterhorn's red full gown, a beautiful design which suited Amber (Harley Headquarters owner) very well. She believes she paid between $1000 - $2000 for it although, she can't quite remember, from a shop in Slurges.

What ever you wear normally a formal gown is a must for most invents' - shop around and have fun.
Dana XxX