Saturday, September 27, 2008

Styles of Edo New Release, a sneak preview.

As most of you know I have a special interest in mens clothing, good mens clothing, so I was delighted and excited to be asked to review the new tuxedo collection by Styles of Edo. Edo is justly famous for his wonderful menswear and with this collection he has surpassed himself. In the very near future (touch wood) I will be bringing you a full review of this collection with pictures that come close to doing the clothes justice.
Having said that, no picture can do these clothes justice - Edo is one of the most skilled texture artists/designers on SL, and anyone who doubts that should cam in on someone wearing one of these new tuxedos - there are black details, on black textures which give the clothes depth and feeling. There are paisley waistcoats (vests to our American cousins) which shimmer and shine with subtle, fine detailing. These clothes are very very special - in fact I would say unique.I admit that both I and my model were worried when there was no 'skirt' layer to the jackets, but, (and this is real mastery) these jackets do not have the sprayed on look that some of us have come to dread, they actually look like they should.

When I do the full review it will involve more details and LOTS of pictures but this collection is too good to only have one review. Styles of Edo have surpassed their usual high standards and. as someone who adores a well dressed male avatar, I, for one, thank them. If god is in the detail these clothes are truly divine. Gentlemen, I tell all of my clients they should own at least one decent tuxedo on SL, now I can amend that, every male avatar should own at least one (and good luck deciding which one - the variations are many and each better than the last) Tuxedo by Styles of Edo.