Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Skin City Sones soda can hunt

Skin City, Second Life:
The merchants of Skin City have hidden Sones soda cans with skins, shapes, eyes, and more av accessory booty prizes in the one and only 1-stop city for...skins, shapes, eyes, and other avatar accessories:

booty from these Skin City merchants:
_AR Another Realism
Arrogant Lioness
BB31 Baskin Bobbins
Body ProjectChambre du ChocolatFalln Angel
Kitheres Industries
Mei Asian Skins
RioSin Skins
SL Shakespeare Company Style Shop
Soft Touch Skins
Starfuker Skins
VIP - Sculpted Talking Faces
XTreme Reality
More soda cans added daily... as new merchants arrive and get set up!
Come for a sneak peek and the chance to find high quality skins and more hidden in buy-for-0/1 Sones soda cans...
Come see designers incognito as they try to find the hidden caps.(I can only tell you what I've hidden - don't ask any of us for where other booty's hid... cuz we dunno and are out there searching with you! o.O)
Ina Centaur
Skin City Mayor