Wednesday, September 10, 2008

RUNWAY Magazine Hits Milestone

Since launching their first issue in March 2008, RUNWAY Magazine has made its mark on the fashion industry in Second Life, distributing over 40,000 copies of their August 2008 issue alone. RUNWAY Magazine's CEO Maggie Mahoney states, "RUNWAY is more than just a LookBook with glossy pictures and a list of where to shop. We offer our readers an in-depth look at the models, the designers, the agencies, and fashion news in Second Life on and off the runway. Our content is truly what makes RUNWAY unique and it is virtually unmatched by any other fashion magazine currently available in Second Life. The RUNWAY staff is top notch and they work very hard to make RUNWAY the best fashion read in Second Life."

RUNWAY Magazine is a monthly in-world publication dedicated to the promotion of fashion, modeling, and design in Second Life®, featuring the who’s who in the fashion world - the seasoned designers, models, and agencies, as well as the fresh new up and coming talent on and off the runway. Covering all the fashion shows and events across Second Life® and bringing the readers the latest news, updates, revues, and slideshows of the designs captured as they happen with not only the in-world magazine, but a digital web version as well.
RUNWAY Magazine prides itself as remaining agency and designer neutral, working in cooperation with all modeling agencies, organizations, and designers to provide them exposure in the Second Life® fashion world.
Ocean Bates, CCO and Director of Marketing for RUNWAY Magazine, shared "RUNWAY is a smart media buy for designers, agencies and the like. Our subscription rates are the most affordable on the market and the exposure is exponential. We had 40,000 pairs of eyes reading RUNWAY in August - that is real marketing at work. Our readers, and our advertisers, tell us that they read us cover to cover - twice. The numbers show we are doing something right and we have just gotten started. We recently implemented the RUNWAY Café, a reader café for residents to relax and enjoy publications from across the grid, not just RUNWAY. We have two open currently - one at InStyle Fashion Mall and a second at Odessa Majestic. One café is currently under construction at the new Haute Couture complex alongside PhotoLife, and we have plans for several more. It is our way of giving a little back to the readers and businesses that contribute and support our efforts."
RUNWAY Magazine also sponsors fashion-related events throughout Second Life. Their involvement in the 2008 MFA Awards helped bring even more awareness to the residents of Second Life on the nominees. RUNWAY Magazine is one of the sponsoring organizations for the upcoming 2009 Miss Costa Rica Pageant and the 2009 Miss SL Universe Pageant.
RUNWAY Magazine also hosts four annual fashion revues with their two most recent - the Bridal Revue in June 2008 and the End of Summer Revue held in early August. Mahoney noted that a Couture Revue is currently being planned for November, as well as the opening of their new headquarters at Bryant Park in October.
RUNWAY Magazine will close out 2008 with their Model of the Year Awards.
"We think it is safe to say that RUNWAY is here for the duration and we want to thank our readers, advertisers, and those who make RUNWAY what it is - the best fashion read in Second Life. We have lots planned and hope that everyone will enjoy and benefit from the hard work we put into each event, each issue and each new endeavor we undertake," states Mahoney.
Copies of RUNWAY Magazine are available in-world from any RUNWAY Magazine kiosk, complimentary on and, and can also be viewed on their website at