Monday, September 29, 2008

OMG! fall fashions

On Saturday I went to have a look at the new Fall collection from OMG! Inc.
A lovely collection for the time of year :)
I loved some of the new sweaters teamed with prim collars and hoods, these worked really well even in the laggy situation and I loved the really well defined textures on the knits.
The dresses have got a lot more daring with floaty flex skirts that draw the eye. This blue model is slink at its best, sheer and daring cutouts on the top, featuring crossover straps with tapestry detailing on the bodice and gently pleated prim flex full length skirt This was one of my favourites.
It was nice to see the gents didn't miss out and the new line of baggy combat pants with prim pockets worked really well and some of the suits too!
I can't possibly show them all here so go and take a look for yourself at OMG! INC