Saturday, September 13, 2008

AVENUE Models Academy Graduation Show Sponsored by Bare Rose

Come out to show your support of the next graduating class of models from AVENUE Models Academy September 14, 2008 at 12 noon slt.
AVENUE Models Academy is proud to announce the second graduating class of its prestigious academy. The class consists of five graduates: Livia Mastroianni, Vera Canning, Maxmillion Carling, Kora Ling, and Sevenstar Amat. The fabulous five will sashay down the catwalk wearing clothing by the one and only Bare Rose. Bare Rose is known for its awesome clothing line with very affordable prices. They carry an assortment of clothing from casual to formal, punk to goth, and even fantasy outfits. The model trainees of AVENUE are excited to be able to have their names associated with a line such as Bare Rose.

The modeling classes are taught by models and fashion professionals who teach the model trainees what it takes to make it on the runways of SL. The fashion professors consist of Summer Deadlight (founder of Runway Kidz), Emmz Tzara (Fashion Stylist of Runway Magazine), Kryptonia Paperdoll (Head Instructor and VP of AVENUE Models), Tillie Ariantho (AVENUE Model & Photographer) and Rusch Raymaker (CEO of AVENUE Models). With such proficient teachers as these the model trainees from AVENUE definitely get a step ahead in the world of modeling.
AVENUE Models is known for always delivering very entertaining fashion shows with professional models who grace the catwalk and wow the audience. The opportunity to possibly be ranked in the category of models with such a reputation is huge for the model trainees. They will be sure to step out on the runway and show off all they have learned to impress both the audience and their teachers in order to try to secure a spot within the prominent agency.
Date : September 14, 2008 (Sunday)
Time : 12 noon slt
SLurl :
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