Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Here be Dragons

Almost two years ago, when I was still a newbie on the grid, one of the regulars in the club I frequented turned up one day in a small dragon avatar. I was instantly entranced, by the detail and the pure 'otherness' of dragon avs. Since then I have had many friends who spend at least some of their time in world as dragons. Although I love the look of these fantasic avs and I've had great fun flying (and being dropped from great heights) on the backs, talons and jaws of various dragons I've never taken the plunge myself. So eager to know more about the Second Life of dragons, I interviewed three regular dragon avatar users.

Firehorse: What first drew you to wearing a dragon Av?
George Tanabe:The artistry and the ability to fashion something beautiful and unique.
Dezaria Cazalet, Astral Dragon: I have a dragon heart..I AM dragon... the dragon av is a visual expression of this...
dana Vanmoer: I just love fantasy and a dragon is the ultimate fantasy creature
F.R:How long have you been wearing a dragon av?
G.T: Since summer 2007
D.C:Since about 30 days after being in SL so... about 14 months.
D.V:I got the first one after about 3 months in SL.

F.R.:Is the dargon av your main av?

G.T:*one* of them is, yes.

D.C: I am Lady Dragon most of the time as you fit better in places so I am either human form or 2 legged dragon one.

D.V: I don't wear it often as I find its too big for most places - I also have a cute whelp (tiny dragon) plus a dragon pet which is worn on my shoulders and wraps around me.

F.R:What is the appeal of being a dragon, for you?

G.T:It's like a good coffee table book. It stimulates conversation beyond the usual. Often the topics swing to favorite books of mine, which feature dragons, of course.

D.C:I love the beautiy and the freedom it represents and truly my heart is dragon.

D.V:They represent power and are very awe inspiring - the tiny ones are just cute

F.R:How many dragon avs do you own?

G.T:Err...lost count... over 30 now. Some are mods of "packages"....but I own most of the adult and tiny versions from IoW plus a dozen more from around SL.

D.C: Six Isle of Wyrms wyrmlings and wyrms, one W&M one and one 2 legged one.

D.V: Three actual dragons plus several draconite avatars which are like a humanised form. Don't forget everyone now has the dragonlet from Grendels children as a default avatar now.

F.R:What is the favourite dragon av you own?

G.T:Steam Dragon Hatchling... I call him Gadget, for my love of all things mechanical and steam-punk related.

D.C: Astral Dragon... that is truly me...

D.V:I love the violet whelp

F.R: How do you spend your time when in a dragon av?

G.T: The Steam Dragon Hatchling,You never forget your first love. ;)

D.C: A two legged red version that can dance :)

D.V: Elder Uthgolian Dragon (Artic 'Iceshimmer')

F.R:How do you spend your time when in a dragon av?

G.T: Wandering about; chatting with friends, dragon or otherise; annoying 'humans' and 'elves'...generally being goofy. The same I did as a human AV, only this is funnier.

D.C: Hanging out with my dragon partner, my dragon friends... dancing at clubs, flying.

D.V:Usually setting fire to people on the dancefloor - the whelp has a couple of dances with it.

F.R: How do you find people respond to your dragon avs?

G.T:Usually with curiosity and appreciation of the appearance. Most folks are very tolerant of tinies. Now, when I drag the BIG dragons out, a lot of people either are astonished at the size or get pissed because I stomp all over them.

D.C: Some are shocked most are amazed! The love looking at it and they seem to want to talk to me more so because of it.

D.V:Most think the whelp is cute, the Uthgolian is scary LOL

F.R: Who is your favourite maker of dragon avs?

G.T:Daryth Kennedy, though Flea Bussy comes a close second. And Rock Hayek's anthrodragons are the best I've ever seen.

D.C: Isle of Wyrms.

D.V:Grendels Children without hesitation apart from the fantastic quality they keep their prices very low for all their avatars.

F.R: What is the most you have paid for a dragon av?

G.T: L$5500


D.V:I can't remember the price but I know the Uthgolian was the most expensive.

F.R:Would you recommend other people try being a dragon on SL and why (or why not)?

G.TSure. Being a dragon is a unique experience in SL. It's a lot of fun and you can support the great artists who design these lovely creations.

D.C:I would if you know you are dragon... most dragons knew/know that they are truly dragon... it's not an experiment it's more a state of mind, a state of being so to speak... you have a dragon heart and you just KNOW you are DRAGON.

D.V:I would recommend anyone to try it out, but it is definitely for roleplay more than everyday wear. There are a lot of dragon communities in SL if your interest lays in being a dragon full time i would suggest looking into these.manipulating the camera and movement as a huge dragon is problematic - I don't think its something a newbie should try until they have mastered movement controls as a normal avatar.

I hope this article has given an insight into dragons on Second Life. We all have a free dragon av in our inventory now, so give it a try, you might be suprised.

With much thanks to George Tanable, Dezaria Cazalet Astral Dragon and Dana Vanmoer. Pictures are of Dezaria, Dana and dragons at the Isle of Wyrms.


Bixyl Shuftan said...

"Hi, mind if I smoke?" *FWOOOSH!*

Freddie said...

I have some Dragon avs, mainly lovely ones from the Isle of Wyrms, Daryth really is an amazing builder. I find the different communities in SL (humans, furries and dragons to name a few) all have a different "feel" and in my experience, the dragon community has a lot of mutual respect and very little drama, not to mention very open and welcoming to newcomers.

Anonymous said...

Daryth's dragons are most certainly the best looking ones in SL. Flea's are inexpensive, so you see everybody with them and that kind of loses the uniqueness of them.. plus they look like squeaky bathtub toys xD.