Sunday, March 25, 2007


After working hard all week I fancied a night off and a fancy dress event (best in 50's and 60's) the venue, Escape Club and mall (82,35,411) the home of my main shop. After my rant about rents this mall, although new, is very reasonable with huge prim allowance - must be big I haven't managed to fill it yet!
Here are Restless and I in our event winning costumes and me outside my shop in Escape Mall.
Owner Jendoline Fortune is also part owner of Breakaway radio which can be found at DJs Kaley sunset and Studson Black kept us entertained with a selection of 50's and 60's dance tracks finishing off the evening with some classic soppys.

Don't you just love the 50's/60's although quite a challenge to reproduce the look in SL (have you tried to make an A-line dress, or long loose jacket?) its still fun to play with colours and textures, Kaleys 50's dress was a great replica she really looked the part :)

Maybe i should keep Saturday evenings free? Although late for me in the UK its worth staying up until 7pm SLT for Jendolines events.
As you have probably realised I love events - any excuse to dress up.
Dana XxX

Friday, March 23, 2007

Rents and things......

As a designer I started out small, just renting a stall on Kiva, but soon felt i had outgrown it and looked for a shop to rent. Well it didn't take long to discover that shop rents are hugely varied, not only in price but on prim size too. The little stalls can be a good choice especially if you use vendors, whereas with a shop you have the advantage of more traffic - hopefully.

Unfortunately there are a lot of malls out there raking in the rents from vendors, like myself, but not getting the traffic to make it worthwhile. A mall does not run itself it needs advertising and other things to temp the buyer. So if you are thinking of renting a shop in a mall talk to other vendors there first don't waste your hard earned dollars on a shop that doesn't sell anything.

Yesterday i was looking around and found a mini-mall it was a beautiful place a bit surprising as it was so unexpected, a one stop shop idea in lovely surroundings.

After having a look at the great designs on show and the design of the mini mall itself I happened across one of the empty shops and read the board - well this was a first for me the mini-mall offered the vendor a choice of ways to pay the rent - the more prims the vendor required the higher the malls percentage - in other words the mini-mall only profited from the vendors sales not from the vendor themselves.I was shocked and amazed - what a great idea, such a fair way to rent space, after all, if the mall owners aren't bringing in traffic for the vendor then they don't profit from them. Fair? definitely and a great way for new designers to find out if a shop is worthwhile for them. Would I consider renting this way? Yes i would. Would I recommend it for new vendors? again yes. It just goes to show that it is worth having a look around if you want to start renting a shop space this is by far the best and fairest way I have yet to see in SL.

Dana XxX

Seen this anywhere yourself? Is this a rare offer or quite common? Leave your comments I am sure others would be interested. D

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I had to check this out i had heard of it of course but was is a 666????
Turns out to be quite simple really its ..............
Well take a look at the pics from 'Carpe Diem' and see if you can work it out

Still don't know???

Any more clues?

Just one more of the winner Soulie Steeplechase with her dance partner our own Voodoo Buwan..

Trinity Dechou and Stick Bellman held a great party to which I was invited to come dressed in Goth, industrial, vamp, leather or just 666 which basically means whatever you fancy lol

Look into the fashions of SL to find the weird, wonderful, wicked and wacky - one of the things i love most about SL is that you can be who YOU want to be and change to suit your mood.

So lesson to be learned today - look around, experiment and most of all have FUN! thanks Trinity and Stick for a great evening.

Dana XxX

Spring has sprung at the 'pit!

Well lucky pit is all I can say as i sit here at home in the UK watching the sleet and snow out of the window, but to get back to the point, yesterday the Lavapit at kiva put on a show for spring which I thought might interest my readers.
What will we be wearing in SL this season? Well have a look at the different styles here.

Santanna Surya (seen here in pink) put on a fab event as always and the variety of outfits and spring colours was lovely to behold, it is great to see the men taking part in these sort of contests and giving us a glance of the future spring fashions (love the hats guys).
The friendly pole dancers at the pit took pains to get into the spirit of the season with some saucy spring designs that made the mouth water and certainly kept the customers coming back for more - well done girls. (By the way the one in green there is little ol' me)
It always amazes me the different styles to be seen - each person has their own interpretation of spring. The designs ranged from the sexy to the full formal, but from a personal point of view the outfit that most shouted SPRING to me was Santanna's fabulous pink suit and top hat!
Dana XxX
P.s dont forget to leave a comment so the boss knows someone reads this stuff LOL. D

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Formal wear cont........

Another formal event gave me the opportunity to expand on my previous look.

I tried to concentrate a little more on where people were buying and how much they paid (although not all can remember or were homemade) dazzle seems to be very popular at at the moment and fairly cheap as Prue Damone only paid $100 for her deep red slinky flexi gown shown here. Another bargain buy was Carolanne Wilders full red tulle flexi (a simone) which, she told me, came from the angel garage sale for only $100. Great find Carolanne.

The lovely gold slinky gown worn by Dezyre Kavka is another dazzle design costing $100.
Rebel seems to be the middle of the road with Priscilla Damone's black sexy dress costing about $900.
Its great to see some of the men making such an effort last night in their tux's. Sporty (Harley Headquarters DJ) looks great and Bow and Dezyre make an outstanding couple here.
By far the most expensive gown i saw last night was Amber Matterhorn's red full gown, a beautiful design which suited Amber (Harley Headquarters owner) very well. She believes she paid between $1000 - $2000 for it although, she can't quite remember, from a shop in Slurges.

What ever you wear normally a formal gown is a must for most invents' - shop around and have fun.
Dana XxX

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Formal gowns - a quick look

Well i found myself at a bit of a loose end last night and thought i would go and take a look at some formal gowns - you know get an idea of what people might like to buy.
Well i had a good friend show me a great place purely formal and great if you have a date (or maybe looking for one)
Avilion Grove set in a beautiful castle just the place to show off the georgeous gowns.
Well what a display of fabric both flexi and sexy were on show like this lovely purple number worn by Moon beebe very daring for a formal gown although Moon couldn't remember where she bought the gown it only cost her about L$100 which I thought was great for an evening gown.
More tradition gowns were everywhere with designers obviously working very hard on the long flex - which is quite difficult to make.

Ingrid Lundquist paid L$500 for this lovely pink model which is about the middle of the road price wise.
I have found gowns can vary in price from L$1 to as high as L$1500 for a truly amazing gown.
Designers that are little known tend to charge a lot less with no less talent so its worth hunting around for a better priced gown.

Some places you could consider looking are:

Black Dragon, Sterling Pointe (52, 199, 26)
Escape Club & Mall, Rhee (77, 53, 411)
Skybox rentals, Plush Lambda (21, 163, 22)

Some of the many gowns on show at Avilion Grove can be seen below

Well this is a turn up for the books!
Now i seem to have been landed with not only designing clothes but writing about fashions in SL too.
I apologise in advance as i am not a great writer, but I will do my best to bring you the stories that designers and buyers would like to read .

Coming Soon:
What to wear for a formal event (and maybe what not to wear)
plus a few shops worth a visit to find that all important gown.

What I hope to do here:

I hope I can show you what people are wearing in the hot spots of SL and also creating as I know prims and flexi are evolving all the time.

Interviews with designers and shop owners

A look into how to get started creating, designing and selling clothes.

Helpful links to sites with easy tutorials, plus hints and tips from those already in the business.

I will always be open to suggestions, feel free to IM me with ideas of anything you would like me to cover, for example a new mall opening, latest designs etc....

Got a fashion or design story you would like others to hear about? let me know

Dana XxX
creator of Dana's Delights

Friday, March 9, 2007


Here is a sampling of some of the male organs that are offered up in SL. You can pay from 0L$ to 1,500L$ if you are so inclined. Below I am sporting the freebie model. No special features or actions, just place and use.
There are so many features you can have in a Penis it is mind boggling! Not having used a SL penis myself, I think I might find the controls and Huds a bit distracting, but that is only my personal opinion.

Well here they are, and if your looking for them, just search 'PENIS' and go see for yourself.

A good marketing name at least!

What more needs to be said?

This one can be chained to various places and there is a slave tag included.

Prices on these three models range from 299L$ to 599L$.

The Luxor here sports a strawberry tip and what looks like candies around the shank?

This lovely Avatar blocked my view of the 25L$ penis, Oh wll, it wasn't much anyways.

Bryan Dix Reporting